Secondary education and schools 2023, February

31 Lyceum of Chelyabinsk: the best physical and mathematical training

Chelyabinsk School No. 31 has always taught mathematics and physics according to a special intensive program. The question is whether all students wanted and could master it. After all, in addition to a special mindset, the guys all the time required great diligence and, most importantly, a desire to engage in the exact sciences. Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 31 in the capital of the Chelyabinsk region has always kept the bar high. Thanks to the successes achieved by students and graduates, he became known throughout the country and in the world

Stylistic functions of antonyms: definition, types and examples

From the Russian language school curriculum, many people remember that there are words that have opposite meanings. They are called antonyms. The functions that they perform in the text will be discussed in this article. This information may be useful to all people who are interested in the Russian language and wish to improve their knowledge about it

How to Scheme a Sentence in 1st Grade: Rules and Examples

At school they learn a lot of rules that are related to the proposal. When children enter the 1st grade, the teacher helps them draw up a sentence diagram. Children learn a lot about parts of speech, about the subject and the predicate. Learn to highlight them correctly with underlining

A lair is a place for a variety of animals to sleep and rest

Contemporaries often think about their dream home. But in the wild it is not so safe to make plans for the future. Therefore, the animals manage with minimal effort in the arrangement of the den. What is it and what criteria must it meet? The article reveals the main features included in the concept

What is "literal meaning": why is it needed and when is it used?

Contemporaries are accustomed to play with words, compose flowery phrases and surprise others. But at the heart of any language is a literal reading of the text, with the help of which information is transmitted accurately and without distortion. What is the essence of the phenomenon? Read the article and find out all the details

The exact date is not "once upon a time"

Dear friends! Today we are celebrating a round date…. An unexpected question from the audience: "When are we going to celebrate a square date with a triangular one?" Well, jokes aside, "date" - what is it anyway? It is known that they are calendar and calculated, found in documents, knocked out on the slabs of monuments. And each carries certain information

Voyage: what is it?

In this article we will talk about the noun "voyage". What does this word mean? In what situations is it used? In the article we will give an interpretation of this language unit. The word "voyage" is not originally Russian. It came to us from the French language and is firmly entrenched in speech

Professional duty: concept, meaning, examples

The problem of understanding the essence of professional duty is the subject of study by representatives of various fields of scientific knowledge. But most of all it worries philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, educators. Let's try to understand the concept and role of professional duty, arguments confirming its social significance

The Pyramid of Cheops: coordinates, dimensions, age, interesting facts

By conducting an experiment, scientists were able to find out that during the construction of the pyramid of Cheops, the coordinates of the Earth's magnetic poles were strictly taken into account. A small error was found only in the length of its ribs. It is assumed that the ancient builders used the clues of nature, or rather, the moment of the autumn equinox

What is education: definition, features

The education system is a social institution purposefully developed by society, which is characterized by an organized system of connections and social norms that correspond to a particular society, its needs and requirements for a socialized person. For a deeper understanding of the structure of the education system, it is necessary to understand each of its components separately

When the novel "War and Peace" was written: period of creation, historical facts, summary and main ideas of the work

Leo Tolstoy is one of the world's greatest novelists, thinker and philosopher. His main works are known to everyone and everyone. "Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace" are the pearls of Russian literature. Today we will discuss the three-volume work "War and Peace". How was the famous novel created, what interesting facts about it are known to history?

School essays on the topic "Happiness for me is"

Happiness is an amazing feeling that helps a person to live well. But what do students think about this? In this article, you can find several essays on the topic "Happiness for me is …", which will tell about this wonderful feeling

Device, the principle of operation of the hydraulic press

To understand how a hydraulic press works, let's remember the rule of communicating vessels. Its author Blaise Pascal found that if they are filled with a homogeneous liquid, then its level in all vessels is the same. In this case, the configuration of the containers and their dimensions do not matter. The article will describe several experiments with communicating containers that will help us understand the device and principle of operation of a hydraulic press

Physics of the structure of matter. Discoveries. Experiments. Calculations

The physics of the structure of matter was first seriously studied by Joseph J. Thomson. However, many questions remained unanswered. Some time later, E. Rutherford was able to formulate a model of the structure of the atom. In the article we will consider the experience that led him to the discovery. Since the structure of matter is one of the most interesting topics in physics lessons, we will analyze its key aspects. We learn what an atom consists of, learn how to find the number of electrons, protons, neutrons in it

Work in physics - what is it?

