Who is en titled to a social scholarship? What documents are required to receive a scholarship?

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Who is en titled to a social scholarship? What documents are required to receive a scholarship?
Who is en titled to a social scholarship? What documents are required to receive a scholarship?

The problem of state social assistance in our country is very relevant. After all, there are a huge number of different categories of the population that need material support. And students are no exception. That is why now I want to talk about who is en titled to a social scholarship.

who is en titled to a social scholarship


Initially, you need to understand the basic terminology that will be used in this article. Thus, a student scholarship is a state payment to a student for his success. Only those who study well and who have a high GPA receive such assistance. This is a great motivation for every student. But at the same time, it should be noted that the state is also trying to help those students who do not have a livelihood. It is in this case that a state social scholarship can be assigned. It is paid to those students who are considered low-income or in whose life unforeseen difficulties arise. But even here it is important to make an amendment: this assistance is allocated from the federal budget. So only those students can apply for it,who study for free, that is, on a state basis.

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Payment terms

It should be noted that this type of scholarship can be awarded for the entire period of study. Payments can be stopped for special reasons or at the end of the student's studies at this educational institution. However, universities and colleges often suspend payments in case of poor attendance or poor academic performance. In this case, they can recover after the student corrects the situation. At the same time, it is important to remember that for the entire period of non-payment, the money was returned to the student in full.

About categories of citizens

Be sure to also tell about who is en titled to a social scholarship. So there is a list of citizens who can apply for it:

  • On presentation of a certificate - disabled people of groups I and II.
  • Low-income students, which must also be confirmed by certificates.
  • Orphans or equivalent categories. In this case, the scholarship can only be paid up to the age of 23.
  • Students who have served in the Russian army on a contract basis for at least 3 years.
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Additional categories

The categories of the population provided by the state are listed above. However, it should be noted that faculties or even universities can supplement this list at their discretion. So, who is en titled to a social scholarship in this case? There can be a huge number of options, but more oftenall this:

  • Family couples who raise children.
  • Students from large or single-parent families.
  • Students who care for disabled parents or seriously ill relatives.

About the amount

Many people are interested to know the amount of the social scholarship. How much can a student get in this case? The numbers may vary. Generally speaking, at the end of 2015, university students received a little more than 2,000 rubles, and students of secondary educational institutions, technical schools, and colleges received about 700 rubles of social scholarships. It is also important to note that the dean's office may increase payments at its discretion. However, the maximum should not exceed the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that in the case of academic leave or maternity leave, such payments are not canceled. This does not depend on the desire of the leadership of the educational institution, which is clearly stated in the law. Another important nuance: the student's social scholarship is indexed annually and increased by a certain amount.

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About the appointment of a social scholarship

Having figured out who is en titled to a social scholarship, I also want to tell you more about the procedure for obtaining it. Each educational institution prescribes all the nuances in its Regulations. It is this document that regulates the deadlines for submission, the categories of students who may qualify for payments, the time of payments, the frequency and other important points. However, all these nuances should not go against the law. Apart fromof the above payments, the student may also be en titled to a regular or increased scholarship (depending on academic performance).

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About documents

No one will argue with the fact that a student will need a certificate for a social scholarship. What documents will have to be collected in this case? It all depends primarily on which category of the population the student belongs to. For example, if the student is disabled, a certificate from the medical and labor expert commission will be needed, if he is among the orphans, an extract from the guardianship and guardianship authorities about this. In addition, you will need to take a paper from the dean's office about which faculty, group and university the student is studying at. If a citizen who belongs to the category of low-income requires help, he will need to take a certificate on the composition of the family and on the income of all its members over the past six months. You will also need a certificate of inspection of housing conditions. If a student belongs to a certain category of citizens, for example, a Chernobyl survivor, you will need to bring a copy of a certificate confirming this fact.

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Scholarship process

You should also talk about how to get a social scholarship. Initially, the student collects all the necessary documents and goes to the social security authorities. It is precisely for this institution that a certificate from the place of study is needed. In the department of social services, the student will have to write a statement. After that, the complete set of documents goes tocommission review. Based on the results of its meeting, its members pass a verdict on each individual case: to allow or refuse to appoint a social scholarship.

It should be noted that today the largest number of applicants for such payments are low-income citizens. If during the calculations the amount received exceeds the subsistence minimum by at least one ruble, you can forget about the social scholarship. You also need to remember that in this case you will have to update the documents regularly, submitting new certificates of income of all family members. It is imperative to track the cost of living in your region, because it may differ, and the desired payments to the student depend on this.

After the student has received confirmation that the Social Security Administration has assigned him a social scholarship, with this certificate he goes to the leadership of the university and gives a package of documents already in place. Payments will be calculated by the accounting department of the educational institution where the citizen is studying.

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Legal nuances

If a student has a regular or advanced scholarship, he can still receive a social one. These two types of payments are independent of each other. It should also be noted that the student will receive a social scholarship regardless of academic performance. However, university authorities may suspend its payments as a result of low attendance or poor performance.

A social scholarship is assigned to a student not from the moment of the resolution of the social commission, but from the moment of application. In the Regulations of universitiesthere may be a deadline for filing documents for such payments. So you also need to find out about this in time.

The essence of social scholarship is not to motivate the student to study well. Its main goal is to support a citizen of the country in a difficult time for him. However, with low academic performance, such payments can be frozen indefinitely, although no one has the right to suspend them completely. After the "defrost" the student will receive all the money he was owed.

And as noted above, in addition to social scholarships, a student can also receive a regular academic or increased one. But he can also calmly and without a twinge of conscience apply for a personal name if he has certain merits before the educational institution.

Each person should receive the entire package of social assistance that he is en titled to at a certain time. There is nothing wrong with this and nothing to be ashamed of.

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