Timesheet term. Timesheet is

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Timesheet term. Timesheet is
Timesheet term. Timesheet is

Often we hear phrases that it is impossible to keep up with time, and time, like money, "runs away" like water. Why is this happening? The reasons can be completely different: not following the schedule, improper planning, inappropriate daily routine, etc. In today's world, it is very important to be able to set your priorities correctly and follow a certain time sheet.

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What is a timesheet?

The paramount meaning comes from the English expression time sheet, where time in translation means "time". A sheet is a form, a statement. In dictionaries, first of all, it is said that a timesheet is a special document that records the lay time of a sea vessel, as well as the time of unloading and loading. In other words, a record of the vessel's lay time.

Today, the word "timesheet" remains not only a concept that is used for the above, but also refers to economic terms applicable in various fields.

For various companies, firms and enterprises, a timesheet isan integral part of accounting for hours worked, and subsequently payroll.

For people who run their own business - this is a kind of planning. That is, in a certain period, tasks are compiled that need to be completed, a time is assigned for which this needs to be done, and already at the end, what has been done or not done is analyzed. As a rule, a timesheet for a day should not take more than 5-10 minutes, for a week - 15-20 minutes.

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What is the timesheet for?

As mentioned earlier, timesheet is, one might say, the same planning. Therefore, it is used primarily to identify targets, but it does not say how to do this. There is only purpose and result. And already according to the result, a report is formed in large companies, in another - everything done is analyzed and it turns out how well the person coped with the task.

This way helps to do business, helps a person to be more motivated in their goals and organized in achieving them.

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