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Sneaky is spitting poison at others

You can't always be nice and friendly. Even a holy person can get tired of society: conflict situations at work, dissatisfaction with relatives, hustle in public transport and bad news constantly hit the nervous system. Some in such a situation go on vacation, while others begin to be sarcastic! How did a capacious designation for verbal aggression come about when such behavior is appropriate? Read in the article

Incorporating languages: concept, features, examples

Among all the languages ​​that exist in the world, there is a group whose representatives are, perhaps, one of the most exotic for a Russian person, as well as for most Europeans. To an ear unaccustomed to the sound of such long words, the speech of foreigners may seem ridiculous or even meaningless

Platz - a school of life or the torment of the military? The history of the name and the direct purpose of the military parade ground

When a boy becomes a man, life's trials and adulthood await him. After receiving higher education, the young man goes into the army. It is believed that the army and the parade ground is a school of life. Therefore, they return from there strong, courageous and hardy men. Someone stays and serves under a contract, and the majority returns to civilian life and lives a normal life. Everyone who served in the army remembers and loves the parade ground. It was there that they served

The safecracker - who is this?

The bugbear is a lock-picker. He can do this both legally and for the purpose of profit, that is, robbing apartments. Another such word in Russia was called a bear hunter, as well as a wandering jester with a tame animal. Consider all the meanings of the word "bear cub" in more detail

Pechurka is. Waiting for an answer

Whether in the forest or in the tundra, it is joyful for a tired traveler to see a cheerful smoke curling into the sky over a hut or a tent. This means that he will be warmed and fed. And the heroine, modest, but deserving of all praise for her invaluable services, will help in this. This is a stove

Get excited is a verb with two meanings

In this article we will look at the verb "blush". What does it mean? In what situations is it applied? In this article, we will indicate what the meaning of this language unit is. We will also consolidate the theoretical information with the help of example sentences

Thicket - what is it?

In the article you will find the true interpretation of the noun "thicket". This word has two meanings: direct and figurative. It can be used in different contexts. To consolidate knowledge, we will give examples of sentences with the word "thicket", we will indicate several synonyms

Sensitive is Interpretation of the word

Emotional people are highly valued. You can just come to them and share your problems. In this article we will talk about the positive word "sensitive". This adjective is used in the feminine form. We will reveal its meaning and use it in sentences

Good - what is it?

If you buy quality goods, you will save a lot. Things of the highest quality, of course, are not cheap. But they pay off in full. In this article, you can get acquainted with the interpretation of the word "good"

Rdet: the meaning of the word, examples of sentences

If you love the color red, you should definitely learn the word "blush". This verb is directly related to the color red. The article talks about its meaning. This word can have two main interpretations. Also, for the qualitative assimilation of information, we have made several proposals

Fun - what is it? Word interpretation

In the article you can get acquainted with the interpretation of the word "fun". Perhaps you have already met this word in speech, but doubt what it means. This article provides the dictionary meaning of the noun "fun", as well as some sample sentences

What is "shroud": interpretation and examples

The article reveals the meaning of the word "shroud". This noun has several meanings. Some meanings are outdated and do not apply in modern speech. To consolidate knowledge, we have given examples of the use of the word "veil" in sentences

Synonyms for "interesting", example sentences

Do you know what the meaning of the word "interesting" is? This adjective has two meanings. This word occurs frequently in speech. Because of this, a problem arises: it can be mentioned several times in one text. In the article you will find synonyms that can replace the word "interesting"

The meaning of the word "forest", example sentences

In the article you will find the meaning of the word "forest". If you cannot correctly indicate what the word "forest" means, then this article will come in handy. It contains the meaning of this word. For better assimilation of information, examples of the use of the word "forest" in sentences are presented

What is a "marafet"? Word interpretation

This article presents the lexical meaning of the word "marafet". What does this noun refer to? In what situations should it be used? The article provides a true interpretation of the word "marafet", examples of its use and synonyms

Growth - what is it?

Do you know what "growth" is? In what situations is this word used? The article indicates the meaning of the word "shoot". Examples of the use of this noun in sentences are given so that theoretical information is better remembered

Debri - what is it?

If any word causes you questions, it is better not to beat around the bush, but to find out its meaning. Of course, you can't know all the words in the world. But you need to constantly work on your vocabulary and tirelessly expand it. This article will focus on the word "wild". Is this a familiar word? Have you met him in speech? Even if now you see it for the first time, it will not be superfluous to find out what this word means

Spruce forest - what is it?

What is a "spruce forest"? If you do not know what this word means, then you should read this article. It indicates what interpretation this noun has. It has two lexical meanings. Examples of sentences with the noun "spruce forest" are also given

What does "optimal" mean: interpretation of the word

The article explains what the word "optimal" means. It is indicated what interpretation this linguistic unit is endowed with. To make the information easier to assimilate, examples of sentences are given. There are also several synonyms

Burden: the meaning of the word, synonyms

The article indicates the interpretation of the word "burden". This verb may raise questions, since not everyone knows what it means. The article indicates its true lexical meaning. To consolidate the information, examples of its use in sentences are given. Synonyms are given

Timesheet term. Timesheet is

Often we hear phrases that it is impossible to keep up with time, and time, like money, "runs away" like water. Why is this happening? The reasons can be completely different: non-compliance with the schedule, improper planning, inappropriate daily routine, etc. In the modern world, it is very important to be able to set your priorities correctly and follow a certain time sheet

