Is there gravity on the moon?

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Is there gravity on the moon?
Is there gravity on the moon?

If you feel like you've been getting a little fat and heavier lately, it's time to go to the moon. Gravity there is much less than on Earth, which means that you will experience many times less gravity from your own weight. Recall that weight is the product of body mass and the force of attraction, which on the moon is only 17% of the earth's. The force of gravity on the moon is 6 times less than on our green planet. It's hard to believe and quite hard to imagine. To make things easier for you, here is a concrete example.

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Let's say there is a body whose weight on earth is 100 kilograms. If you put the same object on the Moon on the scales, the arrow will only shoot up to the mark of 17 kilograms, which means that thanks to the low gravity on the Moon, you can bounce high like a ball.

Let's turn to a specific example again for clarity. If on our planet you are able to jump 30 centimeters from the surface of the earth, then with the same efforts in the conditions of the lunargravity, you can jump as much as 2 meters. In addition, falling on the Moon is much softer and more pleasant than on Earth. You definitely won't feel the impact. But you can easily feel that you are flying.

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How do astronauts get around?

The first people who ended up on a lifeless satellite of the Earth probably did not know exactly what gravity is on the moon. Therefore, when they hit the surface of the Earth's satellite, the astronauts had to move by jumping. If they decided to walk with their usual habitual step, they would surely fall. However, due to the low gravity on the Moon, every astronaut can feel like a bird that can fly for a short period of time. We are sure that this is an amazing and incomparable feeling that everyone would like to experience.

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So, we found out if there is gravity on the Moon, so feel free to move on to another, no less interesting topic - to common misconceptions about this interesting phenomenon.

Myth 1. There is no gravity in space

Looking at the astronauts, we can assume that they are in absolute weightlessness on the international space station. This is partly true, but do not forget that in space they are also affected by the gravitational force of the Earth, which holds artificial and natural satellites. Yes, Earth's gravity is so strong that even in space it pulls you in.

The only difference between an individual astronaut and a satellite is the difference in their mass. Force of gravityis directly proportional to this value, so astronauts do not fall to the surface of the Earth and are not actually affected by this attraction.

Myth 2. The alignment of planets will reduce the gravity of our planet

Parade of planets is usually called a cosmic phenomenon in which all the planets of the solar system line up in an even row, and their forces of attraction add up. Even if we ignore the fact that such a situation is impossible, as it contradicts the laws of physics, let's pay attention to those celestial bodies that can influence the earth's gravity. These planets are Venus and Jupiter. The first is due to its close location, although the mass and volume of Venus are small.

The second celestial body affects the gravity of the Earth precisely due to its huge mass and volume, although it is located quite far from our planet. By simple mathematical calculations, you can come to the following figures: the gravity of Venus affects the Earth 50 million times less, and the attraction of Jupiter is 30 million times less. Given the fact that both planets are located on opposite sides of ours, then during the parade of the planets they will compensate for the forces of attraction of each other, which means that the earth's gravity will not change.

Myth 3. Black holes tear apart objects

Despite the fact that black holes are still a mystery to scientists, some facts about them are still known. For this reason, we can say with confidence that in no case do they tear apart objects near them, however, provided that their mass is not very small by cosmic standards. It's important to understandthat the strength of black holes is directly proportional to their size and the dimensions of the bodies that are near them. If there is a star next to the supernova, the mass of which is equal to 10 masses of the sun, then it can be torn apart. And in the event that its mass approaches 1000 masses of the sun, then the hole can only absorb it entirely.

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Despite the large number of scientific misconceptions, in no case should you believe in them, you should always check any information in official and authoritative sources.


Based on the foregoing, it remains to be hoped that this article was useful to you, and you read it with interest to the very end. Now you know exactly all the most important things about gravity on the Moon and other bodies of the solar system. We can only wish you success in your further study of new and interesting facts that will help you understand how our world works.

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