Alibra School: prices and reviews. Alibra School: foreign language courses

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Alibra School: prices and reviews. Alibra School: foreign language courses
Alibra School: prices and reviews. Alibra School: foreign language courses

Alibra school is a unique project, a popular school where foreign languages ​​are taught to children from 6 years old, as well as teenagers and adults. The school teaches 7 foreign languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Chinese, the popularity of which is growing every day. This school specializes mainly in teaching conversational speech, however, at the Kurskaya metro station in Moscow, the students of the institution are preparing to pass international exams to receive certificates.

Alibra school reviews

History of Alibra school and its unique methodology

This school was founded by a scientist from St. Petersburg, who studies the thought processes and processes of human perception of information. Alibra school began its work in 2000, and now, over the 17 years of its existence, this organization has opened 8 branches in Moscow, 5 in St. Petersburg. In total, Alibra school has 17 branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.

alibra school reviews

As for the methodology, as mentioned above, its purpose is the concept of the logic of the language. Teachers clearly explain what and why is needed in the language. Those. the task is to understand and feel the language.

As for vocabulary replenishment, a certain method is used. By the end of the course, school teachers promise +1,500 words to the student's vocabulary. But how will they do it? Everything is very simple. To memorize, you need to learn the word itself, its translation and three examples with the word being studied. This is done in order to help "feel" the word, to understand in what situations it is used.

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What does Alibra School offer to its students?

Alibra school promises that by the end of the course, the student will be able to easily perceive foreign speech by ear, easily and naturally feel in communication with foreigners. This will all come true, of course, subject to the full commitment of the student himself. His responsibilities include: independently study the language for 40 minutes every day and conscientiously attend all the lessons of the course without skipping. Foreign language teaching materials (textbooks, CDs, audio, video, workbooks) are provided to students by the direct school.

alibra school staff reviews

Alibra school in Yekaterinburg. Reviews

You can find different reviews about this school. Mostly these are positive comments. If there is andnegative, the disadvantages are only in organizational moments. As for the program itself, people attending the courses say that this is a unique program that helps you quickly speak a foreign language and understand how a particular language works. And this is very important, because most other schools focus on memorizing all the rules, and the secret of success is understanding the structure of the language and its logic.

There are several branches in Yekaterinburg. Their locations are as follows:

  • Khokhryakova, 10, business center "Palladium", 8th floor, office 801;
  • St. Razina, 95;
  • Krasnoarmeiskaya, 10, Antey Business Center, 16th floor, office 16/10.

Alibra school receives mostly positive reviews. Parents admire the results of their children, whom they sent to learn a foreign language. The children themselves are delighted with the teachers and the presentation of the material. Adults say that they also like everything about learning, because the school also offers a choice of programs. Students can choose to do it in group classes, individual lessons, take Skype lessons or study in conversation clubs.

alibra school reviews

It is important to note that all branches are very conveniently distributed and easily accessible by public transport. Some of them are located near the school, which, according to parents, is very convenient. After all, a child who attends Alibra school does not need to travel far, but can immediately go to a language school after secondary school. And this is a clear plus.

Alibra school opportunities

This school has gained unspeakable popularity not only due to the high level of teaching, but also because it has its own accreditation (Cambridge English Language Assessment). Alibra school, the prices and reviews of which parents are most concerned about, has the right to take international exams and, accordingly, prepare students for them.

Alibra school has over 170,000 alumni.

Graduates of the school can get knowledge in the most popular language centers, with the greatest teachers and native speakers of a foreign language.

Tuition fees at Alibra School

What does Alibra school offer for tuition? Reviews say that the cost of training varies depending on the type of classes from 540 to 1650 rubles. per academic hour. However, the big disadvantage is that the price category of training is not set on the site. It only says that you need to contact a specific phone number for all the detailed information.

alibra school reviews

Conducting and organizing classes

Alibra school also uses positive feedback in organizing classes. Many admire auditoriums with excellent renovation, modern equipment, pleasant and attractive furniture. Sometimes classes can be held not in classrooms, but, for example, in a library. Students note the serious attitude of the school administration to the organization of the venue for classes. After all, what can motivate a person to study hard more than a comfortable place andgreat teachers?

alibra school reviews

As for the educational process itself, teachers use different methods, the purpose of which is only one thing - to help students understand the logic of a foreign language. For example, in teaching children, school teachers often use a game form. And interestingly, parents really praise this technique, because the children are delighted to come home and want to go to the next lesson with pleasure.

Classes with teenagers and adults, of course, take place in a serious atmosphere, where the material is presented to the students in detail and with illustrative examples. Then, at the end of the lesson, everyone is given homework, which should be ready for the next lesson. The teachers at Alibra School are very responsive, and if a student does not understand something, they will always explain and help him individually.

Alibra school reviews

Reviews about the employer Alibra school

What do employees say about Alibra school? There are a lot of opinions regarding the work in this institution. For some, the school promised to pay very little, and therefore they refused to work there, others admire the fact that they are employees of this unique language school. But where is the truth?

It is worth noting that for Alibra school, employee feedback is very important. The school administration always listens and tries to correct all the shortcomings. Employees say that the organization improves the skills of its employees for free. One of the advantages is a stable salary payment, which givesevery reason to be confident in the future. The school is popular because it gives teachers the opportunity to climb the career ladder, work with different students and develop themselves. You can start as a teacher of basic courses and then move on to professional courses, business trainings, etc.

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