Chandelier is. Design directions, power and brightness of light

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Chandelier is. Design directions, power and brightness of light
Chandelier is. Design directions, power and brightness of light

The last step to a completed interior, or how to choose a chandelier. To use a new space or update an old one, we paint the walls, lay the floor and stretch the ceiling. Then we move on to the second step - to the interior. It already turns into a round sum when the last detail remains - light. An economical and fashionable means - a chandelier. This is a lamp that consists of several candlesticks or lamps with the ability to turn the shades in different directions.

Lighting range

To begin with, decide on the criteria for choosing a lamp. The chandelier is suitable if:

  • fits into the design of the room;
  • model saves energy;
  • has a couple of modes for changing the power of room lighting.
Chandeliers for bedrooms

Mignon chandelier cartridges. This type is more popular than analog ones, and it is easier to pick up a lamp for it. You also need to choose heat-resistant plastic, as it is more reliable. Although carbolite and ceramic cartridges are almost as good as heat-resistant cartridges.

Chandelier lamps

The chandelier is the basis of lighting in the house, and you needdon't forget the lamps. Conventional incandescent lamps are not suitable, as they are outdated and do not save electricity at all. Instead, halogen ones are suitable. They last longer and transmit bright (or soft, depending on the mode) light better. Another option - fluorescent - is more economical, but more expensive.

Light fixture design

Design is also important. A large, voluminous, detailed chandelier will suit the owners of an apartment with high ceilings. Apartments with low ceilings will find their decoration in lamps with shades. A specific example of a chandelier from the photo is a ceiling chandelier from the Italian manufacturer LG0.

Modern chandelier design
  1. Height 25 centimeters allows you to install the chandelier on low ceilings.
  2. Five halogen bulbs provide 200W of power and save energy.
  3. Modern design of chromed metal and clear glass lamp will fit perfectly into the interior of the living room.

The main requirement for a chandelier in the bedroom is the availability of room lighting power modes (dimmer). Economical halogen lamps, glass lampshades, chrome-plated metal. The dimmer is installed at the request of the buyer. Light adjustment is "sharpened" according to the time of day.

When choosing a chandelier for the kitchen, we again pay attention to the material. Humidity and temperature are often high in this room, so the light source must be resistant to external influences. For office lighting, one chandelier will not be enough for obvious reasons. Therefore, you should pay attention to pendant lights.

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