Associative series as a tool of a psychologist

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Associative series as a tool of a psychologist
Associative series as a tool of a psychologist

In the most generalized sense, an associative series is a set of elements related to each other by some common feature. Moreover, if element A is associated with element B by some associated feature, and element B is associated with element C, it is not necessary that C be associated in the associative series. For example, when the word “summer” is mentioned, the following associative series may appear: sea, beach, sand, etc. Each subsequent word is related to the previous one, but not necessarily the one that comes before the previous one. This is a sequential associative series. There are also series in which all elements are united by one common feature. This issue is discussed in more detail in set theory.

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Associative series are now widely used in various fields of humanitarian knowledge. With the help of testing for associations, one can understand the psychological state of the respondent, his life views, and even the peculiarities of thinking. For this, a so-called associative experiment is carried out, during which it is proposed to choose objects or name words associated with some reference ones. Associative experiments include the well-known Luscher color test, since the craving for a particular color palette is associated withprojection onto it of the internal states of a person.

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Nevertheless, it is worth emphasizing that the assessment of a person according to associative schemes is not always adequate. Each person can name his own associative series to any word, because associative links are formed in the process of gaining experience. Everyone has his own. But psychologically normal people will have similar associative series. But one of the main signs of schizophrenia is precisely the presence of dissociative thinking.The use of an associative experiment in assessing the development of preschoolers and children of primary school age is more justified. For teaching children, so-called associative games are often used now, when it is necessary to sort several objects according to a certain attribute or find pairs by a common attribute.

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The associative series is also used in assessing the level of erudition of an individual and in IQ tests. Despite the widespread use of this particular type of assessment of intellectual abilities, it still has some drawbacks. The fact is that in one case an individual can build a correct associative array or combine objects according to a common feature in the process of reflection, and in the other - as a result of previous experience. Accordingly, in the first case, we will be dealing with a person who is more mentally and logically capable, and in the second case, with a more erudite and trained one.

However, some researchers believe thatthe ability to quickly structure information and find logical connections in it is always the result of a trained mental and logical apparatus. Training, on the other hand, should begin as early as possible, in childhood, and be carried out on the widest range of tasks.

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