Work in physics is a value that is found by multiplying the module of the force that moves the body by the distance it has moved. In the article, we will consider in detail the situations when the body moves and remains motionless. We learn the formula of work and its units of measurement

Laws of hydrostatics: manifestations, experiments, formulas, calculations

One of the laws of hydrostatics is the rule of Archimedes. In the article we will tell you what it is, we will derive its formula. Consider what forces act on a body when it is completely and partially immersed in a liquid. Let's tell the story that helped Archimedes make his famous discovery

How air pressure is indicated. How is it measured. Experiments

Atmospheric pressure is the force with which air presses on the Earth, man and everything that surrounds him. The article will tell you how in the XVII century. with the help of the experiment, the force of air pressure was shown for the first time. It is very interesting! We will learn how atmospheric pressure is indicated and how it is measured

How atmospheric pressure changes with altitude. Formula, graph

Not everyone knows that atmospheric pressure is different at different heights. There is even a special device for measuring both pressure and altitude. It's called a barometer- altimeter. In the article, we will study in detail how atmospheric pressure changes with height and what does air density have to do with it. Let's consider this dependence on the example of the graph

The pressure of a liquid on the bottom and walls of a vessel. Hydrostatic pressure formula

Since the force of gravity acts on a liquid, a liquid substance has weight. Weight is the force with which it presses on the support, that is, on the bottom of the vessel in which it is poured. Pascal's law says: the pressure on the fluid is transmitted to any point in it, without changing its strength. How to calculate the pressure of a liquid on the bottom and walls of a vessel? We will understand the article using illustrative examples

What happens when there is an uneven distribution of atmospheric pressure? Atmospheric pressure value

Atmospheric pressure is the force with which we are affected by the surrounding air, i.e. the atmosphere. The article will present experiments during which we will make sure that air pressure really exists. We will find out who measured it for the first time, what occurs with an uneven distribution of atmospheric pressure, and much more

Pascal's law for liquids and gases. Transmission of pressure by liquids and gases

Pascal's law for liquids and gases says that pressure, propagating in a substance, does not change its strength and is transmitted in all directions equally. Liquid and gaseous substances behave under pressure with some differences. The difference is due to the behavior of particles and the weight of gases and liquids. In the article we will consider all this in detail with the help of visual experiments

Pressure is Pressure in gases and its dependence on various factors

Pressure is a physical quantity that is calculated as follows: divide the pressure force by the area on which this force acts. The force of pressure is determined by the weight. Any physical object exerts pressure because it has at least some weight. The article will discuss in detail the pressure in gases. Examples will illustrate what it depends on and how it changes

Aeronautics (physics). Aeronautics in Russia

The words "aviation" and "aeronautics" until the 20s. 20th century were synonyms. Everything changed at the beginning of the last century. Aeronautics began to be called movement with the help of devices that are lighter than air, and aviation - flying on airplanes. That is, ships that are heavier than air. In the article we will consider in detail the history of aeronautics, the physics of the process

Sound pitch, volume and timbre

Our perception of the pitch of a sound and its other properties is determined by the characteristics of the acoustic wave. These are the same characteristics that are inherent in any mechanical wave, namely the period, frequency, amplitude of oscillations. The subjective sensations of sound do not depend on the length and speed of the wave. In the article we will analyze the physics of sound. Pitch and timbre - how are they determined? Why do we perceive some sounds as loud and others as quiet? The answers to these and other questions will be given in the article

Intensity of sound, its strength and flow of sound energy

In the novel "The Secret of Two Oceans" and in the adventure film of the same name, the heroes did unimaginable things with ultrasonic weapons: they destroyed a rock, killed a huge whale, and destroyed the ship of their enemies. The work was published back in the 30s of the XX century, and then it was believed that in the near future the existence of a powerful ultrasonic weapon would become possible, the whole thing is only in the availability of technology. Today, science claims that ultrasonic waves as a weapon are fantastic

