"No hitch": history, meaning and examples of the use of phraseological units

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"No hitch": history, meaning and examples of the use of phraseological units
"No hitch": history, meaning and examples of the use of phraseological units

"No hitch" (or "no hitch") is what people say about a job well done. Today we will analyze the meaning, history, synonyms and examples of the use of phraseological units.


It is clear that the expression came to us from those who in ancient times were engaged in wood. And such a master, looking at a perfectly processed tree, says: "Yes, beauty - without a hitch." In other words, it is made in such a way that there are no bumps and roughness. Cleanly done. After all, each board used to be a tree before falling into the hands of a master, so the task of a craftsman is to create such a work of art that would hide its origin.

without a hitch

Now few people remember the origin of the expression, but native speakers and those who know Russian well understand the meaning. "No hitch" is a job done to the conscience, in which it is difficult to find flaws. Or rather, no matter how much you look, you will not find.

Russian language and phraseology

But the roughness is not only on the tree, they are everywhere. Let's take text for example. There are well-written texts, there are bad ones. There are different people and different styles.For example, Tolstoy and Bulgakov write differently. But their text is still smooth, even though they don't look alike. But only the editor knows what rough text is - commas are placed in the wrong place, spelling errors. The editor makes it so that they say about the text: “No hitch! Great job by the editor." Sometimes, of course, the editor spoils it, but we will not consider such sad cases.

Treated wood and project delivered on time

It's very trendy to use the word "project" these days. But the "project" is something immaterial, but even it can be applied without a twinge of conscience "without a hitch." This idiom is universal.

without a hitch idiom

The Russian national character is such that people here do everything at the last minute - the legacy of their ancestors. Our forefathers worked in the warm season and did nothing in the cold, so two traits shaped the Russian character - fantastic laziness and unimaginable diligence.

But now imagine that German meticulousness has penetrated the Russian character and all projects are now delivered on time and in perfect condition. Let's also imagine that some boss is lucky, and he observes such a miracle. How to comment on this? A natural expression that suggests itself: "No hitch!" The meaning of the phraseologism is disclosed above, we will not return to this issue.

Phraseological synonym - "a mosquito will not undermine the nose"

They say different things about the origin of the expression. There is a theory that it came from watchmakers. If athe master worked conscientiously, then all parts of the mechanism were so fitted to each other that even a mosquito could not stick its nose in there. Similar hypotheses are associated with weavers. The thing is so well tailored that even a mosquito will not find a flaw in it.

without a hitch value

You can expand on this idea and think of a natural analogy, such as this: mosquitoes bite (or, as they used to say, "sharpen") only unprotected places. If a person has completely protected his body, then the bloodsucker has nowhere to roam.

But you can find simpler expressions to replace the stable phrase "no hitch without a hitch." It's pretty easy to find a synonym. These can be adverbs:

  • Perfect.
  • Absolutely.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Luxurious.

You can say using adjectives:

  • Good.
  • Clean.
  • Fair.

The important thing is that these are all evaluations of work or things.

Composition and synonymous phraseology

Imagine a student who wrote an essay well. He was praised by the teacher, and now he flies home on wings. There he is met by a stern father and asks:

- Well, loser, how is the composition?

- Dad, everything is fine, the mosquito won't undermine the nose!

- More specifically?

- Grade "5". Teacher praised me a lot.- This is good news.

without a hitch the meaning of a phraseological unit

"Wooden" sports metaphors and phraseological variations

Commentators often say funny things, but don'tbecause, as the unenlightened viewer thinks, they are not so smart, but because the intensity of the sporting event is such that you forget even famous words. And smartness and beauty are the first to die in the furnace of emotions.

But sometimes those who accompany a sports TV broadcast say something that can be useful even to those who want to know the meaning of the phrase "no hitch." By the way, there are three variations of the expression:

  • No hitch, no hitch.
  • No hitch, no hitch.
  • No hitch.

All three options are equal.

without a hitch synonym

Returning to the commentators. Today they often use the verb "sawed out." For example: "Messi cut out the perfect pass to a partner." Instead of Messi in this sentence, you can substitute the name of any athlete involved in team sports. Wherever there is a face-to-face confrontation between people, you can “cut out” something better than your opponent. And of course, an ordinary verb in an unusual sense refers us to the expression in question. We foresee objections, for example, such: you can cut out not only a piece of wood, but also an iron part on a machine. Indeed, such an association is possible, but only for those who found the Soviet era with its cult of factories and proletarians. For today's youth, who grew up in a reality where the romance of the past is almost forgotten, the word "sawed out" will invariably evoke "wooden" associations.

Moral of phraseologism

Like any phraseological unit about work, the expression "without a hitch"sets a person up for serious work and assumes: any business must be done at such a level that it is not excruciatingly painful for wasted time. Any work must be done so that the mosquito does not undermine the nose - advice for all time, any person and every generation of people will need such a recommendation. Let's not neglect it, but accept it with gratitude.

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