“Forcing events”: what does the phrase imply?

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“Forcing events”: what does the phrase imply?
“Forcing events”: what does the phrase imply?

The success of any enterprise is built on the ability of people to negotiate. But if there is no mutual understanding, then nothing will work out. Here business partners or the boss ask you to "force things." And what does it mean? How to act in such a situation? After all, solutions from military textbooks on strategy and tactics will not offer anything worthwhile. Then it is worth visiting philologists to trace the exact meaning of the basic concept.

Etymological search

If there are no problems with the second part of the phrase, then the first one raises a lot of questions. Therefore, it would be wise to separate "events" and "force" and then study the history of the capacious term. It clearly shows traces of the French forcer, which means:

  • take by force;

  • force;

  • force.

The speaker clearly means a brute onslaught against circumstances in order to achieve the most beneficial result. However, this is in France, but how did the Russian people adapt the concept to their needs?

Help to force events

Native speech

Compatriots have done a lotwork. Thanks to their efforts, it is now possible to explain what it means to “force things” using the example of a variety of industries. The basic definition means:

  • accelerate, enhance something - within the book style;

  • increase the power of the mechanism - as a technical term;

  • strengthen the sounds of the voice - when talking about vocals;

  • make a breakthrough - in military craft;

  • a series of moves suggesting the only possible answer is in chess.

Most often, decoding from the first paragraph is used. For example, when teaching a child, parents try to skip some stages or shorten them in order to fit as many skills and knowledge as possible in the child’s head before entering the kindergarten. Businessmen try to force things when closing deals, this allows them to improve reports before sending them to bosses and shareholders, and also helps to beat competitors by stealing valuable customers from under their noses. In any area of ​​life, the expression will be relevant.

There are many ways to force

Home use

Someone may be confused by the note about the book style. Of course, a flowery phrase on the pages of fiction looks the most harmonious. She makes the characters colorful, fills their speech with great pathos, makes them empathize. But who doesn't want to achieve a similar result in real life? Charm subordinates or comrades with a colorful performance, calls to force things and redouble efforts.

Let in anticipationThe New Year is not about holidays, postponing potentially lucrative contracts, but they will increase the number of sales with thoughts of an increased premium. You can be faster, higher, stronger than your opponents not only during sports competitions!

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