Similarities and differences between different types of roundworms and flatworms

Roundworms, also known in biology as nematodes, belong to a group of parasites that are recognized as free-moving. Scientists have long proven that they are the primary type of the molting species. In the animal kingdom, nematodes are considered one of the most diverse groups

Triangular problems: how to find the hypotenuse knowing the angle and leg

Three angles, three sides - that's all that forms the simplest figure on the plane. It looks like a children's riddle: two ends, two rings, carnations in the middle. But a triangle is to geometry almost the same as an atom is to physics. Nothing is easier and everything can be created with it

The astronomical year is dictated by the stars

In different countries, people measure the year in different ways. The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used. But there are others, and there are many: Buddhist, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese. What is the correct year? Astronomical

Spatially conjugated verbs in Russian. An example of a conjugated verb

Russian grammar is impossible to imagine without numerous exceptions to the rules. The language of communication is like a living being: at each next moment of time it is no longer the same as it was before. As old leaves fall and new leaves grow on a tree, so new words appear, and old ones become exceptions and archaisms

"Fall out of favor": the meaning of the expression

Any power, and especially the supreme one, gives rise to people who try to stay closer to the ruler. Proximity to the prince, king or emperor - the possibility of obtaining material we alth. The disfavor of the ruler entails not only the loss of privileges, but also sanctions

If it's a windbreak, we won't get far

That storm, which, as everyone remembers, covers the sky with romantic haze, spins whirlwinds of snow, howls like an animal, and can cry with the voice of a child, is beautifully described by the poet A. S. Pushkin. And the next day, the poet will have frost, snow sparkling in the sun and, in general, a wonderful day. However, let's take a closer look: there are some consequences from yesterday's storm. And before harnessing a horse to a sled for a walk, it is worth assessing the damage caused by yesterday's elements

Fortress is What is a fortress?

In the West, the first fortresses began to be built in the VI century BC and represented a whole system of fortifications. Celtic forts on the hills have survived well to this day and clearly demonstrate the complex internal structure with underground passages and labyrinths

Inert material is the basis of industrial and private construction

Inert material is a free-flowing non-metallic material of natural and artificial origin, used in civil, road and industrial construction. It is also used for general construction work. Let's take a closer look at inert materials: what they are, where they are used

Daring is bold and categorical

Is it worth following outdated moral standards if it is contrary to common sense and serves only to assert the power of conservative authorities? If a person is tired of traditions, he behaves boldly. When is this appropriate, and when is it better to be modest? Find out by reading the article

Squabbling is a bad character trait

It's always nice to meet colleagues or make friends. But the main obstacle to establishing social ties is quarrelsomeness. What is it, when and how does it manifest itself, why does it appear in society in principle? The most important aspects are listed in the article

Homon is an organic part of everyday life

Human communication is made up of many factors, and sound is one of the key ones. Words can express feelings, convey information or please others with the help of a song. The only hindrance will be the hubbub. What it is? Read the article and find out what forms noise can take

The meaning of the words "sea bar": about tsunamis and killer waves

What is the meaning of the words "sea shaft"? With the adjective "marine" everything is more or less clear. It means "connected to the sea". Whereas with the noun "shaft" there are nuances. This is due to the fact that it has a large number of values. Which one is suitable for our case? You can find out about this by understanding the meaning of the words "sea shaft"

Sneaky - how is it? Word interpretation

In this article you will find the definition of the word "sneak". What does this linguistic unit mean? What is it used for in speech? The article indicates the lexical meaning of the word "ste althily". You can use it correctly in sentences

Perky - what is it? Word interpretation

The article indicates what interpretation is endowed with the word "fervent". This is an adjective that is used to characterize nominal parts of speech. The article indicates its exact lexical meaning. To consolidate the information, we gave examples of sentences with this word, and also indicated several synonyms

Big man - who is this?

The article indicates the interpretation of the word "big man". Not everyone can correctly indicate what this noun means. The article also provides examples of the use of this word. Multiple synonyms listed