The meaning of the phraseologism "no dawn" and examples of use

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The meaning of the phraseologism "no dawn" and examples of use
The meaning of the phraseologism "no dawn" and examples of use

There are many ways to say "very early". The expression "neither light nor dawn" is one of them. Let's analyze the meaning of a phraseological unit using examples.

neither light nor dawn

The time when there is no sun

In Russian, there are such turns of speech that are difficult to understand without a deep knowledge of history. Fortunately, the stable phrase under consideration is not one of them. It's easy to understand what it means. “Neither light nor dawn”, i.e. there is no daylight, not even the dawn can be seen. The sun had not yet risen above the horizon; It will be easier to explain with examples.

Dad is an avid fisherman, and his son is his bonded companion

got up neither light nor dawn

Many readers are familiar with this story. It is rare that a father does not like fishing. After all, just imagine: a person is sitting on the bank of the river, the grass is turning green (unless, of course, we are talking about winter fishing) - beauty. One drawback: you have to get up at dawn, at 5 o'clock in the morning, maybe even earlier. And then a conversation happens between father and son:

- Petya, get up, it's time to fish!

- Dad, what a fish, holidays, let me sleep!

- You promised to go fishing with me yesterday, father says in an offended tone.

- Dad, wellI didn't know that I had to wake up before dawn.

- A wonderful person, did you think that we would be fishing for lunch?

Shops and pharmacies

Grocery stores used to be open sometimes from 7am, sometimes from 8am. Now many are open exclusively from 9am to 5pm. need.

phraseologism neither light nor dawn

The world has changed so much that pharmacies now work from 9, but, however, unlike stores, to 21, i.e. 12 hours. In addition, each city has a different number of on-duty pharmacies that work around the clock. If suddenly the department store is not open from 7 in the morning - this is not a problem, but when the heart is seized, and medicine is still dormant, this state of affairs can be fatal for a person.

Thus, we see that technological progress is fighting with all its might to prevent our brother from getting up at a terrible early hour and, waking up, stop remembering the idiom “not light nor dawn.”

Learning is light, and ignorance is a little light and back to work

This simple alteration of a well-known expression is directly related to the topic of our conversation. The benefits of education are not very obvious, especially in school. All this seems boring and useless. But it is those who interrupted their studies and did not get to the university, they get up very early. True, why hide, sometimes a diploma of higher education does not help to avoid the fate of an eternally sleepy subject. But education at least gives hope that this cup will pass a person, andwithout it there is almost no chance. He will forever be a worker who owes everyone, and his children will say to their offspring: “Your grandfather once got up at dawn, he had to go to work. Okay, to be honest, it went on like this for years. Therefore, study, son, so as not to repeat his fate.”

But there are jobs and professions that, regardless of the level of education of a person, take away all his strength and time. And he can get up and go to bed, not consistent with the schedule. This is the unenviable fate of all workaholics. But do not feel sorry for them, although they live a little, as a rule, but they are happy with their business.

Therefore, getting up at dawn is not always a bad thing. It is important to follow the regime and get enough sleep. Always sleepy, it's hard to enjoy life.

Of course, the technological age has its drawbacks, but, for example, medieval European peasants worked physically for 12 to 15 hours, got up until dawn and worked until they fell. Modern people (especially in cities) live much easier and better. They think about things like "realization", "calling", take care of their he alth and worry, but is it good to get up early or bad? But before a person moved from the village to the city, he did not think about such lofty matters at all.

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