Quiz for Defender of the Fatherland Day - game scenario with questions

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Quiz for Defender of the Fatherland Day - game scenario with questions
Quiz for Defender of the Fatherland Day - game scenario with questions

To interestingly celebrate the holiday on February 23, you can play a game in the classroom, for example, such as a quiz for boys on Defender of the Fatherland Day. Children are divided into 2 teams, equal in number, each team chooses a name, motto and captain. After the teams introduce themselves and greet each other, the game begins. It consists of 4 rounds.

Children at the Parade

Goals of the game

The goal of the game is to strengthen the team spirit, teach children to interact with each other, and increase the overall level of erudition in the team. And finally, just cheer up and have fun.

Three children in the classroom

Round 1

All team members take part in this round of the Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz. Each team is asked questions in turn, the answer is discussed by the whole team, the time for reflection is 2 minutes. A block of 5 questions has been prepared for each team, if the team answers correctly, it gets two points. If she is wrong, then the opposing team can answer; ata correct answer will give her 1 extra point.

5 questions for team 1:

  • This car is named after the leader of an Indian tribe. (Pontiac).
  • Not many people know that until 1919 the company that produces these cars was an aviation company. But until now, the propeller is depicted on the emblem of this car. What brand is this? (BMW).
  • This Russian emperor had the largest car collection in Europe, the envy of many European ruling houses. (Nicholas II).
  • Who is the author of the poem "Vasily Terkin"? (Tvardovsky).
  • Which ruler established St. Andrew's flag? (Peter I).
Rally Paris-Dakar

5 questions for team 2:

  • The Paris-Dakar rally finishes at this African lake. (Pink Lake).
  • This automotive device is called a "glove box" in almost every country in the world, except Russia. (Glove box).
  • This car is considered the most uneconomical car in the world, which does not affect its value (Rolls-Royce).
  • Creator of the first internal combustion engine? (Etienne Lenoir).
  • Author of the poem "Borodino"? (Lermontov).

Round 2

Our Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz continues. In the second round, each participant makes his contribution to help the team. Team members stand (or sit down) in one line so that the leader can see each player. After that, the timer starts for 5 minutes, and the facilitator asks questions to each participant in turn. The challenge is to try to answeronly correctly, but also quickly, because time is limited, and it is desirable to answer as many questions as possible. Quiz questions for the Defender of the Fatherland Day are set at a fast pace, for each correct answer 1 point is awarded. The time for this round can vary depending on the number of respondents.

  • After what road surface is the dark gray car enamel named after? (Wet asph alt).
  • Who is the author of the expression "Cross the Rubicon"? (Julius Caesar).
  • Military term for surprise attack. (Attack).
  • In Formula 1 race cars, where is the engine located: in front or behind the racer? (Behind the rider).
  • First female astronaut. (Valentina Tereshkova).
  • Carlson needed jam or honey to fly as fuel? (Jam).
  • A military unit that guards something or someone. (Sentry).
  • The car of this brand was erected a monument in the homeland of Napoleon. (Reno).
  • What is the name of the car whose "roof has come off? (Convertible).
  • War with the French was in 1812 or in 1218? (1812).
  • It is smaller than the Volga, both as a car and as a river. (Oka).
  • Country-creator of the first tank. (Russia).
  • Drive on which axle do Formula 1 cars have? (To the back).
  • Is this car currently recognized as the safest in the world? ("Volvo 700").
  • Tracked ATVs are the most common vehicle on this continent, (Antarctica).
  • Manufacturing country of the most popular car in the world"Mercedes Benz". (Germany).
  • A place to practice target shooting. (Tyr).
  • This part of the car is hard, but at the same time it provides a soft ride. (Spring).
  • A car with chess symbols. (Taxi).
  • Is the radiator in a car engine used as a heating or cooling device? (Cooling).
  • This car is driven by an electric motor. (Electric car).
  • This mechanism is interesting because it can be used to raise the car to a small height. (Jack).
  • What is the name of the soldier guarding the border? (Border guard).
  • If the car has an automatic transmission, how many pedals does it have? (Two).
  • River in Russia, is a tributary of the Kama River, which gave the name to the motorcycle and the car. (River Izh).

Round 3

This round of the Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz is called the “Captains Contest”. The captains are called and, without prompting, the teams take turns answering the questions of the presenter. Each captain gets 4 questions, each correct answer is worth 1 point. The time to think about the answer is 30 seconds.

Questions for Team Captain 1:

  • What was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte's lover? (Josephine).
  • How many times was Admiral Fyodor Ushakov defeated? (Never).
  • Male name given to a machine gun during the civil war. (Maxim).
  • The very first car refueled not with gasoline, but with this. How? (Firewood).

Questions forTeam Captain 2:

  • Did this woman start the Trojan War? (Elena the Beautiful).
  • The great commander, who once read in the works of the philosopher Democritus about the existence of not one, but many Universes, exclaimed: “But I haven’t conquered this one yet!” (Alexander the Great).
  • Who defeated the hordes of Mamai? (Dmitry Donskoy).
  • This decorates the hood of a Rolls-Royce (Flying Lady).
smiling boy

Round 4

This is the final round of our Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz. Here the teams play at the same time. A question is asked, and the team that knows the answer beeps to indicate that it is ready to answer. In case of a correct answer, she gets 2 points to her points, if she answers incorrectly, then 1 point is deducted from her account. If the team that signaled first is wrong, then the opposing team can try to answer this question. In case of a correct answer, 1 point will be credited to her account (because this team had more time to think), if she is wrong, 1 point will also be deducted from her account. In total, 10 questions are asked in the last round of the Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz.

Questions for Round 4:

  1. What did Alexander the Great call his horse? (Bucephalus).
  2. How old was Juliet from Shakespeare's tragedy? (age 14).
  3. The engineer who built the first airplane in the world. (Engineer Mozhaisky).
  4. This commander was at the head of the command of the Russian army during the war with Napoleon in 1812. (Mikhail Kutuzov).
  5. The meaning of the Mercedes emblem. (The emblem means 3 elements: water, earth, air).
  6. The names of those who hoisted the Red Banner on the Reichstag. (Egorov and Kantaria).
  7. This animal from the squad of predators is depicted on a Peugeot car. (Lion).
  8. This vehicle uses an overhead power grid consisting of two wires for movement. (Trolleybus).
  9. In Bulgaria, in the city of Plovdiv, a museum has been created for irresponsible drivers. All of its exhibits are cars, but which ones? (Accidents).
  10. We take the name of the Minsk truck and add two letters to it, the output is a Japanese passenger car. Which? (MAZda).

In conclusion

So, the Defender of the Fatherland Day quiz is almost over. It remains to count the points and announce the winners. It is advisable for the losing team to give some kind of consolation prize - this way the game will end on a positive note. The main result is that all children are satisfied.

cadets near the Hermitage

This concludes our Defenders of the Fatherland Day quiz for children.

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