Interesting facts about the Black Sea that we did not know

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Interesting facts about the Black Sea that we did not know
Interesting facts about the Black Sea that we did not know

The Black Sea washes seven countries, many tourists tend to its shores during their holidays to enjoy swimming and relaxing. A variety of Black Sea resorts are happy to meet everyone. But what do we know about this sea? Are there interesting facts about the Black Sea that we don't know? Of course have. Let's get acquainted with them in this article.

Black Sea

A sea with many names

Only this sea had a huge number of names throughout its history. As soon as he was not called. Its very first name was given by the ancient Greeks - Pont Aksinsky. in translation, it means "inhospitable sea." It was along it that the Argonauts, led by Jason, sailed in search of the golden fleece. It was very difficult to approach the sea, as its shores were inhabited by hostile tribes who fiercely guarded their territory. In addition, there was little information about Ponte Aksinsky, and navigation at that time was not established. Later, after the development and conquest of the coast, it was renamedPont Eusinsky, which meant "hospitable sea."

An interesting fact about the Black Sea is that it had many more names given to it by different nations: Cimmerian, Akhshaena, Temarun, Tauride, Holy, Blue, Surozh, Ocean. And in Ancient Russia, up to the sixteenth century, it was called Russian or Scythian.

bottom of the black sea

Why is it Black?

There is no single answer to this question, but there are two hypotheses that take place. The first says that the reason for this name is hydrogen sulfide. This substance has the peculiarity of covering metal objects with a black coating that fall to a depth of more than 150 meters, for example, an anchor. When the sailors lifted it, they saw that it turned black. This quality of water gave the name to the sea in the future.

The second hypothesis is that in the old days parts of the world were designated by color. White meant south and black meant north. In Turkish, for example, the Mediterranean Sea is called the White Sea, that is, located in the south.

fish in the sea

Dangerous and healing inhabitants of the sea

Do you want to know interesting facts about the Black Sea and its inhabitants? For example, about a shark that can help in the fight against cancerous tumors? The katran shark lives in the middle waters of the Black Sea. It is small, less than a meter in length, but very dangerous. There are spikes on her back. But vacationers should not be afraid of them: the sea dweller is afraid of noise, so she does not swim up to the shores.

These catran sharks are actively used in pharmacology, as theyfat has excellent healing properties, and their liver contains a substance that can cure some forms of cancer.

Besides the named sharks, about 2500 different animals live in the Black Sea, among which there are very dangerous ones, such as the sea dragon. On its dorsal fin are poisonous prickly spikes that can be fatal. Another dangerous inhabitant of the Black Sea is the scorpionfish.

There is an interesting fact about the Black Sea in Russia, which says that it glows like a neon lamp on August nights. This is due to the fact that it was at this time that a sea candle accumulates at the surface of the water - algae that are capable of bioluminescence. Thanks to this property, the sea sparkles in the dark.

beautiful waters

Interesting facts about the Black Sea

  1. In winter, the Black Sea is almost 90% unfrozen.
  2. The only large peninsula that is washed by the Black Sea is the Crimean one.
  3. There is no ebb and flow in this sea, since the waters of the Atlantic Ocean only enter it in small quantities.
  4. The currents of the Black Sea are very interesting: they resemble two whirlpools, with giant waves that look like glasses. Waves reach 400 kilometers. These whirlpools are named after the oceanologist who first described the currents - "Knipovich glasses".
  5. Another interesting fact about the Black Sea is that ancient Taman cities hid at its bottom. This happened due to the fact that the sea is very quickly added tovolume - 25 centimeters per century.
  6. Mountains around the sea are also growing, but not so fast - about 15 centimeters in a hundred years.
  7. About 7500 years ago, on the site of the Black Sea, there was a freshwater lake with its inhabitants. As a result of a cataclysm (flood or earthquake), the soil broke, and sea water entered the lake, flooding it and killing the inhabitants. Their remains, accumulated on the seabed, emit hydrogen sulfide, which turns the entire metal black and prevents marine inhabitants from sinking to a depth of less than 150 meters. According to some reports, the flooding of this lake could be the very flood from which Noah escaped in his ark.

These are some interesting facts about the Black Sea that exist in our history.

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