Use of the phrase "according to application or application": rules, agreement

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Use of the phrase "according to application or application": rules, agreement
Use of the phrase "according to application or application": rules, agreement

To express the relationship between the object and the subject will help the service part of speech, which is called a preposition. With its help, various parts of speech are syntactically connected in a sentence and a phrase. The use of the combination "according to the application or application" always raises a question. Rules will help to correctly build speech turns.

Use in speech and writing

Literary use of combining a preposition with a noun

Modern Russian suggests that when constructing a sentence, the preposition "according to" is used with words in the dative case, not the genitive case. The use of additional parts of speech occurs with the question of what, and not what. Back in the 19th century, the use of the genitive case was associated with clerical and official business speech. It is not the norm in modern literary language.

  • Charter.
  • Journal.
  • To Will.
  • Actu.
  • Algorithm.
  • Contract.

Writing a phrase according to the applicationor application occurs in accordance with the syntactic norm of the Russian literary language. The preposition is used with a noun in artistic speech, official business, journalism. Synonymous with "corresponds to, applicable."

Preposition rules

Studying the rules of preposition agreement

To correctly write the phrase "according to the application or application" you need to develop the habit of immediately asking a question. After the preposition, a noun in the dative case is used. So give what? The agreed part of speech will be the answer. Examples are the following sentences:

  • The hearing was conducted as directed by the judge.
  • All actions occur according to the order.
  • According to the concluded contract, we were provided with the entire floor for work.

In business style, documents are used: law, order, application, order, extract, decree, code, instruction. Each of them is put in the dative case and is used with the preposition "according to".

Important points of agreement

In addition to using the phrase "according to the application" in form, it often becomes necessary to use the construction "according to". This is a synonym for the expression "in accordance with something." This can be seen from the given example. “We quickly completed the assignment in accordance with the requirements of the authorities.”

Despite the fact that the rules of the Russian language are often difficult to learn, it is important to remember the case when agreeing on a preposition. This is especially true for those who often work with official documents.To emphasize your literacy, it is important to remember the moment of using the phrase. This will help in any situation to correctly compose a sentence for use in speech and writing.

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