Pekka Erik Auvinen, Finnish mass murderer. Massacre in Joquela

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Pekka Erik Auvinen, Finnish mass murderer. Massacre in Joquela
Pekka Erik Auvinen, Finnish mass murderer. Massacre in Joquela

Unfortunately, in today's society there are more and more obsessed, mentally ill people who, in an attempt to draw attention to themselves, commit radically illegal acts. And as a result, innocent people suffer. For example, Andreas Breivik and his follower Dmitry Vinogradov considered themselves to be those who have the right to lynch people, while passing only one verdict - the death pen alty.

Among the above "arbitrators", of course, can be attributed a young man from Finland, who committed blatant cruelty and unprecedented murders in a school building located in the town of Jokela, Tuusula municipal district. Pekka Erik Auvinen fired indiscriminately at his home school, killing several students, the headmaster and a nurse. Why, then, did a seemingly normal teenager, characterized exclusively from the positive side, decide on a brutal murder? And what is generally known about this state of emergency,happened in a quiet provincial town in Finland? Let's take a closer look at these questions.

Difficult childhood

The reasons for the unlawful acts that megalomaniac killers ultimately “adventure” should be sought in the period of life when they were children. And Pekka Erik Auvinen did not commit the crime out of nowhere. Moreover, the young man prepared for it in advance…

Pekka Erik Auvinen

Pekka Erik Auvinen was a native of the small town of Tuusula (Finland). He was born on June 4, 1989. The parents of the future killer were law-abiding citizens: the mother worked in the mayor's office, the father worked on the railroad, so it would be more logical to exclude the "genetic" factor. But the “psychological” cannot be put aside.

Pekka Eric Auvinen started having problems at school. In his youth, he became the object of ridicule from his peers, and in order to restore peace of mind, the future killer often took out his anger on younger children. Over time, Eric came to hate single parents, homosexuals, and those in love. However, he did not show open dissatisfaction with the above categories, on the contrary, he was a calm and peaceful teenager, seriously interested in philosophy and history. No one could have imagined that this exemplary teenager could turn out to be a Finnish mass murderer. No signs of trouble. And Eric's parents didn't believe at first that their offspring committed a school massacre.

Factors that could potentially pushcrime

And yet the question remains: "Why did an eighteen-year-old boy commit a high-profile crime in his own school?" According to investigators, in 2006, in order to get rid of depression, a young man began taking psychotropic drugs that could hypothetically provoke a desire to kill in him.

hunting club

In addition to this, Eric broke up with his girlfriend (he met her on a dating site). It is possible that the breakup further exacerbated the mental problems.

Preparatory actions

As already emphasized, the young man thought out the crime in advance, which he odiously called: “Central strike”. The police managed to find out that he periodically visited the local "Hunting Club", of which he was a member. As a result, he had the privilege of buying firearms. Naturally, the young man took advantage of it. The Hunt Club, through its chairman, helped Eric acquire his own.22 pistol, which, one would have thought, would become a murder weapon. We are talking about the model Sig Sauer Mosquito. But it is known that the young man wanted to opt for another model - Birret. However, Eric was unable to buy it because he was under 21.


Before committing the Joquela massacre, a young man under the pseudonym Eric von Auffoin published an author's document called "The Natural Selector Manifesto" on the Web.

Mass murder at school

On its pages, Eric explained his ownperception of the world. In particular, he states that the existing mechanism of "natural selection" is highly unbalanced: "narrow-minded" intellectually individuals began to be born much less often than sane individuals. And in order to restore justice, he is Pekka Erik Auvinen, ready to rid the world of idiots and idiots. Moreover, the young man considers the murder of such to be quite justified. But in his reflections, the young man goes even further: he does not see people at all who deserve to live on planet Earth today. But for the sake of exception, Eric is ready to leave alive those who are able to think, and those are only 3% of the population. Most people do not have this quality, they can be easily manipulated, so they must die.

In a separate application, the young man listed those phenomena that he categorically does not accept, namely: ideology, religion, media, democracy, commercial TV, censorship, politicians.


Shortly before the atrocity, Eric posted an author's film called Jokela school shooting on the popular YouTube service. In this way, he predicted a massacre at the school.

Finnish mass murderer

The film contained video footage of a young man training to shoot a weapon, as well as footage showing his idols - notorious school killers: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who committed a high-profile crime at the Columbine educational institution in the spring of 1999.

The tragedy happened in autumn

In the morning of November 7, 2007 Pekka Erik was already onterritory of the native lyceum. On this day, there was a massacre at the school. The young man's intentions were the most serious. He had taken a Sig Sauer Mosquito pistol with him in advance. First, he opened fire on the students on the first floor. In a panic, the children tried to jump out of the windows to escape. But not everyone succeeded. Eric then moved to the second floor, where he continued firing at people. Entering one of the rooms, he alternately pointed the gun at the director of the lyceum, the nurse and the students. They failed to survive. Then he walked along the corridor of the educational institution and called on his peers to smash the school. Soon the police arrived at the scene.

gun sig sauer mosquto

The law enforcement officers acted as carefully as possible to avoid additional victims. They did not use force and tried to persuade the young man to surrender through negotiations.


Realizing that it was useless to resist, Eric proceeded to the toilet room, where he tried to commit suicide. The young man put a bullet in his head. At 2 pm, the police found the killer, who, although bleeding, was still alive. Immediately, an ambulance took Eric to the clinic, and a few hours later he died.

The tragedy caused a serious public outcry in Finland. The activists demanded that the authorities in the country restrict the issuance of firearms to certain categories of citizens.

massacre in yokela

And the schoolchildren and teachers who suffered at the hands of a young man were forced toundergo a long course of psychological rehabilitation. As a result of the incident, 9 people were killed and 12 injured.


This is the kind of publicity provided by Pekka Eric Auvinen, who was obsessed with the ideas of hatred of humanity, mass murder, revolution and natural selection. The assessment of his actions, of course, is unambiguous. Society and authorities must react harshly to those who try to put themselves above others and arrange lynching of innocent people.

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