The word "love" in French

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The word "love" in French
The word "love" in French

Love remains one of the fundamental themes in modern classical literature, art and culture. Reasoning about this feeling goes back to ancient philosophical masterpieces and architectural monuments created by famous classics. The word "love" is translated differently in different languages. The modern culture of relations between a woman and a man has enriched this sublime feeling with new impressions and emotions. However, the classic never gets old. The word "love" in French still sounds beautiful and attractive.

What is love?

This is a human feeling based on sympathy and affection for other people. It is multi-valued. Feeling is considered as a philosophical category in the form of a selective attitude aimed at the object of adoration. Love is often an important indicator of happiness.

The term is used in many areas of human life and has many synonyms. Some phrases dedicated to this feeling have become fixed expressions: love at first sight, fleeting love, parental love, unrequited love andetc.


Connoisseurs say that this sublime feeling can only be spoken in French. "Language of love" - ​​so it is often characterized. It ranks second in popularity among the population of the European continent. In French, the word for "love" sounds like "amour".

Meaning in a person's life

Man strives for interpersonal unity. He tends to look for a soul mate. The problem of love occupies an important place in human life and activity. It has great value in all religions, humanistic and philosophical currents. This feeling cannot be understood by the head, it is felt only by the heart. It helps to survive any troubles. Love makes people create great masterpieces, do crazy things.

What could be more beautiful in life! All shades and properties of this feeling in the "land of the Franklins" are amplified several times. It was France that has always been recognized as a symbol of love. The word "love" in French is pronounced melodious and sophisticated. The verb "aimere" gives a special mystery to any expression in the "language of love": Vivre et aimer (To live is to love). L'amour est comme une rose (Love only comes once). Je t'aime (I love you), etc. Any modern French translator, if desired, can always help express their feelings. It's worth stocking up just in case.

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Etymology of the word

This term is of Old Russian origin. It appearedas a result of a root change and declination of the Slavic term "luby", which literally means "consent or unity". The first interpretation of the word was given in the Church Slavonic dictionary, where it was described as "a spiritual inclination towards another person."

The French word "l'amour" comes from the Latin term "amore", which has a related lexical meaning. This is a masculine noun. The most interesting thing is that it is consonant with the name of the mythological god of love in the culture of the Ancient World. In French, there are many synonyms for this word (a modern French translator contains all the main interpretations of this term).

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Shapes of love

Love is an individual and creative feeling. How many people, so many varieties of love. Different concepts and manifestations of this feeling have been adopted at different times. Modern experts identify eight main forms of love:

  • storge (storge) - love-tenderness;
  • mania (mania) - love-obsession;
  • analita (analyte) - love-game;
  • pragma (pragma) - love-friendship;
  • agape (agape) - sacrificial love;
  • filia (filiale) - spiritual love;
  • eros (eros) - love-passion;
  • Victoria (victoria) - love-struggle.

Forms of love accompany different age periods. Their manifestations depend on various circumstances. Family traditions and nationalbelonging. Most French people tend to combine the forms "storge" and "pragma". In such feelings, harmony between partners is valued, strengthening relationships. Friendship and Intimacy. Consent and Love. In French, such a union symbolizes the unity of the peacemaker and the professional.

There are many popular French proverbs dedicated to this feeling that have come down to our time. For example: L'amoure rapproche la distance (Love overcomes distances), L'amoure est de tous les âges (All ages are submissive to love), Ce qu'on aime est toujour beau (Everything we love is always beautiful), etc. e.

Components of feelings

Love is a spiritual feeling that a person encounters in different periods of life. However, no one can know it 100%. French specialists are only close to understanding this feeling. According to them, three main components can make a person love and be loved. These include the following components:

  • intimacy;
  • passion;
  • obligations.
three components of love

The ratio of the components depends on the duration of the relationship. In short-term romantic hobbies, passion prevails. Intimacy dominates in long romances. In family life, obligations take on an important role: fidelity, love for children, etc. Relationships between partners are considered ideal when the combination of components is close to 100%. That's the kind of love. The translation into French of this expression also became a phraseological unit. How does it sound? Voici untel amour.

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