SSMU college is a good choice for future medical professionals

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SSMU college is a good choice for future medical professionals
SSMU college is a good choice for future medical professionals

The Razumovsky State Medical University College was founded in the second half of the 20th century. The reason for the emergence of this specialized institution was the lack of mid-level medical personnel.

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History Pages

Many are familiar with SSMU. The college is the result of the work of the rector of the medical institute N. R. Ivanov and the chief physician of the Saratov clinical hospital L. G. Gorchakov.

At first, there was only one nursing department here, with a total of sixty people.

In 1967, the Medical College was replenished with the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics. NSMU has a unique base for conducting clinical trials.

Throughout the entire period of existence of this educational institution, many large-scale transformations took place in it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the SSMU was preserved. The college also did not cease to exist. New branches have been opened here. They fully met all the requirements of the modern labor market.

In 1995, the Orthopedic Dentistry department appeared, and in 1997, the Pharmacy direction was opened.

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Career Guidance

SSMU, a college at the university are familiar to Saratov schoolchildren. Close cooperation with secondary schools of the city has been established. For 15 years, special biomedical classes have been operating in the college, where students in grades 8-11 can receive specialized knowledge in chemistry and biology.

Besides, the guys have the opportunity to get an idea about the features of their chosen profession, communicate with professionals, strengthen their desire to practice medicine.


After reforming the Russian he althcare system, SSMU has changed, the college has also been modernized. He acquired the department of postgraduate education, advanced training by mid-level medical specialists. The specifics of the work of this department is to provide educational services to those people who already have a pharmaceutical and secondary medical education.

In 2001, the Medical College received the status of a structural unit of the Saratov Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky.

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Today, this educational institution of medical orientation is the leader in the Saratov region in the system of vocational secondary education. It is here that in-demand junior and middle-level medical professionals are trained in five areas:

  • nursing;
  • laboratory diagnostics;
  • dental orthopedics;
  • medical business;
  • pharmacy.

Every year, a thousand new students come to the walls of the Medical College (SSMU), and most of them, after completing their studies at the college, enter the Saratov Medical University and receive higher education.

Skills acquired while studying at this college, students demonstrate during training and production practice, which is held in the university clinics, as well as in the best medical and preventive institutions of the city of Saratov.

Due to the use of innovative technologies in the educational process, material and technical base and highly qualified teaching staff, the medical college trains real professional medical staff with a secondary education.


From the walls of this medical institution for the entire time of its existence, about twelve thousand certified nurses came out. All graduates of this educational institution are provided with jobs. The college is proud of its graduates, because many of them have high departmental awards, titles, academic degrees.

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