Pechurka is. Waiting for an answer

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Pechurka is. Waiting for an answer
Pechurka is. Waiting for an answer

Whether in the forest or in the tundra, it is joyful for a tired traveler to see a cheerful smoke curling into the sky over a hut or a tent. This means that he will be warmed and fed. And the heroine, modest, but deserving of all praise for her invaluable services, will help in this. This is a stove.

This is the topic - the morpheme has died

Modest "stove" is a concept derived from the words "stove" or "furnace". There are several ways of word formation in Russian. In this case, there is a suffix, when exactly this morpheme is attached to the stem.

The phrases "daughter", "snow maiden" (as well as "stove") have an affectionate meaning, which was the addition of the letter combination -urk to the semantic part. However, now Russian speakers no longer feel this suffix as a separate component of the word.

Linguists, they generally call such morphemes dead. This means that today they are no longer used, forming new words. However, despite the fact that only a few words remain in the language, formed in such a forgotten way, they themselves remain in use. An example of this is the word"stove". This is proof that we still use these words.

This is an iron stove

Inherited from mom-stove

Today not everyone has seen the big oven that "gave birth" to the baby. But earlier it was the center of the universe, which was the Russian folk hut.

Kilns themselves are devices for heating. They are heating and cooking, crucible and mine. And many more varieties include this indispensable device for humans.

If we talk about the materials from which stoves are made, the following should be highlighted:

  • stone;
  • clay;
  • metal;
  • brick.

They can be made up, molded, welded, stacked as a large oven, and a much smaller stove.

Stove and stove - close relatives

You can heat both a large and a small heating device in different ways. In case solid fuel is used, these are:

  • firewood;
  • coal;
  • peat;
  • dung (dried manure).

Among liquid heating oils, the most common are:

  • oil;
  • kerosene;
  • fuel oil.

Natural gas and electricity also give life to stoves and stoves and keep their owners warm.

In the plague and in the dugout

A small stove is an opportunity to warm up where there are no steam heating batteries, air heaters and large stoves. She will feed you lunch and create comfort in a tent or an unsightlyhut.

Stoves are very much appreciated by nomads. Reindeer herders pay special respect to these irreplaceable companions of their wanderings. After all, their portable dwellings made of deer skins - plagues are heated precisely with the help of this iron friend of the shepherds.

Firewood - fuel for the stove

The stove is also sung in songs. Although it is "cramped", it is quite capable of warming a dugout of a fighter even with a few resinous firewood. The song "In the Dugout" (music by Listov, lyrics by Surkov) became one of the symbols of the Great Patriotic War.

This is the meaning of the word "stove".

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