What does the word "frontispiece" mean? Frontispiece is

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What does the word "frontispiece" mean? Frontispiece is
What does the word "frontispiece" mean? Frontispiece is

Every day we hear or see at least one word whose meaning we do not know or know only approximately. Would you like to know their decryption? At least one of them? You may have heard or seen such a strange word as "frontispiece". At first glance, and do not understand what it could mean. Do you want to understand and learn the meaning of the word frontispiece? Then read the article.


Frontispiece - what is it? In fact, one general definition cannot be given. Like many other words in Russian, "frontispiece" has two whole meanings:

  • in architecture;
  • in typographic business (printing).

Let's deal with each value in order.


Frontispiece (architecture)

In architecture, the frontispiece is the main façade of a building. Perhaps you know a synonym for it - the front facade. Also close in meaning is the word "side", but it does not fully reflect the meaning of the frontispiece. Sidebuildings may not necessarily be the main (front). Close in meaning is the word "pediment".


In printing, a frontispiece is an element of an art publication, a drawing or portrait of a person to whom the book is dedicated, on the spread, where the front side of the title page is located. The frontispiece is placed to the left of it. This drawing does not have a signature, the author's autograph can be placed under it. Also, the frontispiece can be called not the drawing itself, but the sheet on which it is located. Sometimes it is placed at the top of the page where the chapter begins.

Frontispiece (printing house)

The following definition will be more concise: a frontispiece is a spread image located to the left of the title page or at the top of the chapter page.

Synonyms for the word frontispiece in this case will be words such as image, illustration, portrait, drawing, page.

Summarize. The frontispiece has two meanings in two different areas, which are listed earlier. In fact, one part of the word, "front", as it were, hints to us that this word means someone or, in our case, something that is turned to face us, right on the forehead. So even if you don't remember the exact definition of the word "frontispiece", you can always guess what it means.

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