The lexical meaning of the word "old"

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The lexical meaning of the word "old"
The lexical meaning of the word "old"

Architectural structures still amaze our imagination. Although they were created thousands of years ago, they still give odds to some modern creations of architects. This once again proves that the old is better and more majestic than the new. In this article we will reveal the meaning of the word "old". This word is directly related to old age and the past. It has been endowed with several interpretations.

The lexical meaning of the speech unit

It's worth noting right away that "old" is an adjective. Used in short form. Most often in a sentence, it plays the role of the nominal part of the compound predicate.

Its full form is old. It is this word that is most often recorded in explanatory dictionaries.

Ozhegov's dictionary indicates the meaning of the word "old".

  • Used for quite some time.
  • The one who has reached old age. I mean age.
  • Previous, ancient.
old car
  • Outdated and outdated.
  • Notnovice, long-lived or employed, experienced.
  • Previous, previous (by time frame).
  • Unusable or invalid.
  • Existing for a long time, long enough. When talking about something that has long been familiar or known (as old as the world).

Examples of usage

Now you can easily determine the meaning of the word "old" (or "old" in short form). Let's use these adjectives in sentences. They can be used in a variety of contexts.

  • The dress is old, holes have already appeared on it.
  • The man was old but strong, he could work several hours a day.
  • The manuscripts were old, incomprehensible hieroglyphs froze on them.
fur collar
  • This fashion is old, no one wears fur collars anymore.
  • An old soldier knows how to handle weapons, but newcomers have to be trained from scratch.
  • We moved back to our old apartment because the rent for a three-room apartment in the city center was too much for us.
  • You can throw away your old tickets.
  • Even though the debt was old and insignificant, it still needs to be paid off.
  • The saying is as old as the world, it is a pity that you have never heard of it before.

Use the word "old" in sentences correctly, and then you will be able to express your thoughts most accurately.

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