Must-have is a must

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Must-have is a must
Must-have is a must

Interpenetration of languages, thanks to the development of technology in the 21st century, has accelerated. But because of this, it is difficult for different generations to understand each other! Older people cannot always correctly evaluate statements, draw conclusions: is a must-have the name of a particular gadget or a vague, abstract definition? To understand, just look into the dictionary of foreign words, look at the practice of using a capacious concept.

What are obligations?

Initially, we are talking about the English phrase must have. Its first part is decomposed into values:

  • should;
  • must.

While to have means "to have, to own". They mean that must-have items are an integral part of everyday life or image, for which there is no alternative. However, the literal translation of "should have" is not quite correct, does not convey the full range of emotions and meanings.

Bride's dress

In what circumstances did it appear?

Even in the English-speaking environment, the epithet must have arose. It is usually noticed in the lexicon of people associated with fashion. These can be clothing and room designers, stylists andpersonal image makers. Behind their authorship, the basic meaning of "must-have" appeared, as an indispensable attribute of a successful person. Wearing a dress from the last collection? Nobody will give a hand. Decided to save money on buying a new smartphone model? You should not appear in a decent society, they will laugh!

The domestic version has become a tracing paper and is recorded as a direct transcription, although strict spelling rules have not been developed. Although in the early years the application was limited to the sphere of beauty, gradually this "must-have" migrated to the household level. The list of things is endless:

  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • jewelry;
  • accessories;
  • gadgets, etc.

Even when it comes to furnishing, there's always a brand that's popular with fashionistas and a designer at the forefront of fashion. Or exotic wood, a closet from which will make the living room a model of elegance.

People fight for must-have items

When and how is it used?

Don't run to the store right away. Obligations imposed are conditional. Any interlocutor will gladly dictate a long list of must-haves. This concept varies depending on the specific person, his interests and horizons. Computer scientists will list useful programs, an experienced hairdresser will name a dozen hair care products, and a talented housewife will proudly show a notebook with countless recipes. People around are always happy to help with advice. Talk about important things from their point of view. But the final choice must be mademyself!

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