Maria Fomina - an actress with a great future

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Maria Fomina - an actress with a great future
Maria Fomina - an actress with a great future

At 24, she has already realized herself in several professional roles at once. Many people know that the young and talented Maria Fomina (actress) not only knows how to play a role in a movie or theater “on a high note”. The girl acts in music videos, poses for fashion glossy magazines, advertises popular brands. But Maria Fomina (actress) considers her real vocation to be the art of impersonation. How did she become involved in acting? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Years of childhood and youth

Maria Fomina (actress) is a native of the Russian capital. She was born on March 1, 1993. Already at a young age, the girl began to show interest in an unusual hobby - scuba diving with special equipment. But studying the depths of the sea was not Masha's only occupation. She enrolled in a ballet studio because she originally wanted to become a professional choreographer.

Change of priorities

However, soon another hobby appeared in the girl's life, which, in fact, determined the choice of her profession.

Maria Fomina actress

When Masha was in the 5th grade, the famous director Vladimir Mashkovworked on the filming of the film "Dad". The girl's parents advised her to try her hand at the set. So Maria Fomina became a participant in screen tests. And fortune smiled upon her! Mashkov approved her for a small episode in his tape. Impressions and feelings from the filming were indescribable! Maria felt in seventh heaven with happiness. The girl firmly decided for herself that she would become a famous actress.

Study acting

To comprehend the basics of the art of reincarnation Maria Fomina (actress) began in the children's theater studio of Irina Feofanova. Her first teacher was Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Yatsko. Soon the girl began to attend preparatory acting courses at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio.

Photo Maria Fomina actress

In 2010, actress Maria Fomina, whose filmography today includes more than 20 film roles, got to study at the course of Oleg Kudryashov (professor of the directing department) at the RATI.

Working on set

After Vladimir Mashkov, the girl starred with Vera Glagoleva in the film "Ferris Wheel" (2006). She was entrusted to play a heroine named Vika. Then she brilliantly managed to transform into the image of Lena Sinitsyna in the comedy "Potapov, to the board!" (dir. Alexander Orlov, 2007). Moreover, in this film, Maria Fomina was able to learn a lot from her partners on the set: Leah Akhedzhakova and Alla Budnitskaya. For her work with Alexander Orlov, the young actress received a diploma at the Kinogrom International Children's Film Festival.

Actress Maria Fomina personal life

At the next stage of her film career, Maria Fomina focuses on roles in serials. The viewer remembered her for such films as "Trace", "Daddy's Daughters", "Princess of the Circus", "Own Team", "Dirty Work", "Amazons", "Lawyers", "Wild".

In 2010, another top-rated film with the participation of a young actress comes out. It is called "Day of Despair" (dir. Vladimir Chubrikov). This time, her partners on the set turned out to be popular actors: Yegor Barinov, Natalya Grebenkina, Daria Sukhorukova. Today she continues to actively act not only in films, but also in the theater. In particular, the actress is involved in such well-known productions as "Eugene Onegin", "Dead Souls", "Zoyka's Apartment", "Peremilovo Village".

Outside acting

As already emphasized, the girl successfully realizes herself not only in the acting field. Photos of Maria (Fomina, actress) are decorated with top magazines, which include Cosmopolitan, OOPS!, Glamour. The actress worked in a Vassa & Co advertising campaign, she became a member of the video for the song "Up to 9 steps" from the musical group Stigmata.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting and enjoys listening to electronic and classical music.

Has actress Maria Fomina started a family? The girl's personal life is filled with bright colors. She is the chosen one of Pavel Tabakov, the son of the eminent actor Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.

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