How to transfer a child to homeschooling? Reasons for transferring a child to home schooling. family education

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How to transfer a child to homeschooling? Reasons for transferring a child to home schooling. family education
How to transfer a child to homeschooling? Reasons for transferring a child to home schooling. family education

For a number of years now, the trend of abandoning school education in favor of teaching a child at home with the subsequent passing of exams in the form of an external student has been gaining popularity. Both systems, both school and home, have their supporters and opponents, who present arguments both in defense and against each of the systems. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

So what is education? Education can be conditionally divided into two main components: firstly, it is directly an educational component, that is, the child’s assimilation of a certain minimum of knowledge in various fields of science (exact, humanitarian, etc.), and secondly, it is an educational component. In a broader sense, the latter can be called the socialization of the child. In which of these components is the best assimilation of special knowledge?

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Level of knowledge

In one case or another, it is necessary to check the level of knowledge through any control measures (exams, tests, and so on). According to the Federal State Educational Standard, home-based learning is out oftraditional structure, which makes it much more difficult for a child to fit a certain standard.

How are the control activities at the school? If a child cannot cope with the task, that is, is not certified, then, undoubtedly, this leaves an imprint on his fate and the fate of the educational institution in the future. Thus, schools will never be interested in a large number of underachieving students. Therefore, any certification is primarily carried out for the school, and not for students. Of course, even in the presence of a huge number of underachieving students, certification will be passed. In the case of home education, there is no such interest. Which, of course, increases the demand from a child who refuses to study in the system. At the exam, such a child can be interrogated with prejudice. After all, what stands out is what attracts the attention of others. One has only to remember the experiment with the monkey: several cubes and a ball are placed in front of her, and she chooses, of course, a ball, but when only cubes are placed in front of her, and all but one (red) are yellow, she chooses red.

In light of these factors, evaluating homeworkers is becoming a tougher test for children. However, thanks to this, the knowledge of a student at home will be many times greater than the knowledge of an ordinary student. Some may argue against selective study of subjects at home, but don't children in school choose favorite subjects for which they have more ability? Therefore, home schooling is in no way inferior to the school curriculum. Russian language or mathematics will be in priority - thistime will tell.

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School socialization

At school, this is, firstly, communication with the teacher, and secondly, communication with peers (team). Unfortunately, in schools, the dominance of the teacher over the student is clearly manifested, which gives communication an orderly-executive tone. Even Churchill argued that in the hands of a school teacher there is power that the Prime Minister never even dreamed of. Such communication develops several aspects of the child's character at once. Here and the ability to get out, and humiliate, obey. Such socialization makes people mentally disabled, because they do not know how to communicate on an equal footing. This is a direct path to civil servants. Such people are extremely resourceful, cunning, but they have to be put in their place, as in a pack of wolves, otherwise, feeling at least a fraction of superiority over others, they begin to be rude.

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Need for translation

Now let's talk about what kind of children are transferred to home schooling. Sometimes it's really not worth raping a person. It is better to let her develop harmoniously through family education. There are many reasons why parents do not send their children to school.

Grounds for transferring a child to homeschooling:

1. In the case when mentally the child is an order of magnitude ahead of his peers. For example, he already knows how to read and write, he mastered the primary school program on his own. Such a child, once in an environment where everything is already clear and known to him, can sharply lose interest in learning.generally. For such children, there is also a fallback option - to go to school, skipping several classes. But such an approach does not guarantee the complete adaptation of the child to the surrounding conditions, taking into account the development of mental and physiological.

2. If your child is seriously interested in some business that can become his future profession. For example, a musician, an artist, and so on. It is difficult and unproductive to mix this activity with school.

3. If the work of parents requires constant moving, which does not have a positive effect on the child's condition. A change of environment is already stressful enough, not to mention social adaptation in each new school.

4. When parents refuse to send their child to a general education institution for moral, ideological or other reasons.

5. It often happens that if a child has serious he alth problems, parents think about how to transfer a disabled child to home schooling. Usually parents arrange with teachers to come to teach their son or daughter at home.

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How to homeschool your child

First you need to find out the situation in the selected educational institution. In its charter, a clause on home schooling must be spelled out, otherwise, wait for a refusal. Then you will have to contact other places or directly to the department of education of the local administration, so that they provide you with a list of schools with home education included in the charter.

Just a littledocuments will be required in order to ensure the education of the child at home. You will need the following: the child's birth certificate or passport, a home school transfer application, and medical certificates in case the child's medical condition was the reason for the transfer.

If parents themselves decide to give their child a family education, they will need to perform simple actions. Namely: collect documents, write a statement, if the child switches to this type of education for he alth reasons, then parents need to contact the local doctor for a referral to a psychological, medical and pedagogical council, where it will be decided whether it is worth transferring the child to home education.

Application for homeschooling is written in the name of the principal, but it is also possible that he will not want to take on such responsibility and will forward the application to the education department. As an option - write a statement immediately to the administration.

This statement must reflect the number of subjects and hours set for homeschooling.