Animals in German with translation

Four sections are presented for the study, which contain the names of different types of animals with translation into German. The sections mention common domestic and wild animals, birds and marine life (including fish)

French: vivre conjugation

In this article you can get acquainted with brief information about verbs in French, their conjugation and differences in conjugation - depending on the group to which the verb belongs. And also the basic and useful information will be the conjugation of the verb vivre

The network of schools of foreign languages ​​"Alibra": reviews, addresses, terms and quality of education. Alibra School

Finding good language courses among a large number of offers is not an easy task. But if you managed to find it, then you should not miss the chance and go to the bitter end. Any knowledge will require some effort, time and money. But this is the best investment, as the knowledge gained takes it to a new level and forever remains a personal achievement

What does "listen" mean: meaning, synonyms, usage

Usually obsolete words are used by poets or writers to recreate the historical era of a particular time. However, even from our grandparents, we often hear expressions unfamiliar to us. For example, what does it mean to "hear"? By using this word, do we keep our Russian roots or do we not move into the future?

The meaning of the word "duck": synonyms and experiment

It is difficult to find a person in our country who has never heard the word "duck". Especially this slang word is used by young people. In no serious source you will find the lexical meaning of the word "duck"

Flimsy - what is it? Meaning of the word

The article indicates the lexical meaning of the adjective "flimsy". It is indicated in which speech situations this word can be used. Examples of using the adjective "flimsy" in sentences are also given. Synonyms are given

Salaga is a sign of inexperience

A person gains experience and knowledge throughout his life. Therefore, there is nothing shameful to hear a capacious “newbie” addressed to you from more experienced comrades. If, however, you are still tormented by doubts about the colorful word from sea slang, rather open the article and get acquainted with its history

Whore is who?

There are many words in the Russian language, the meaning of which is clear to most speakers, but perceived as an outdated lexical layer. One of these is the "harlot"

"Archival" - how to understand?

"Archive" is a short form of the adjective "archival". Indicates the meaning of the subject or phenomenon under discussion for the speaker. Synonyms - extremely important, most important, very important. We will tell about the meaning of the word and its origin in the article

Dejected - what does it mean?

The adjective "depressed" and its short form "depressed" is used quite rarely today and, as a rule, only in fiction. What is the meaning of this word, what derivatives do we know of it and what synonyms can we pick up - read about this in our short article

Let's talk about the phrase "nevertheless"

Many people leave school illiterate. And it's not a bad teacher, but your own laziness. But after all, not all children without exception were C students, they were good students in any class. But, unfortunately, even they, if they do not use the skills of writing, will soon become illiterate. In order not to lose knowledge, it is worth refreshing it periodically. Today we will talk about the phrase "nevertheless." What is this expression, and is it separated by commas? Find answers below

Corny - is it public or just boring? Both

"Corny, uninteresting, I've seen it all before!" - the girl complains, passing on the words of her disgruntled boss. “This is banal, and this should be expected,” the young girl sighs, without waiting for a phone call from her loved one. What does this mean? So, in our today's publication, we will study the meaning and ways of using the word "banal". In addition, we will describe several fairly typical situations when you can use such a term

Good - it's great and wonderful

Everyone is familiar with the adverb "good". We use this simple word every day and more than once. And at the same time, we hardly think about what this adverb means when we answer with consent to someone's request or to the question "How are you?" or we positively evaluate the work done

Forbidden fruit sweeter? "Forbidden fruit is sweet": the meaning of phraseology

People are well aware that the forbidden fruit is sweeter, but that's why few people think about it. Therefore, we decided to look into this issue in detail

What is it, "self-interest": the meaning of the word, examples of use

The average vocabulary of an adult Russian-speaking person is about seventy-five thousand words, which includes derivatives. At the same time, the number of word forms that a person operates with grows imperceptibly for him. However, you should not rely solely on "natural" word recognition. Sometimes you have to look for the meaning of new ones on your own, because they are not so common. Such rather rare words include "self-interest"

How is it - "the right"? Meaning and synonyms

The expansion of a person's vocabulary is a continuous process that requires constant learning of new words, as well as the assimilation of new meanings of already familiar expressions. A great difficulty for a modern, predominantly secular, person is the words related to church vocabulary, the so-called Church Slavonicisms. One of these words is "right hand". Let's see what it means and when it is used

What does "permanently" mean - concept and synonyms

Outdated and old-church words are not so common for a modern person. As a rule, this happens in well-established phrases that are familiar to the ear, and therefore do not cause problems with understanding. Exactly until you start to think about the meaning of individual words. One of these "stumbling words" is the outdated word "permanently"

Belongings - good or trash?

"Packed up my belongings and left" - sometimes we say, using the word "belongings" and absolutely not thinking about its origin and meaning. However, as a word of Slavic origin, it has a completely transparent meaning for native Russian speakers. However, don't take it too lightly

Isolating languages: essence, features, examples

Under the isolating languages ​​it is customary to understand languages ​​that do not have affixes. Their grammatical meanings (time, number, case, and others) are expressed either by adjoining one word to another, or by using auxiliary words. Word and root in such languages ​​are equivalent