Inkerman stone - snow-white splendor

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Inkerman stone - snow-white splendor
Inkerman stone - snow-white splendor

In the suburbs of Inkerman, closer to Sevastopol, since ancient times, an amazing breed has been mined, named after the birthplace of the Inkerman stone. It is a white crystalline limestone with unique properties, strength and beautiful appearance. At the heart of the stone is a small shell rock, which has been turning into a monolith for centuries, therefore its structure is finely porous, interspersed with fragments of shells. This natural material is also called bryozoan limestone. The inhabitants of Crimea have their own name for this miracle - the Krymbala stone, which also indicates its deposit.

Stone Properties

The properties of the Inkerman stone have been known and appreciated for a long time. Amazing strength, which perfectly retains heat and does not collapse at very low temperatures, is one of the features of this natural material. Easy to process, Inkerman stone lends itself perfectly even to artistic cutting. Surprisingly, he is not afraid of the destructive effects of time. Right angles of bricks from this materialremain sharp, do not chip or flatten.

stone quarry

For the construction of cave monasteries, places with deposits of this rock were often chosen. In ancient times, Inkerman stone was widely used for the construction of buildings in Ancient Rome, Alexandria. In the birthplace of stone, in Sevastopol, many buildings are made of it.

One cannot confuse the Inkerman stone with anything, the photo of which speaks for itself. White-pink color, finely porous structure, ease of processing - one of the few advantages of the breed.

Use of the Inkerman Stone

This magnificent material is perfect for both exterior and interior decoration of the building, and for the manufacture of various vases, balusters, fireplace portals and other architectural elements. Environmentally friendly, breathable, aesthetically pleasing, it is able to maintain and regulate the microclimate in the room. Due to its frost-resistant properties, limestone is also used for the construction of buildings, using bricks of various sizes.

stone blocks

Blocks for building walls allow you to build multi-storey structures, they strengthen load-bearing walls and ceilings. The strength of the Inkerman stone made it in demand for the installation of buildings up to 12 floors. In addition, such a house can withstand an earthquake of up to 8 points.

But this magnificent rock also has a minus. At high temperatures, the stone is destroyed. That is, it cannot be called refractory, so the rock is often treated with special means.

Floors and walls

Decorating walls from Inkerman stone has recently found more and more supporters. Amazingly beautiful wall panel made of this stone attracts the eye and serves as an excellent humidity regulator in the room.

Limestone floors have good thermal conductivity due to the porous structure, which also reduces energy costs. For greater strength, Inkerman stone floors are impregnated with a special water-repellent compound.

Outside work

Facing the facade of the building with white limestone gives it a flawless appearance. Due to the special properties of Inkerman stone, the size of elements can vary from the most minimal, for example, a thin edge along the perimeter of the building, to monumental ones, such as columns or caryatids.

Steps and railings made of this natural material are designed for a long service life. Durability is one of the indisputable advantages of limestone from the Crimea. Architectural decorations made of white stone will give the building sophistication and sophistication.

Sevastopol. Monastery

As an interior decoration, sculptural compositions made of white shell rock will come in handy. They will never lose their original white color. Products are resistant to shocks from accidental drops and temperature changes.

Buildings of white stone

Sevastopol is called the white city for a reason. It is almost entirely built of Inkerman stone. Rome and Alexandria also used this material for building. many churchesThe Golden Ring of Russia was built from snow-white Crimean limestone.

Library them. Lenin

In Soviet times, white stone was used to build the Lenin Library, cladding important government systems, building administration buildings and control units.

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