Good-natured is a characteristic or meaning of life, the meaning of the word

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Good-natured is a characteristic or meaning of life, the meaning of the word
Good-natured is a characteristic or meaning of life, the meaning of the word

Good-natured is a person who is characterized by a positive mood. He always responds positively to the advantages and disadvantages of other people. From birth, it has a good character, a desire to show friendliness, kindness, gentleness and benevolence.

Kindness as a characteristic of a person

Good nature is always next to disinterestedness and benevolence

Good-natured is a characteristic that indicates the ability to understand others, regardless of their character and mood. A person often uses catchphrases and expressions to support. He often says: "Everything that is done is for the better", "Everything will be ground - there will be flour." They say that good nature is a huge fountain of love and kindness. Everyone remembers the image of Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, whose face glows with friendliness and kindness. In a person, anger is immediately replaced by mercy.

Using an adjective

Goodness comes from the heart

The meaning of the word "good-natured" in the explanatory dictionary is indicated as mild,kind and gentle person. For example, "He turned out to be good-natured and talkative", "He was in a good-natured mood."

A person does not just good deeds, but those that benefit other people. The benefit is for both parties, as a good deed has raised self-esteem and the level of importance in the eyes of others. The benefactor does not ask for anything in return. Enough grateful and happy eyes of those who have something happened. Such actions inspire, energize.

The adjective "good-natured" already indicates that a person has a kind soul. He is friendly, sympathetic, ready to help, disinterested, honest, does not seek profit. Relates optimistically to circumstances and difficulties, sympathizes and empathizes.

Examples of the use of the word in literature

Kindness is different, and therefore manifests itself in different ways: in deeds and words, wise advice. Help is completely free. There are many such heroes in literature. A striking example is Matrena Vasilievna Zakharova in the work of A. I. Solzhenitsyn "Matryona Dvor". A woman who is always ready to help, even to the detriment of herself. She helped women and men, spared no effort in other people's gardens.

There are few such people in life, but they are found on the way of those who need support. These are good-natured citizens who are ready to share the breadth of their soul absolutely free of charge. Using the word "good-natured" helps characterize the person.

  1. I was misled by the good-natured appearance of Nazar, a kind of shirt-guy.
  2. NeverI will not forget this man who was leaning on the piano, making a grimace, trying to put on a good-natured face.
  3. I kindly agreed, as if I had visited this significant place myself.

Any manifestation of good nature indicates humanity, love for people. The true manifestation of one's feelings does not always lead to positive moments, but this is the only way people can exist on Earth.

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