Webinars - what is it? Seminars online

Webinars - what is it? Seminars online
Webinars - what is it? Seminars online

As soon as the Web became inexpensive and fast, it became possible to conduct training not only in the format of document exchange, but also using means such as podcasts and webinars. What it is? Podcasts are recorded video or audio content, while webinars are real-time video conferences.

webinars what is it

Direct and Feedback

Conducting webinars is possible if both users and the creator have the opportunity to work in a high-speed network. To enable feedback, chat is usually used. The webinar host answers questions in the chat as they come up. It is in interactivity that the main advantage of webinars lies. What does it mean? The opportunity for the host to respond to the needs of the audience and the opportunity for the audience to get answers to their most important questions.

Prices don't bite

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What are the benefits of such training? The webinar is totally worth it.inexpensive compared to a regular seminar. After all, if information is broadcast on the Web, listeners do not need to travel, they do not need to spend money on hotels, they can eat their usual products at home without spending money on restaurants. Therefore, any special computer programs for conducting webinars end up being cheap compared to alternative costs. In addition, a ticket for such an event is much cheaper than for a real seminar.

Everyone participates

So, you have chosen webinars as a learning tool. What does this mean in practice? Much greater involvement of everyone than in real training, because you can ask your question at any time, unlike a real seminar, when only one person can speak. The webinar host can see several questions of the same type in the chat and answer them, placing semantic accents in each case. As a result, the host sees what interests this audience the most.

Repetition and learning

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Very important in educational practice and the ability to refer to the archives. As a rule, audio and video recordings are still available online for some time. Therefore, users can refer to the record, pay attention to the nuances that are important in practical activities. And don't rely solely on your notes!

High School

In the West, webinars have become a common practice in online learning. There is a certain time convenient for many when the teacher goes online andanswers the most difficult questions of students. This form of education is relatively inexpensive, and people who value their time and money have come to prefer it to all others. For example, students can watch the lecture late in the evening before going to bed, when it is available as a webcast or screencast. Online broadcasts are in high demand in the programming learning environment.

Webinars - what is it? The opportunity to study in comfortable conditions and maintain live contact with the teacher, the opportunity to feel like a citizen of the digital world, the opportunity to develop and help others. Participate, create, try! This type of learning is the future.

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