Phraseologism "knock down": meaning, origin, synonyms and examples of use

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Phraseologism "knock down": meaning, origin, synonyms and examples of use
Phraseologism "knock down": meaning, origin, synonyms and examples of use

There are many ways to indicate confusion. For example, there is a rather long story with many ramifications and characters, and the listener says to the author: “So much can be knocked down with pantalyk ?! I don't understand anything!" What this phrase means, we will analyze today.

History, hypothesis 1: a mountain in Greece

knock down

It turns out that everything is not so simple. The expression "knock down" is not so easy to interpret, but we are not afraid of serious challenges. There are disputes about how the turn of speech appeared. The first version is this: in Greece there is a mountain called Pantelik. It has many caves, various kinds of entrances and exits, so it is easy to get lost there. Keep this in mind if you go to Greece. But seriously, based on this point of view, we can assume that over time the word "pantelik" became Russified and turned into a well-known "pantalik". Wise, right? Wait, the reader doesn't know the second hypothesis yet. In the zone of our attention is the expression - "knock down the pantalyk." We are now considering the origin of phraseology.

Continuation of the story. Hypothesis 2: wisdom of language

Connoisseurs say that in the Romano-Germanic linguistic family there is a root pantl. A long time ago, it meant "knot", "tie", then it turned into "essence", "meaning", "sense". But since this root could not but change under the influence of our language, foreign borrowing turned into a native “pantalik”. What to say? Both hypotheses are noteworthy and interesting. But only one thing is not clear: judging by history, the speech turnover has a noble origin, and our expression “knock down from the pantalyk” is colloquial, or at least it is better not to use it when writing an article in a magazine or newspaper, except perhaps for a specific purpose. style the language. In other words, everything is hazy. Let the reader decide for himself. For example, we like hypothesis No. 2 more.

Synonyms and Meaning

knock down the meaning

Words and phrases that can replace the speech turnover in question will help you understand and remember the meaning of the expression "knock down". Let's not bore the reader and get down to business. Phraseologism means:

  • confusing;
  • confuse;
  • confuse;
  • misleading;
  • fooling around;
  • fooling your head;
  • lead by the nose.

Based on the list, it is not difficult to restore the meaning of the expression. When the questioner exclaims: “How much can I be knocked off the pantalik!”, He only signals to his interlocutor that he does not understand anything, and the person who tells him the story is to blame. Easierspeaking, the listener became entangled in the labyrinths of thought just like a traveler in the stone caves of the famous Greek mountain. What does it say? About the need to work on the art of storytelling. Such is the expression "knock down the pantalyk." Its meaning was not hidden from us for long.

An example of usage and an old Soviet cartoon

knock down the origin of the phraseologism

Remember the cartoon "Wow, talking fish!", Where the phrase was said: "Do good and throw it into the water"? There, the battle unfolds between the "good" magician Eeeh and the young man, who turned out to be in fact a talking fish. So, it was the ability to knock down the pantalik that saved the life of the old people. The wizard was most likely another of the many incarnations of Satan. And with the devil, as you know, jokes are bad, but how was the old man to know that the sorcerer needed his immortal soul? And the young man confused the villain, and, most importantly, he did not get lost in his own logical labyrinths, that is, he drove Eeeha crazy, while maintaining the absurdity of the story, which saved his life. But it was so easy to get lost in all these eagles, hares and sheepskin coats!

A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it: it's not bad when a person's tongue is suspended. Sometimes a life can be saved both by crystal clear speech and abracadabra, which no one but the narrator understands. Therefore, it is necessary to read books and the more the better. You never know what kind of binding you can fall into by a misunderstanding. The main thing is not to lose your presence of mind. If a person is scared, then he is defeated.

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