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Social Zen: Employees of social service centers are invited to a free course on stress management from IDPO

Moscow social workers are invited to take a free course on stress management and burnout prevention. An anti-stress program from the Institute for Continuing Education of Social Workers will help you survive seven working feet with calm

Learning Management System (LMS): history of origin, technical aspects, advantages and disadvantages. Learning management system

LMS - learning management systems that are aimed at remote education of students, company employees, certain categories of citizens. There are different platforms compatible with software cores as well as additional features

Aleksey Maslov: lectures, books, personality

It's hard to imagine a modern society without international connections. Just ten years ago, at the peak of popularity was the study of English, now the palm is given to the Asian group. Especially the Chinese language. No wonder the cooperation between Russia and China is one of the most promising. Over time, orientalists began to appear. In other words, those who have devoted their lives to the study of Asian countries. One of them is Alexey Maslov. He is known for his scientific works

NATO expansion: stages and background

The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) on the way of its development has undergone several stages of expansion and repeated changes in the concept of activity. The problem of NATO expansion became acute for Russia as the organization moved to the East, to the borders of the Russian Federation

Education in Turkey: education system, goals, objectives, conditions for study and modernization

The education system in Turkey is under the close attention of the state. Today, impressive investments are being made in the educational institutions of the country, and the most modern equipment is being purchased for them. Education in Turkey is already close to competing with the American and European systems

Einstein's postulates: teaching materials and elements of special theory

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the science of physics was in a critical situation. The way out of it was Einstein's rejection of the classical view of space and time. What used to seem clear and obvious, in fact, is changeable! Einstein's postulates prove that the quantities and concepts that were considered constants in non-relativistic physics, in this theory are adjacent to the category of relative

Spelling: like or like?

According to the rules of the Russian language, the verbs of the present and future tenses, the second person, which are in the singular, are written with a soft sign. Thus, to the question “What is the right thing - do you like it or do you like it?” the correct answer would be the first option - "like"

Blasphemy - what is it? Blasphemy over nature and man

Blasphemy, it is also sacrilege, is characteristic of both church and worldly life of past years and our generation. Although its meaning in these two cases is somewhat different, one thing remains constant: this is a negative phenomenon that contradicts the laws of morality

Where you should not go - the most dangerous countries in the world

Often the beauty of the country and its mystery attract a person, even despite the dangers that lie in wait there. It is naive to believe that all troubles will be bypassed, but this is not so. And every year there are more and more cases when travelers, having gone to the most dangerous countries of the world, fall into the hands of terrorists, bandits or robbers. And sometimes everything ends and much sadder

NATO: the number of troops and weapons

NATO - the largest military-political alliance, created in the middle of the last century, over the long history of its existence has proven a high ability to adapt and transform in relation to the changing conditions of the international situation

Is it possible to make contact with aliens? Have aliens landed on Earth?

Back in the 1960s, the first attempt was made to make contact with aliens using high technology. Then an astronomer named Frank Drake, hoping to catch a signal from the aliens, directed his radio telescope at two sun-like stars

Do aliens exist or not? Can aliens live among us?

Aliens exist or not - I would like to know for sure almost every inhabitant of the planet Earth. And it must be said that this question arose not in the space age of the twentieth century, but centuries and millennia earlier. For example, in Montalcino, Italy, there is a fresco depicting the crucifixion of Christ against the backdrop of a fortress, above which, in turn, two aircraft are moving in the air, inside which there are people

Secrets of space: what is the name of the largest star

Life on our entire planet depends on the Sun, and sometimes we do not realize that in fact there are many other galaxies in the Universe and star systems inside them. And our almighty Sun is just a small star among billions of other luminaries. Our article will tell you the name of the largest star in the world, which can still be covered by the human mind. Perhaps, beyond its borders, in hitherto unexplored worlds, there are giant stars of immense size

Learning HTML

So that everyone can learn HTML from scratch - that's what this article is for! The article explains in simple terms what HTML is and where to start learning it. It also talks about HTML tags with specific examples

Art history - distance learning. Universities with the Faculty of Art and Cultural Studies

Distance learning art history is designed for those people who dream of learning the theory of culture from the most ancient times to the present day. And distance learning is an opportunity to get a profession without leaving home, while not losing the quality of education

Computer literacy is the possession of a minimum set of knowledge and skills of working on a computer. Fundamentals of computer literacy

A person looking for a job will almost certainly face the requirement of a potential employer - PC knowledge. It turns out that computer literacy is the first qualifying stage on the way to earning money

Foxford online school: parent reviews, training

Today, on the Internet, you can easily find a huge number of different learning resources. How to find exactly what you need?

What is useful to read during the New Year holidays?

New Year holidays are the long-awaited days of rest for all Russians. However, sometimes already on the third or fourth day it becomes boring from forced home idleness. A great and also pleasant way to spend time with benefit during the New Year holidays is to read a few books on self-development

"Uchi.ru": reviews. Domestic online platform for studying school subjects in an interactive form Uchi.ru

The Uchi.ru online platform is a unique all-Russian portal that allows children and their parents to study school subjects without leaving home. The interactive school is freely available, and specially designed programs are ideal not only for students, but also for educators. What do reviews and reviews say about "Uchi.ru" and is it possible to improve knowledge thanks to the online platform?

