Meaning of the word Wednesday, what is it?

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Meaning of the word Wednesday, what is it?
Meaning of the word Wednesday, what is it?

Often people encounter unfamiliar terminology in everyday life. In this case, they turn to explanatory dictionaries or ask their friends or teachers for a definition of the term. And sometimes they turn to similar articles, now we will find out the meaning of the word "environment".

A little preface

The concept is truly multifaceted and has a great variability of meanings. You never know exactly what a word means. For example, it is used as the name of the day of the week, and sometimes as an indication of something.

Meaning of a word in explanatory dictionaries

Sometimes people don't think about what comes out of their mouth. Because of this, conflicts between individuals can arise, which are based on misunderstandings. To prevent this from happening, try to learn new words and read more. And write down all unfamiliar terminology and archaism in electronic media, for example, in a notebook on a smartphone. And no one has yet canceled a regular sheet of paper, he will gladly accept your knowledge.

Medium in vitro

In order for you to better understand the meaning of the word, we have simplified the final conclusions from explanatory dictionaries. That's whatout:

  • Dictionary of the history of words. The environment is the reformation of homonymy in the lexico-semantic system, which does not cover living borrowings from other languages.
  • Ushakov's Explanatory Dictionary. A medium is a substance that fills a certain volume of a flask or any other container. Or the air in which sound travels.
  • Explanatory dictionary of Russian nouns. Wednesday is the third day of the week following Tuesday and before Thursday.
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary. A medium is a substance that has certain physical and chemical properties and fills a certain fraction of space. It is also a system in which a microorganism lives and develops. Indicates the environment where a person or group of individuals lives.
  • Mikhelson's large explanatory phraseological dictionary. The environment is the environment that surrounds a person and affects his development as a person.

There is no point in giving values ​​from other dictionaries, because the essence is the same everywhere. Above are the most authoritative sources among all explanatory dictionaries.

A group of people


Now you know that the environment is a combination of various social factors that affect a person. And do not forget about microorganisms, they are also found in a certain environment. We hope your vocabulary has been enriched with another new word.

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