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Countercyclical policy of the state: concept, types, consequences

Uneven economic development or wave fluctuations in general development, especially negative phases, as well as the impact of related economic crises, encourage governments to take measures aimed at reducing general fluctuations in the development of production. Against this background, the main task of countercyclical regulation is to reduce the harmful effects of general crises, soften economic cycles

Minsk Energy College - a place to get a profession in demand

If you want to get one of the sought-after professions, then take a closer look at the Minsk State Energy College. Graduates are actively recruited by the country's largest enterprises. The college has a hostel for non-residents. Passing scores are low

Installation College of Chelyabinsk: speci alties, address, reviews

Everyone chooses for himself who to be, what to be, what profession to study, what field to serve. But if the soul lies more in technology, construction, computer technology, landscaping, then you can safely choose an assembly college in Chelyabinsk

Analysis and forecasting of time series

Prediction accuracy is constantly improving with the introduction of the latest data processing techniques and machine learning. In addition to cryptocurrencies, there are several important areas in which time series forecasting is used: sales, phone call volume, solar activity, ocean tides, stock market behavior and many other areas in economics

Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Minsk: address, faculties, passing score

Some of the most terrible natural phenomena are fires, hurricanes, typhoons. Their spontaneity and strength frightens and causes great harm to the national economy of any country. The fight against natural disasters is carried out by professionally trained people with special equipment. The skills of "taming" emergency situations are taught in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. One of these is the Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Minsk on Mashinostroiteley Street, 25

Industrial-Pedagogical College (Minsk): address, speci alties, reviews

After graduation, it is important for every graduate to choose a profession that brings not only pleasure, but also good pay. Construction is an industry that constantly requires skilled workers. The Industrial and Pedagogical College is engaged in training workers for construction, trains personnel who will train future workers in construction schools and colleges

Engineering College in Minsk: passing scores, address

Engineering College in Minsk is a branch of the Belarusian Scientific and Technical University. Works in the education system of the Republic of Belarus for over sixty years. Applicants receive vocational technical or secondary specialized education

Steel: definition, classification, chemical composition and application

How often we hear the word "steel". And it is pronounced not only by professionals in the field of metallurgical production, but also by the townsfolk. No strong structure is complete without steel. In fact, when we talk about something metal, we mean a product made of steel. Find out what it consists of and how it is classified

Social psychology - what is it and where is it used? What is the difference between social psychology and ideology?

What is the difference between social psychology and ideology? Are there any differences between them at all? Or is the essence of these concepts absolutely identical, only the names are different? Answers can be found in this article

Insolvency - what is it?

What is the definition of insolvency? What are its main criteria and reasons? How does the process of recognition of insolvency take place and what are the disadvantages of such a provision? All this will be discussed in more detail in this article

What subjects should I take to be a chef? Culinary College

Cook is a creative and very interesting profession. But not everyone understands how to master it. This article will tell you everything about how to become a chef. What items to donate? Where to go for training? How much to study in one case or another? What does a chef actually do?

What do you need to take for a programmer? Exams, features of admission and recommendations

Programmer is a very popular and promising profession. But what does it take to become a programmer? How to enter a specialized speci alty? This article will provide all the features and nuances regarding admission to the programmer

Public property - what is it?

The article discusses the concept of public property. Questions are raised regarding objects such as land and housing. After reading the article, you will learn about the features of public property, its importance in the life of the state and society, the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with private property

Irrational cognition - what is it?

In our lives we are used to being guided by some fundamental principles built on logical judgments and conclusions. Each of our actions is provoked by accompanying thought processes. We carry out each of our steps thanks to a thought that visited us in advance, which, in turn, served as a signal for us to begin to act. This is the law of nature, the physiological component of the human body, thanks to which we, in fact, exist

Process optimization: methods and goals

Any process, any enterprise and any organization overcomes various stages in the course of work, the end result of which, one way or another, is to achieve the main goal. The existing management system sooner or later loses its qualification level against the background of new developments, new implementations, innovative changes in the development of a particular industry. And then the company needs to optimize operational processes

Rostov College of Water Transport: overview, features, speci alties and reviews

Where are specialists trained for the river and sea fleet? One of these educational institutions exists today in Rostov-on-Don and is called the Rostov College of Water Transport. This institution has an eventful history, a fruitful present and a promising future

Mnestic processes are Features and types

Mnestic processes are processes that take place in memory. Features and types. What these processes are, what violations they can be subject to and whether their subsequent correction is possible - we will consider in this article

Anatomy. Endocrine glands and their hormones in the table, functions

One of the most important sections of anatomy for understanding the structure of the human body is the study of the hormonal system. In order to understand how the human body functions and what needs to be done to maintain one’s he alth, it is imperative to understand how the endocrine system works, which regularly supplies our body with the necessary substances

How to enter the honey. college after grade 9: passing score, speci alties and reviews

The medical professions are the most necessary and humane on earth. Some of them can be obtained not only at the university, but also at the college after completing 9 years of study at a comprehensive school. How to become a student of a secondary special educational organization, what speci alties you can choose from - questions that arise for many applicants who want to enter medical school. college after 9th grade