How to transfer a child to homeschooling? It is necessary to coordinate the drawn up schedule of classes with the school administration. Homeschooling planning can be left to school teachers, or you can independently develop your own methodology based on the child's hobbies.

There are several types of homeschooling:

1) Home schooling. With this approach, school teachers draw up an individual learning plan for the child: teachers come to the house and read subjectsaccording to schedule. This type of education is usually prescribed for medical reasons.

2) External student. The child studies the school curriculum either independently or with the help of parents. Learning takes place at a pace and mode that is convenient for him. This technique involves independent control over passing exams, for example, a child can master a two-year program in one year and break ahead of their peers in development.

3) Self-study. In this case, the child himself chooses the style of learning, parents do not take any part in this. However, all types of home schooling require the child to attend school twice a year to take exams. After all, the only way he will be able to get a certificate of secondary education. Therefore, parents need to weigh the pros and cons before sending their child to school or homeschooling.

Which children are being homeschooled?

Step forward or back?

Now in the world of digital technologies, Internet communication and the surge of social networks, it has even become real to study not only at home, but also virtually. For example, Germany even opened the first virtual school.

School is not the place to raise a child right now. Just 20-30 years ago, knowledge was obtained only from books, but now the range of sources on the Internet is simply massive. This will make it much easier for parents and the child to create the right direction for homeschooling.

School is no longer a stronghold of morality or morality. At home you canchoose individual lessons for your own child, based on his interests, hobbies, hobbies. So over time, he will learn to independently distribute his free time in order to get the most out of it. Of course, the child has more free time after the transition to home schooling, but this should not be abused, because time is our builder. Offer your child a variety of activities, praise for attempts and inspire new achievements.

Replace school with an online academy

Of course, many parents can hardly give enough time to their child. In this case, online learning comes to the rescue. There are entire academies for young professionals on the Internet, filled with videos of various topics and levels. It is worth noting that such academies provide their services completely free of charge.

Today, many universities around the world began to conduct online lectures. The only obstacle may be knowledge of the language, but this does not prevent you from studying English, German and other languages ​​​​at home through Internet resources, tutors, and so on. Everything is solved.

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Knowledge or skill?

School requires evaluation, but in life children need skills. For example, performance. “I want - I don’t want” is not quoted here. To become a good specialist, you need to operate with skills day in and day out. Such a skill is developed not only in an educational institution, but in doing interesting and useful things, such as sports, designing models, creating computer games.The ability to achieve results is also very important. Such a skill is difficult to form in school conditions due to the fact that the time schedule does not allow the child to immerse himself in knowledge and apply it in practice. As soon as the child begins to understand, 45 minutes of study time end, and he has to urgently reconfigure. This method has become obsolete, since the memory does not have time to put the acquired knowledge into a separate “file” in the student’s brain. As a result, school lessons turn into a time that you just need to “survive”. Learning, like any process, must bring results. Started - finished - got the result. Such a scheme will teach not only patience, ability to work, but also nurture the strong-willed qualities of the child.


The myth that there is live communication at school has long been outdated. Everyone knows that at school a student should be silent, draw less attention and generally be quieter than water, lower than grass. Only at events in an informal setting is it really possible to build a full-fledged communication.

As practice shows, children with a lot of interests who attend various circles and sections are more socially adapted than those who are silent in a rag throughout the lesson. Does it make sense to rape your children just because the system has prescribed? Give your children communication, confidence, and then all roads will be open before them!


Ratings are just the subjective view of certain people. They should not affect your relationship with the child in any way. Many famous people didn't bother with grades and tests at, because they realized in time that at school they were wasting their precious time, which they could spend on improving their skills and abilities.

Cultivating interest in a child

Encourage in every possible way any manifestation of interest in the child. Any hobby is already wonderful, even if something seems frivolous to you. Let the children be children. The period for recognition is the age from 9 to 13 years. You need to carefully listen to all the dreams of your child and give him the opportunity to realize his aspirations. As long as he has a job that he can do without a break, as long as he is ready to invest his strength, he develops important life skills.

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Protection from non-professionals

Not every teacher is a true teacher worth listening to. There are teachers who may use physical assault or foul language during the lesson. If this happens to someone, you can't be silent about it. Only through reforms can development and improvement be achieved.

Believe in your child

Only you can take his side, you are his support and protection. The whole world is against your child, stand by his side and support his hobbies and interests.

The decision to transfer the child to home education, or homeschooling, as it is commonly called now, falls entirely on the shoulders of the parents, they will have to take responsibility for the future of their child. And if you look like that, isn't it their prerogative? Why should someone else decide the fate of your children?uncles, aunts, teachers, officials and others like them?

Advice before switching to homeschooling

Before transferring a child to homeschooling, he must first be shown to an experienced psychologist. Only by putting together a puzzle of character traits, type of thinking, you can determine the temperament of the offspring. It is this procedure that will help determine whether he is ready for homeschooling.

So, we told you how to transfer a child to homeschooling and in what cases it is worth doing. Now you can make the right decision.

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