How to start essay-reasoning? How can you start writing?

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How to start essay-reasoning? How can you start writing?
How to start essay-reasoning? How can you start writing?

Not everyone can be a writer. For someone, writing an essay costs nothing, but for someone it immediately becomes ill at the mere thought that you need to come up with something. The question immediately arises of how to start reasoning essays, what to write and how to adjust the text to the desired volume. However, if you figure it out, everything is extremely simple here: a little time, a bit of ingenuity and you can act.

Start from the middle

The beginning of an essay in Russian can be different. Someone writes about what will be in the text, someone starts talking about one thing and smoothly moves on to the main topic. But everyone, without exception, thinks about how to start an essay-reasoning, what thesis to use, where to start the story.

how to start writing

Some people ponder these questions for a long time, and some have adapted to bypass them with cunning tricks: they first describe the most important thing, then draw a conclusion, and only at the end write the “second conclusion” of what is written, which is the beginning of the essay. Simply put, it is a method that is based on the fact that writingessay-reasoning begins with the main points. It should be considered in stages.

Stages of writing text

  1. The main idea. The performer should not think about how to start his text, how to choose a thesis or raise a question. It is better to postpone the beginning for later. The first step is to show the main idea of ​​the essay, fully revealing the topic.
  2. Summing up. The last paragraph of each essay is reserved for summarizing what has been written. That is, it is necessary to confirm or refute what was said, depending on the purpose of the work.
  3. Introductory part. Writing the beginning of the text is much easier when the essay itself is ready. The beginning of an essay-reasoning can be presented in the form of a question or a thesis. Also, the work can be started with several affirmative sentences, which are confirmed in the conclusions. Simply put, the preface follows from the conclusions.

Why is it easier to start in the middle?

Each composition consists of three main components:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main part.
  3. Conclusions.
how to start writing

There is always a task on what topic you need to write an essay, that is, what should be the main part. That is why it is much easier to start the text with the disclosure of the topic. After that, it already becomes clear how you can start the essay and how to end it. This technique allows you to more appropriately allocate time to complete the task, which is especially appropriate for the exam.

How long should the introduction be?

The introductory part of the essay should not be long - a maximum of 5 sentences. This paragraph should answer the following questions:

  • What will be written?
  • Which opinion will I defend?
  • What do I associate with the theme of the essay?
  • Why do I want to write this?
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Answering the question of how to start essays, we can say that in the introductory part you need to write concentrated, concise information, and in the main part - dilute it with explanations.

What could be the introduction?

In any business, the most difficult thing is the beginning. Many people have a question about how to start an essay on a topic given by a teacher. The introduction of an essay can have several options:

  • Analytics. The performer analyzes the main theme of the composition and defends his point of view. He can, for example, agree with some facts or statements, or refute what has been proven earlier. Using common sense and logical reasoning, the author is obliged to show why he thinks so and not otherwise. And in the introductory part, you need to write about what point of view is supported by the author and from which side it will be considered.
  • General characteristics. This version of the introduction is especially relevant when it is necessary to analyze a literary hero or the plot of a particular work. Then you can start the essay with a description of its general characteristics, meaning and role.
the beginning of an essay in Russian

A bit of history.Such an introduction is based on a description of the era and its components, which consist of political, social and cultural views that are characteristic of that period of time. Such an introductory part is very common, so it is better to refrain from it. So, you do not know how to start an essay? The exam is a very serious test for high school students, so it is better not to use history in your work.

  • Lyric. Perhaps this is a universal introductory tool, which is actively used not only for school essays, but also in great literature. How to start essays like this? Yes, very easy! It is necessary to connect the theme and life experience. For example: “Last year in my village…” or “Once I went…”.
  • Modernity. Very often you can find essays that begin with the words: "In the modern era, when it has changed …". A roll call with modernity can become a double-edged sword that can both protect its creator, presenting the author as an erudite personality, and destroy his creation, turning the text into another criticism of modernity. The main thing here is to follow the main idea of ​​the text.

Own opinion

It doesn't matter whether the introduction of the text is lyrical or historical. The main thing is that the author should show his thought, the way he thinks, and not books with ready-made essays. To do this, you can use speech clichés such as:

  • "The meaning of the last sentences of the piece suggests that…".
  • "In my opinion, this is about the fact that…".
  • "I think the thoughtthe author of this work is…”.
  • "The author of this book makes the reader think about questions such as…".
  • "The main idea of ​​the text is the following…".
  • "Supporting the author's statement, I understand it as…".
how to start an essay

In the introductory part, you can operate with introductory words that confirm the author's personal thought.

Essay on the exam: recommendations for writing the introductory part

The question of how to start essays is especially acute for USE participants, when the nerves are already in tense instability, and the topic of the essay is far from the knowledge available in the head.

The first thing to do is calm down. If the topic of the essay is new to you, you need to determine what exactly is known about it and start writing about it. This will be the main body of the essay. It is necessary to reveal the issue in which the author is as knowledgeable as possible as widely as possible. Only then can you start writing the introduction. If the given topic and the written match, then you can simply recall the statements of famous people and add introductory clichés, or limit yourself to a few sentences of an analytical, lyrical or characterizing type.

how to start essay essay

When a given topic does not particularly correspond to what was written, since it reflects one of the possible facets of the main idea, then in the introductory part it is necessary to operate with your own opinion. For example, you can start like this: “For thisthere are many opinions on this issue, but it seems to me that…”.

Writing essays is easy. And if there are no ideas where to start the text, you can just try to reveal the main topic, and write the beginning at the end.

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