Rdet: the meaning of the word, examples of sentences

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Rdet: the meaning of the word, examples of sentences
Rdet: the meaning of the word, examples of sentences

What colors do you know? The colors of the rainbow probably come to mind. And one of them is red. In this article we will consider the lexical meaning of the word "blush". It is directly related to the color red. We will also give some examples of sentences using the verb "blush".

Interpretation of the word

The verb "blush" has two main definitions. You can find them in the Ozhegov dictionary. There are two meanings of the word "blush". It is also noted that this verb is acceptable for book speech, that is, it is not used in colloquial style.

Turn red. For example, imagine a person who is ashamed. It is well known that in people in this state, the face turns red (that is, blushes). The meaning of the word "blush" is connected in meaning with another verb - blush. That is, blush (out of shame, pleasure, and so on)

The girl is embarrassed

When it comes to something red, stand out sharply. Imagine a chamomile field. And in the middle of this field, a red poppy stands out (glows). That is, some object of redcolors should stand out against the general background

Examples of use in sentences

So that you do not experience difficulties in learning the meaning of the word "blush", we will make up a few sentences.

  • And then I suddenly stumbled and dropped a precious vase, my face began to blush with embarrassment.
  • There was a single rose in the garden that looked like a bright star.
  • The girl's cheeks began to blush when she heard compliments addressed to her.
  • A guiding star shone in the firmament.
  • A flag was placed on the building, it marked the end of the battle and the complete defeat of the enemy.
red apples
  • The apples were sizzling, their round barrels were extraordinarily smooth and gleaming in the sun.
  • The young pianist's face began to blush, he had never performed on a big stage before.

As you can see, it's easy enough to use the verb "blush" in sentences. The meaning of the word becomes clear when you carefully read the information in the dictionary.

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