How does it translate and what does SMH mean

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How does it translate and what does SMH mean
How does it translate and what does SMH mean

With the popularization of instant messengers, a special language has gradually formed, including acronyms, abbreviations, emoticons and a more concise form of information transfer. All this allows people to more accurately convey the emotions experienced at a particular moment and “revive” communication a little, compensating for the lack of visual and auditory contact.

What does SMH mean in American vocabulary?

smh emoticon

SMH is an acronym for the phrase shake my head, which literally means "shake my head" in English. Usually this expression is found in written speech, especially among young people, and is actively used in electronic correspondence and various social networks (in posts, comments on posts, hashtags, personal messages). When talking to a person in person, you simply shake your head, slap your forehead, or roll your eyes. You also need to keep in mind that older people most likely will not understand you. Slang expressions very quickly enter into speech and are also quickly replaced by other, more modern ones. Yes, and the expression itself is better to usewith peers, because what SMH means will not allow you to be courteous and polite, for example, with your grandmother.

eye rolling

The abbreviation SMH is used when the interlocutor said something that you strongly disapprove of, or you are disappointed with his actions or events, or the situation itself seems frankly stupid and ridiculous to you. For example:

  1. A friend writes that she is on a diet, how she wants to lose weight, and seizes her sentimental story with fried potatoes with lard and candy. She can be answered: SMH, Dasha. If you want to be thin, you need broccoli, but not what you're eating now
  2. Or a brother uploads a photo online, where he once again made a face, and he is already sixteen. SMH, right!

What other meanings?

Besides the above usage, what else does SMH mean?

There is, for example, the oldest daily newspaper and news site The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. If you enter a query in any search engine, then several results will display it.

Much less common but still SMH meaning so much hate.

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