Designing a wall newspaper: where to start, what material is needed

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Designing a wall newspaper: where to start, what material is needed
Designing a wall newspaper: where to start, what material is needed

A great opportunity to develop the ability to create design projects will be the design of a wall newspaper. Almost every student is sure to once receive the task of making it.

design of a children's wall newspaper

Most often, several guys work on a wall newspaper under the guidance of teachers. If you have already been given a task, a topic, but you do not know what to do, then read this article, which will help you understand how to solve the task.

Making a plan

Be sure to draw up a plan when designing a wall newspaper at school. It is aimed at the preparatory part, that is:

  • determining a specific topic;
  • search for suitable images;
  • drawing up a sketch on a regular sheet;
  • choice of drawing paper (thick sheet of paper);
  • selection of decorative elements;
  • select background color.

It is desirable to coordinate the finished sketch with the teacher. It is not recommended to spontaneously create a wall newspaper, because it may turn out:

  • bad design;
  • does not fit or too small text elements;
  • looks bad on the created background the wholematerial;
  • you run the risk of getting a remark asking you to redo absolutely everything.

So it's better to take the time to develop a plan.

wall newspaper design

After all, it is he who helps all people who create any things or services to successfully turn the idea into reality.

Preparing information

When your teacher approves your plan, you can start collecting information. It should be noted that it is the developed scheme that will help you determine the amount of information, the font. The design of the wall newspaper should be clear. Don't make text too small.

Photos, clippings from printed publications, images printed on a printer must be clear, of high quality. If you plan to draw yourself, then you need to make sketches with a pencil. If you make a mistake, you can always erase extra lines, strokes.

All information, including images, must strictly match your theme.

Preparing related material

The design of a children's wall newspaper is not complete without paints, felt-tip pens and pencils, and often there are decorative elements:

  • ribbons;
  • sequins;
  • figures;
  • patterns;
  • beads and more.

It is worth immediately when drawing up a plan to decide whether decorative elements are needed and which ones.

poster design at school

For example, if the wall newspaper is dedicated to golden autumn, then it is advisable to draw yellow and orange leaves, or decorate the canvas with real ones collected on the street.

Consider the stages of designing a wall newspaper:

  1. First, make a background.
  2. Then post information.
  3. Then glue the decorative elements.

To fix all the material, including leaflets with text and photos, you will need glue. He is different. To fix the paper, it is advisable to use a glue stick, and to create a decor from small elements, use transparent super glue.

General recommendations

The event to create a wall newspaper is, as a rule, a voluntary matter. Therefore, if each student is confident in his abilities, has a desire to devote time to the project, then you can safely trust. At the slightest doubt, it is better not to agree to such a job.

In order for the design of the wall newspaper to be successful, it is better to practice on a regular album sheet. For example, this way you can learn how to make a background without errors. It is advisable to have acrylic or watercolor paints, a large brush for decorating a beautiful background.

Always use a ruler to create clean lines. And in order not to have to correct mistakes when drawing and drawing, it is better to use a simple pencil.

It is advisable to place the finished work on the wall or put it far away in order to evaluate the quality of the work. It is very important that the young masters themselves like the finished wall newspaper. If serious flaws or distortions are found, it is better not to correct anything in order to avoid damage to the product as a whole.

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