Couture show. What is "couture"

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Couture show. What is "couture"
Couture show. What is "couture"

The expression "haute couture" is used in the description of clothes, fashion, accessories. What is couture? Far from the world of fashion, people believe that the expression "haute couture" means "haute couturier." Actually it is not. Couturier is a high-class fashion designer. So the TV announcer can call Yudashkin. The word "couturier" (couturiere) was borrowed into Russian from French along with "chansonnier", "sommelier", "croupier" and similar gallicisms that have the suffix -ier in the original. It does not lean, so if someone gets advice from a couturier, it would be illiterate to call it couture advice.

"Haute couture" literally translates as "high, perfect tailoring". Now it means the highest quality of tailoring art. But even couturier products must meet certain requirements.

Fashion Week show

Who makes the rules

What is "couture" and what is not is determined by the High Fashion Syndicate. This organization is based in Paris. In the world, only 150 families dress in the most fashionable models, becauseSyndicate requirements are quite strict:

  1. Handmade by 70% or more for a specific person according to his standards.
  2. Custom made unique fabric.
  3. At least twenty full-time employees.
  4. Show fifty models twice a year.
  5. Location in Paris.

If the atelier does not meet at least one condition, it is not considered haute couture. However, it may receive an invitation to exhibit its work at High Fashion Week, which will already be considered haute couture.

Couture Corresponding Members

The meaning of the word "fashion" in France is wider than anywhere else. Fashionable clothing has several gradations: if it is sewn to individual measurements in a fashion house, then in Paris it is haute couture, all over the world it is simply haute couture. Fashion collections for mass tailoring are called ready-to-wear if they are released by a fashion house. In all other cases, it is mass production.

Valentin Yudashkin

But there is another direction. These are correspondent members approved by the highest fashion body, the Federation of Haute Couture - Houses of recognized couturiers, not headquartered in Paris. These include the brands Valentino and Versace. Now the brand Valentin Yudashkin is also considered to be one of them. They sew haute couture designs in their own country. But they have no right to be called a world fashion designer.

Couture story

The concept of high fashion was introduced by a talented man C. F. Worth, who moved to the capital of fashion to dictate his terms. He introduced seasonal collections presentedfashion models. Before him, fashion designers demonstrated their work on rag mannequins. Since the middle of the nineteenth century, he has been called a fashion revolutionary.

At first, the role of a fashion model (then they were called understudies) was performed by Worth's wife. Very quickly, following his example, fashion houses began to open, which adopted the new rules. The couturier sewed a branded ribbon to each product. This ensured that the fashionista had a masterpiece in her hands. Worth invented the crinoline, then the bustle. By the end of the nineteenth century, the couturier was already dictating fashion, defining the styles and fabrics of the season.

Then there were laws that did not allow certain fabrics to use simple estates. The revolution abolished these prohibitions.

Nicole Kidman

In the seventies of the last century, Yves Saint Laurent released a ready-to-wear collection. It seemed that high fashion was dying. But those who wanted to buy a dress for ten thousand dollars did not decrease.

Pret-a-porter & haute couture

The meaning of these terms lies in the mass or individual creation of clothing. Literally, "ready-to-wear" means "ready to wear." These products are produced by designers of fashion houses, replicating samples from fashion shows. Pret-a-porter and haute couture fashion shows are scheduled at different times. Elite outfits are worn by a few, and the possibility of meeting models from the same collection at the same event is carefully monitored to prevent it. Products intended for replication are not subject to such controls.

Couture clothes of very high quality, created individually for a particular person. She iscan even participate in High Fashion Week. It is much more expensive than ready-to-wear.

Armani dress

When replicating, a label with the name of the couturier is sewn on each product. For this, the price for mass tailoring rises slightly, which provides dividends for fashion houses. Ignorant people cannot distinguish what is "couture" and what is "ready-to-wear". This is used by some garment factories. By unreasonably inflating the price, they break the rules and disqualify the collections of fashion houses.

Couture dress can have a hem embroidered with natural pearls. The ready-to-wear model will be embroidered with mother-of-pearl dyed beads. The trading house will order a batch where lace will be used instead of embroidery. An incomprehensible company uses low-quality fabric and simply prints imitating lace. It's funny that ribbons with the name of the couturier will be present in all cases.


Only a specialist can determine how fashionable and unique clothes are. That is, what is "couture" or "ready-to-wear". But for most people, it’s not the couturier’s name patch that matters, but a well-fitting modern dress. Trading houses selling such products order clothing lines in China, which significantly reduces their cost. So in a way, everyone can dress in the latest fashion.

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