Information stands wall and floor

Information stands wall and floor
Information stands wall and floor

Information stands are devices for placing various kinds of information. It usually consists of the following parts:

information stands

- base (flat sheet material of required thickness and rigidity);

- image (the necessary drawings and text are printed on vinyl film or cut on a cutting plotter from various colors of vinyl);

- fixtures for interchangeable information;

- fasteners.

In the manufacture of these products, protective plexiglass and a profile are often used, which frames the entire product around the perimeter and assembles the components together.

Information stands are wall and floor. Actual availability of wall stands in educational institutions, kindergartens, shops and other organizations. So, in secondary schools, they are necessary to accommodate the schedule of classes. Such stands are made static. Usually they are made of a plastic base, on which a paper carrier with information is attached and covered with transparent acrylic glass on top (for anti-vandal purposes). To hold all the parts together - aluminum orplastic profile. The design is attached to the wall with hinges.

Another view is information boards. Stands where you can place frequently changing information. To do this, transparent plexiglass pockets are glued to the plastic base using double-sided tape, each of which is designed for one sheet of paper. There may be many such branches. These stands are placed in offices, shops, offices and other similar premises.

information boards stands

Information stands are still used for congratulatory or promotional purposes. To do this, a full-color image on a vinyl film is glued onto PVC plastic. Then create a place to place the text. This can be a transparent plastic pocket (where the paper carrier is inserted) or a cork cover, on which a postcard is attached using decorative buttons.

Boards with a special vinyl coating are also used as such stands. On which information is attached using magnets. This is useful in cases where you need to post frequently changing information. The magnetic vinyl is cut to shape with scissors, then glued onto the plastic using a special adhesive.

floor information stands

Outdoor information stands are convenient primarily due to their mobility. Moving them around is usually easy.

They consist of the following parts:

- static design that holds the media in position (for interiorstands most often used a chrome tube base or a specially processed composite material);

- the main surface (a rigid sheet material that easily holds its shape; usually in this case a composite or metal alloy is used, less often PVC or plexiglass);

- a place to post information, handouts (these can be pockets made of metal rod or plexiglass);

- name (application or plate with title).

Information stands have firmly entered into various fields of activity. Choose the most suitable for your purposes!

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