Burning Hero: Panikaha Mikhail Averyanovich

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Burning Hero: Panikaha Mikhail Averyanovich
Burning Hero: Panikaha Mikhail Averyanovich

During the Great Patriotic War, the soldiers of the Red Army were ready to do anything to prevent the invaders from destroying their homeland. One example of this is the hero of the Soviet Union Panikakha Mikhail Averyanovich. Defending the Motherland, he went to his death, destroying an enemy tank.

War is scary. She claimed so many lives that it is uncountable. Young guys fought for our bright future. For a future without fear, a future without enemy planes in the sky. While saluting the departed heroes, we must always remember their names and deeds.


The future hero of the USSR Mikhail Averyanovich Panikakha was born in 1914 in the village of Mogilev (now the Tsarichansky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine). After receiving his primary education, he worked on a collective farm, helping his mother Grishko Tatyana Avernovna. But when the peaceful sky overhead was covered with clouds of the coming war, Panikakha went to the front to protect his Fatherland from a gloomy future.

Service of Mikhail Averyanovich

Since 1939, Mikhail served in the construction battalion of the coastal defense of the Pacific Fleet in the Far Eastcoast. One of his colleagues was the famous sniper Vasily Zaitsev.

Not wanting to stand aside when the German invaders destroy his homeland, Mikhail filed a report many times, expressing his desire to serve in the war zone. In March 1942, the persistent Marine was nevertheless sent to serve on the front line. Mikhail was sent as a private to the 883rd Infantry Regiment of the 193rd Infantry Division. As fellow soldiers testified, Mikhail Averyanovich Panikakha was still a sailor at heart - even fighting on the shore, he did not part with the form of the fleet. By the end of September 1942, the hero had already received the rank of deputy squad leader.


Serve the guy did not have long. Panikakha Mikhail Averyanovich accomplished his feat at the end of September at the Battle of Stalingrad. On that day, several regiments of the division, including the 883rd, crossed the Volga and took up positions west of the Krasny Oktyabr plant. They were attacked by German troops from the 24th Panzer Division and the 71st Infantry Division.

On October 2, Panikakha, along with his comrade Bederov, was in the trenches and helped repel German attacks when enemy troops sent tanks. The Red Army soldiers met the enemy attack with anti-tank rifles. The soldiers coped with the first attack, but the Nazis launched new tanks. Then Mikhail Averyanovich Panikakha rushed forward. He ran out of grenades, but left two bottles of explosive mixture. Panikaha swung to throw a Molotov cocktail at an approaching enemy tank, but a shot from an enemy weapon shattered the bottle. The caustic mixture spilled onto the moldsoldier, it immediately caught fire, but there was no time to think. Taking another bottle, the hero selflessly rushed at the enemy tank and broke the cocktail on the hatch grate. The German tank was set on fire and the other tanks retreated.

panic michael

The heroic feat of Mikhail raised the morale of his comrades and, pursuing the enemy, the soldiers set fire to two more tanks. The hero's body was buried near the Krasny Oktyabr plant.

The guy was not even thirty, he did not live long in this world, but managed to become a hero. 77 years have passed since the feat of Michael, but we remember his name and will remember for many, many more years.


Among the poems of Demyan Bedny there is a work dedicated to the feat of a soldier.

The monument to Mikhail Panikakha was erected in early May 1975 in the city of Volgograd, at the place where the soldier died. The authors of the sculpture were Kharitonov and Belousov. The monument is a flaming figure of a soldier. Among the people, the sculpture received the nickname "Stalingrad Danko".

hero of the battle of stalingrad

His name is also inscribed on the memorial plaque on Mamayev Kurgan. A memorial plaque was also installed in Mogilev, Mikhail's hometown. In mid-November 2013, a monument to the hero was unveiled in Dnepropetrovsk. In the Leningrad region, near the Oranienbaum platform, a monument was also erected. Streets in the cities of Dnepropetrovsk, Volgograd and the village of Mogilev were named after the hero. The Volgograd Naval School also bears the hero's name.

Featcaptured in the panorama "Battle of Stalingrad".

monument to michael panic

Witness of the feat of Mikhail Panikakha, in addition to his comrades, was Marshal of the USSR Vasily Chuikov. In his memoirs, he colorfully described the feat of the hero.


Mikhail Panikakha, the hero of the Battle of Stalingrad, was nominated for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union in the same year, but Mikhail's relatives received awards 48 years after his heroic death. Among Mikhail's awards are the Gold Star medal, the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree.

Panikaha Mikhail Averyanovich feat

In those days, Russians, Ukrainians and people from other republics fought together against the enemy side by side, like brothers. The main goal was to resist, to withstand a hail of bullets, to defend their native land. But everything is changing. Decades have passed since the Great Patriotic War. Few of its witnesses survived to tell the secrets of unconditional love for their country, such love for which one does not even feel sorry for one's own life.

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