Information competence: concept, structure and types

Aspects of information competence and its foundations. How to achieve information competence in teaching, why students cannot always use knowledge and skills correctly and appropriately, what type of IC causes the greatest difficulties? An explanation of the term and its basics can be found below

Professional etiquette: rules of behavior and communication at work

What are the basics of ethics and etiquette in professional activities? What are the main rules to follow in order not to violate someone else's workspace and treat colleagues with respect? This article will answer these questions in detail

Leontiev A. N., "Theory of activity": briefly about the main

A. N. Leontiev and S. L. Rubinstein are the creators of the Soviet school of psychology, which is based on the abstract concept of personality. It was based on the works of L. S. Vygotsky devoted to the cultural-historical approach. This theory reveals the term "activity" and other related concepts

Ascaris human: photo, stages of development

Ascaris human refers to the species of roundworms. This nematode lives in the human body. It lives in the lumen of the small intestine. This parasite is dangerous to humans, as it causes some diseases, the most common of which is ascariasis

Object-oriented databases: concept, basic concepts, management, examples

OODB stores complex data and its relationships directly without assigning rows and columns, making it more suitable for applications that work with large batches. Objects have a many-to-many relationship and are accessible through the use of pointers that are associated with them to establish relationships

Medical education in the USA: an overview of universities, conditions for admission and training

It is extremely difficult for international students to be accepted to study in the US. Unlike the UK, US medical education is only available as a postgraduate course, after a bachelor's degree and four years of study in subjects such as biology, chemistry and neurosurgery have been completed. This is the minimum level for entrance examinations in most medical schools in the United States

Best colleges in Canada, admission requirements

Russians have the opportunity to apply to colleges in Canada. Unlike countries such as the US, Australia and the UK where tuition fees are high, it is possible to study at low end Canadian colleges. Fees range from $10,000 to $15,000 per year for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs

Payment system of the Bank of Russia: participants, organization and functioning

This article describes the fundamentals of the functioning of the payment system of the Bank of Russia in modern conditions. The characteristics of the main participants of the system and their role are presented. A description of existing settlement systems is presented

Remainder method: types, application, calculation formula

In the framework of this article, we will consider how to correctly calculate depreciation on fixed assets using the reducing balance method. What is the attraction of this method? When is it applied? The calculation formula and specific examples of calculation are considered

Basic laws of control and their characteristics

This article presents the basic laws of management that exist today in science. The features of laws in relation to people, society and the social sphere are investigated. The characteristic of the main laws is presented

The concept and basic principles of corporate governance

This article discusses the concept of corporate governance. It also presents its main operating principles in accordance with foreign and domestic models. The possibilities of increasing their efficiency and the impact on the success of corporations are considered

Organization of scientific research: forms, methods and goals

In the framework of this article, the concept of scientific research, their forms and methods are considered. The features of various types are presented, the characteristics of pedagogical research are considered separately. Modern problems are presented

The law of organization development: features, stages and structure

This article presents material on the possibilities of the law of development of the organization at the present stage. Its main stages are considered in accordance with the life cycle of the company, principles and features

Marketing - what is it in simple words? Definition, concept and functions of marketing

In the framework of this article, the concept of marketing is considered in simpler words. Its main functions and types are presented. The article discusses the features of Internet marketing, marketing in education and network marketing

Risk in the economy - what is it? The concept, types and assessment of risks in the economy

This article highlights the concept of risks in modern economic systems. The main existing types of risks and their classification are presented. The issues of risk assessment and possible popular methods in this area are covered in detail

What is personnel policy? Personnel policy: essence, concept, types, main directions and characteristics

This article examines the essence and concept of the personnel policy of modern companies. Its main types and models, directions of development are presented. The characteristics of personnel policy in relation to state bodies are considered in detail

Open education is Concept, essence and basic principles

Recently, in the education system, one can increasingly come across such a term as “open education”, or OO. That is why it is worth figuring out what phenomena and concepts are behind it, what scientists, practitioners and educators put into it?

Global village: definition of the concept, founder of the theory

The revolution in the mass media has caused the emergence of a voluminous communicative space that can at any moment converge to one point. Time and distance cease to matter, everything happens instantly, as if we live in a "global village"

Corporate state: definition, essence

Dyugi believed that the corporate state would be a worthy replacement for the public power of the state, where the cooperation of classes would help overcome negative social manifestations. The basic message was the idea of ​​dividing society into classes, each of which has its own purpose and function to ensure social harmony

Chelyabinsk Higher Military Automobile Command Engineering School: return to service

2009 was a triumphant year for the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Automobile Command Engineering School. Then the educational institution received the status of the best among other military institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, supervised by the Main Armored Directorate. And a year later, in July 2010, the Minister of Defense issued an order to close ChVVAKIU, according to which the institution was liquidated on October 1 of the same year. Only 4 years later, the military institute managed to emerge from oblivion

A specialized organization is Concept, rights and powers

A specialized organization is a structure for a specific purpose. This concept was introduced into use along with the adoption of Federal Law No. 94-FZ. This was used to better study the interaction of state and municipal facilities with commercial structures