Correct is The meaning of the words "correct" and "correct"

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Correct is The meaning of the words "correct" and "correct"
Correct is The meaning of the words "correct" and "correct"

In everyday life, one can often hear such words as "correct" and "correct" in their various variations. But what does this word mean? If you are interested, but at hand, what a shame, there was not a single explanatory dictionary, then you have come to the right place. So what do these words mean?

General information

Let's start with their characteristics.

Correct is an inanimate adjective whose gender, number and case can change. For example, changing a number: correct (correct, correct), correct.

Correct - this is an inanimate adverb (it can also be a short adjective depending on the situation), the gender, number and case of which also change depending on the selected characteristic. For example, by birth: correct, correct, correct.

Now you can go to the value.


Correct is a compliant, polite, tactful person towards others. That is, such a word can characterize people with brilliant manners, the ability to listen and be silent at the right time.moments. But it has more than one meaning.

Polite man

Also correct is something correct that meets some requirements for someone or something. Under such a characteristic, a report, article, essay, and so on can fit. The main thing is that it meets any requirements. For example, the requirements of a certain style.

There is another concept of this word. Correct is a correct, correctly calculated move in chess. But in this meaning the word is rarely used.

the word is correct

The root word "correct" means an assessment of the situation in terms of the presence or absence of correctness.


Now that we've got the definitions out of the way, here are some examples to help you better understand how these words are used:

  • The man gave the impression of a correct person.
  • The article was completed correctly and could be published.
  • Dmitry Aleksandrovich behaved unusually incorrectly, disturbing the old wounds of the spouses.
  • Correct works were well received by critics and generally received more votes than their rivals.

Today you have successfully expanded your horizons and added two more words to your vocabulary. Now you know what "correct" and "correct" mean, which means you can consciously use them in your speech or, if you are a writer, in articles, works, essays. Don't stop atachieved, because they are just a small grain of sand in a huge number of existing words.

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