The origin of the word breakfast: etymology, interesting facts

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The origin of the word breakfast: etymology, interesting facts
The origin of the word breakfast: etymology, interesting facts

Language is a masterpiece created by a specific nation, which is constantly undergoing various changes depending on the culture, education and lifestyle of people living in a particular country. How do words appear, who invents them? Etymology tries to answer all these and many other questions. It is a scientific discipline that deals with the study of the origin and meaning of words. The most simple at first glance particles of our speech can have a very curious origin. The word "breakfast", for example, raises many questions for some. Why not "matinee", and what does tomorrow have to do with it?

origin of the word breakfast etymology

The most important part of the day

It is not for nothing that breakfast is considered the most important part of the diet, since it is in the morning that not only the mental, but also the physical reserves of a person are activated. In general, people who regularly and fullyeat early in the day are he althier and happier than those who don't.

Especially in the morning, the body needs products that would provide it with the beginning of normal life, whether it be work or study. Increasingly, people began to think about how important the morning meal is, that you need to keep the time and the sufficient amount of calories and vitamins consumed.

origin of the word breakfast etymological dictionary

What is the origin of the word "breakfast"?

Why is the morning meal called that? What is the origin of the word "breakfast"? This term has been known to mankind for a long time. He is not one thousand years old. Together with lunch and dinner, it is even mentioned in the historical chronicle "The Tale of Igor's Campaign".

What does the etymological dictionary say about the origin of the word "breakfast"? Linguists have similar opinions on this matter. They claim that once this word sounded like "morning", that is, "food following the morning." Gradually, over time, the concept underwent some modifications and acquired a familiar look and sound.

word breakfast etymology

Origin of word breakfast: etymology

Let's turn to science for help, which is responsible for the origin and meaning of individual particles of our speech. As the school etymological dictionary of the Russian language interprets, the origin of the word "breakfast" is common Slavic. If you disassemble it into semantic parts, then it turns out "forin the morning", that is, a meal that should follow immediately after the awakening of a person. Formed with the help of the suffix (-ък-), the word originally had the form "from аутрикъ", then "morning", and eventually acquired the "breakfast" familiar to us today, as a result, in this form was fixed on the letter.

word breakfast etymological dictionary

Does this strange word for the morning meal have a connection with the word "tomorrow"? Indeed, there are certain prerequisites for this. A long time ago, people needed a lot of time to cook food. If this is meat, then it was necessary to process the carcass, kindle a fire and bring the food to a ready state. Often, food was prepared ahead of time, for "tomorrow", the next morning, "in the morning". When dawn came, people took it and went in search of new prey.

Nowadays, everything is much simpler, since this meal is prepared in about 10-15 minutes. Although there are still people who cook their own food in the evening (and there is nothing wrong with that). Things have changed, and the language, which often remains very conservative, did not want to say goodbye to this word. In addition, its main meaning ("after the morning") is also not without meaning.

breakfast word origin

First meal of the day

Wikipedia says that breakfast is the first meal of the day. And you need to take it from dawn to noon, as, in principle, many do. Its importance is shared by almost everyone.nutritionists and other nutrition experts. Everyone, of course, is individual, but in general, if you regularly skip this meal, it can lead to disastrous results, up to a slowdown in metabolism, diabetes, and even a heart attack.

breakfast etymological dictionary


Breakfast was the food prepared in the evening for the next day. It was cooked on purpose, or maybe they just finished eating what was left after dinner. Do not forget about the meaning of the particle - "morning". The names of words are not given just like that, which means that they have a certain meaning. Many of them came to us from ancient times, from the time when people believed in the magical power of pronunciation of sounds.

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