Autumn is the time of miracles. What can you do during the autumn months?

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Autumn is the time of miracles. What can you do during the autumn months?
Autumn is the time of miracles. What can you do during the autumn months?

The autumn months are a unique time. Only at this time you can enjoy mild warm days and observe the gradual change of nature. At first, when there is no longer a sweltering heat, but the weather allows you to spend a lot of time on the street, you can find a lot of activities that will later be pleasant and fun to remember. Especially many interesting discoveries can be made by mothers with small children. For them, the golden carpet of leaves can be a source of inspiration, a playground for exciting games and a real research center. The main thing is that an adult unobtrusively directs the irrepressible energy of the baby and suggests what else you can pay attention to in the autumn months.

autumn months

Things to do in autumn

  1. The most frequent activity on autumn walks is collecting herbarium. The brightly colored leaves can be used as craft material when the weather changes and long walks become difficult. Take advice from an experienced person. Your baby will collect large and bright leaves, and you will collect small leaves of different colors and shades. The most interesting applications and crafts are made from small material.
  2. Collect not only leaves, but also acorns, chestnuts and other natural materials. Even small stoneswill go into action when it rains and the child gets bored.
  3. Arrange a photo session. No matter how trite it may sound, but in the fall you get very bright photos, and the time spent having fun with the whole family in the park is generally priceless.
  4. Arrange an exhibition of autumn drawings. Let your child throw out emotions on the landscape sheet. Let him draw everything he saw: an autumn park, and flocks of migratory birds, and a lingering rain. And then invite friends and family and arrange a vernissage. If before that you read books about artists to your child or take them to a real gallery, then you can arrange an interesting game “I am an artist”. And to treat visitors to the vernissage, bake an apple pie with your child.
  5. Go to the forest. If you understand mushrooms, then the autumn months are the time to make mushroom blanks. If you do not understand, then just take a walk with the baby. The autumn forest can be the highlight of the entire season. It is beautiful and good for he alth, as silence, peace and fresh air are only here.
autumn months for children

Autumn is the time for discoveries and new experiences. Enjoy watching nature prepare for winter with your child.

How to answer your child's questions

Every kid asks parents a lot of questions. In autumn, children ask about where the birds fly, why September is called September, why it rains. Now is the time for education and training. All questions must be answered in such a way that the child does not get bored, this is very important. The answer should nottake a lot of time and contain too complex words. It is also very good to back up your answer with a small video, which is now easy to find on the Internet.

Learning the calendar

You must have already told your child about the calendar. Now it's time to show him which months are autumn. You can play with your child and create your own calendar, in which some event or the most vivid impression will correspond to each month. You will have a wonderful time remembering what happened and when. And most importantly, it will be easier for the child to remember the names of the months and seasons.

names of autumn months

Describing September

The name of the autumn months is not at all difficult to explain to a child. Tell your child about Ancient Rome and the Roman calendar. The year according to this calendar began in March, and September was the seventh month, hence its name september - "seventh".

In Ukrainian and Belarusian, this month is consonant with the name of a cute little plant called heather. The name of the month in these cases sounds like "Veresen" or "Versen".

Telling about October

Continuing the story about the autumn months and their names, we will again have to refer to the Roman calendar. The name "October" comes from the numeral eight (octo). As you already know, this month was the eighth in a row.

One of the Slavic names is Zhovten, from the word "yellow". It will not be difficult to explain why this is so. Enough to walk in the parkor look out the window.

A few words about November

And here it was not without the Romans. The name november, that is, November, comes from novem - "nine".

what months are autumn

But in the Ukrainian and Belarusian languages, November is leaf fall. Indeed, almost all the leaves have fallen, the trees are swaying their bare branches, it is raining, and it is getting noticeably colder.

Only parents decide whether the autumn months for children will be an exciting adventure or turn into a dull and boring routine. For a man who is just discovering the secrets of the world, everything is interesting. The main thing is that classes bring joy to both you and your child.

Turn autumn walks into real adventures for your little ones. This will brighten up not only them, but also your leisure. Golden autumn can be not only dull. This time deserves to be the most beautiful. It all depends on how you learn to perceive nature and the world around you.

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