Myamlya is this? Interpretation of a word, examples of sentences

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Myamlya is this? Interpretation of a word, examples of sentences
Myamlya is this? Interpretation of a word, examples of sentences

Not everyone can be brave and self-confident. There are people who find it difficult to stand up for themselves, to defend their own interests. They prefer to remain silent when it is necessary to resent and insist on their own. What can you do, it's human nature. In this article we will reveal the interpretation of the word "mumble". Let us indicate what specific meaning this language unit is endowed with, in what context it should be used.

The noun "mumble" comes from the verb "mumble". It is considered to be onomatopoeic. That is, it conveys unclear speech sounds when a person slurs words.

Lexical meaning

The definition of the noun "mumble" is fixed in the explanatory dictionary. So called:

  • of a sluggish or indecisive person;
  • the one who mumbles (speaks slowly and languidly). Often you have to listen, otherwise it is not entirely clear what the person is trying to say.
  • The man listens

That is, the word indicates an indecisive person who finds it difficult to defend his own opinion. "mumble" refers tocommon genus. The word can be consistent with the pronoun of both the feminine and masculine: he is a mumbler, she is a mumbler.

Stylistic features

It's worth noting that mumbling is a noun that has a connotation of disdain. It gives a negative characterization to a person.

It is used in colloquial speech. You cannot use the noun "mumble" in scientific or official business texts. This will be considered a stylistic error.

Mumla belongs to the same group of words as simp, parasite, and klutz. These nouns have a negative connotation and are only acceptable for informal communication.

Examples of usage

Now let's consolidate the interpretation of the noun "mumble" with the help of sentences. Let's not forget that it can be both masculine and feminine.

  • Don't be shy, make yourself known!
  • Vitya is a mumble, he will never argue with you, he will agree with everything.
  • The lecturer is a real mumbler, it was not interesting to listen to him.
  • man and letters
  • It seems to me that Ira is still a mumbler, in life she will not sort things out with anyone and defend her interests, so no one takes her seriously.
  • As they were mumbling, they remained, everything about you wipes your feet.
  • To stop being a mumble, try to increase your self-esteem and learn to express your opinion.
  • This mumbling tried to put in his two cents several times, but he was interrupted, not allowed to say a word.

Now you understand the meaning of the noun "mumble". Be extremely careful when using this word in speech. Please note that it carries a connotation of contempt and may not be used in all styles.

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