Strait of Gibr altar: a brief description. What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar?

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Strait of Gibr altar: a brief description. What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar?
Strait of Gibr altar: a brief description. What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar?

The Strait of Gibr altar, or simply Gibr altar, is the strait that separates Europe, or rather the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, from the African coast.

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Where is the Strait of Gibr altar on the map? Its exact coordinates, parameters and other information about this geographical object will be presented in the article. Data will be given on what is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar and maximum, depth, etc.

Name history

The Cape of Gibr altar (and later the Strait of Gibr altar) got its name from the Spanishized Arabic name "Mount Tariq" (Jabal al-Tariq). It was on the cape, later named after him, that the Arab commander Tariq ibn Ziyad landed with his troops, and from here the Muslim power spread to the Iberian Peninsula.


Mount Jebel Musa, whose height is 851 meters, as well as the Rock of Gibr altar located in the Pyrenees426 meters high, are steep massifs. In ancient times they were called the Pillars of Hercules. According to ancient myths, it was Hercules (Hercules) who broke through the Strait of Gibr altar, making his way through the Atlas Mountains that interfered with him, the remains of which on the banks were named after him. According to Plato, the mysterious Atlantis was located precisely behind the Pillars of Hercules.

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Scientists also have several hypotheses for the formation of the Strait of Gibr altar. According to the most common, it, together with the Mediterranean Sea, is nothing more than the remains of the ancient Tethys Ocean, the gradual decrease and disappearance of which was caused by the movement of lithospheric plates to the north. According to the second version, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean have made their way to the once isolated Mediterranean Sea.

Scientists also believe that over the course of millions of years the strait appeared and disappeared. This will be discussed in more detail below.

Description, parameters

Geographic coordinates of the strait - 35°58'18″ s. sh. 5°29'09″ W e. Its extreme points: from the side of the African continent - the city of Jebel Musa and Cape Spartel, from the side of Europe - Cape Carnero and Cape Trafalgar.

What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar? It is 14 kilometers. Its maximum width is 44, and its length is 65 kilometers.

What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar, we found out, but the minimum depth? The smallest is 53 meters and the largest is 1184 meters.

Currents in the strait on its differentdepth are directed in opposite directions. From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea, water carries a surface current, in the opposite direction - a deep one. The waters differ in salinity and temperature. The parameters of Atlantic waters are as follows: salinity - more than 36%, average temperature - 17 degrees above zero. Mediterranean - 38% and 13.5 degrees respectively.

The Strait of Gibr altar is navigable and has international status, that is, transit ships must pass through it freely, without restrictions and on equal terms. And the states bordering on it should not interfere with this process. The strategic importance of the strait is great, here are the ports of Tangier (Morocco), Al Heciras, La Linea, Ceuta (Spain).

what is the minimum width of the strait of gibr altar

Ferries (several routes) run across the strait.

Countries, population

In the north, on the Iberian Peninsula, is Spain. It is separated by the Strait of Gibr altar from African Morocco. In addition, on the Cape of Gibr altar (the rock and the isthmus that connects it with the peninsula) today there is a British Overseas Territory, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich is 6.5 km2. This affiliation is disputed by Spain, but so far without success.

Citizens of Gibr altar are both EU and UK citizens. The territory is represented in the EU through UK membership, and its citizens can participate in elections to the European Parliament.

This is the NATO naval base.

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Interesting facts

  • During its history, the strait was closed and opened at least eleven times due to tectonic shifts, which could not but lead to tangible changes in the objects associated with it. So, according to the research of scientists, six million years ago, as a result of its regular closure, the level of salinity of the water of the Mediterranean Sea increased significantly. As a result, a layer of so-called constipation formed - deposits resulting from the evaporation of water. Their thickness was about two kilometers. After about 5.3 million years, the strait reopened. Scientists predict its next closure as a result of the movement of lithospheric plates in a few million years.
  • The British have an interesting sign: their dominion on the cape will not end until monkeys of a rare breed of magots live on the rock of Gibr altar. They are the only wild primates in Europe. Their population is monitored by a special official, whose job title sounds like "officer in charge of monkeys." It was established at the beginning of the 20th century.

In conclusion

The article briefly described the Strait of Gibr altar - its parameters, location, features. What is the minimum width of the Strait of Gibr altar, the maximum width and depth, is now known.

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