Mauryan Empire: description, history and interesting facts

What characterizes Mauryan India is usually taught in school history courses. However, this does not mean that every modern schoolchild remembers such a rather important stage in the development of Indian civilization. What was it?

AIS: what is it and where is it used?

Currently AIS is very popular. What is it and why is it unique, will be discussed in this article

National project "Open Education": reviews, features and conditions

In our century, distance learning is actively developing. On the Internet you can find a large number of courses and various schools in a variety of areas. The Open Education project decided to provide additional training for future specialists. Courses of different speci alties and industries are waiting for you. However, how effective can it be and is everything really free?

"Netology": student feedback

Informative article about the online university "Netology" - courses, learning process and student feedback

TUSUR distance learning: benefits, faculties, exams

Many people don't have much time to attend lectures every day. The reason for this may be a remote place of residence, employment, as well as the presence of children who need to be looked after. Yes, there may be other reasons. For such people, distance learning was created TUSUR - Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics

Forms of distance learning. Internet education

Information technology has made education accessible. Let's analyze the features of distance education

Interactive lesson. Application of new technologies in education

Getting a decent and quality education is an important life task for many people. Adults not only strive to acquire new knowledge and skills themselves, but also try to provide their children with quality education in schools and other educational institutions. Modern interactive educational technologies allow you to achieve this goal faster and more efficiently

What is meant by the term "content" in the PS "Yandex" and Google?

Content translated from English - content. What is meant by the term "content" in the PS? The answer is very simple: any information that we see on a web page: text, pictures, audio, video, hyperlinks, and so on and so forth

Distance learning: pros and cons, reviews. Study of the possibilities of distance learning for schoolchildren

Distance learning is a new, phenomenal phenomenon in Russia. It becomes more and more popular every year. What are the pros and cons of DO? What you should pay attention to? Is it possible to study and gain knowledge remotely, and even in full?

Federal educational project "Rosdistant": reviews, speci alties, admission rules

In Russia, as in many countries, there are educational programs aimed at distance learning. Few institutions provide such an opportunity to their students, but some of them can be noted that have their own Internet sites: Moscow Institute of Technology, Tomsk State University, Tula State University, Volgograd Institute of Business, Togliatti State University and others

Pyotr Osipov: biography and achievements. Company "Business Youth"

Today Pyotr Osipov owns a company with a monthly turnover of several million dollars. His project, "Business Youth", has focused on itself the attention of the widest target audience. Many are wondering whether to trust the experience of a young guy, while others, on the contrary, wholeheartedly accept his innovative ideas

Schools for autistics in Moscow: reviews

The problem of autistic children, their upbringing and education will always be relevant. To date, many rehabilitation centers, schools, classes and boarding schools are opening in Moscow to help special children

The Nikitin Method: the essence and reviews

Nikitins are the authors of an interesting methodology for the early development of children. With its help, kids can show their creative abilities already at preschool age

Model school "Dolce Vita": reviews, addresses, pros and cons

As in any profession, in the modeling business it is extremely important to get a specialized education. To do this, most potential models are sent to courses or to a specialized educational institution. For example, the Dolce Vita model school is such an organization. We will consider reviews about this educational institution in this article

What are the mugs for pensioners?

Pension is not a diagnosis with which a person is “discharged” for a well-deserved rest. The pensioner is the same member of society as he was yesterday, only he has much more time to realize his dream, for which, perhaps, there was not enough time when he worked. The main thing for a person is to be in demand both in the family and in society and not to set oneself on loneliness

Rhyming with the word "dreams". Rhyme selection

Writing poetry is a serious matter, so you need to prepare for it in advance, think over the plot of the verse and pick up some rhymes. There are a lot of rhymes for the word "dreams", but there are not so many really suitable ones in this set

Rhyming with the word "one". Rhyme generator

Everyone who at least once tried to write poetry faced the problem of lack of inspiration, difficulty in choosing a rhyme for the right word. However, if you follow a few simple recommendations, this complexity can be forgotten

English First: testimonials from trainees

Learning English has become a very popular and necessary activity in our time. Learning English is not at all difficult, with a great desire and perseverance. In this, various language courses help children, adolescents and adults, of which there are a lot in Russia today. One of the largest centers in the country is English First

Graphomotor skills in children

Graphomotor skills are understood as the ability to use writing objects and coordinate the actions of the working hand with mental actions. The accuracy of movements, pace, and the ability of the child to easily reproduce the actions of an adult are important here. The period of development of graphomotor skills begins in early childhood, and how much earlier it starts and how intensively it proceeds depends on how the child's education at school develops

Speech therapy gymnastics for the development of a child's speech

Speech therapy gymnastics - a set of simple exercises for the development of speech organs, breathing, improving phonemic hearing, sound pronunciation, as well as memory and active vocabulary. These exercises are quite within the power to do at home for parents with children

Interdental sigmatism: types and correction

The causes of interdental sigmatism in children are varied, so the corrective techniques in each case will be different