Where and how was Bandera killed: details of death

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Where and how was Bandera killed: details of death
Where and how was Bandera killed: details of death

After 60 years, the world is again concerned about the question of how Bandera was killed. The death sentence to the executioner and tormentor of tens of thousands of citizens of the Soviet Union: Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Jews, issued by the Supreme Court of the USSR, was carried out on 1959-15-10. This was not an ordinary murder, but an act of retribution for monstrous atrocities, which is why it probably gave rise to many rumors and speculation.

who killed stepan bandera

How it happened

Warmed by British intelligence and the government of West Germany, Stepan Bandera lived in Munich under the name of Stefan Popel. After the verdict was passed in 1949, he settled in Germany and went, as they say, into deep underground, knowing full well that punishment for his crimes would come sooner or later, since more than one attempt was made on him. How was Bandera killed?

He kept a guard, always carried a weapon with him. Too many people in the world dreamed of settling scores with him. The moment of retribution came only 10 years later, after thedeath sentence when he lost his vigilance and returned home alone.

Opening the entrance door, he began to climb the stairs. Neighbors, hearing a scream, went out into the entrance, where they saw a man lying on the stairs. He was covered in blood. There was no one else in the hallway. The pop of the shot was not loud, so no one heard it. An ambulance was called and the man was taken to the hospital. He died on the way. The murder of Stepan Bandera is a punishment for the innocently tortured, burned alive, crucified, sawn up, people who died in terrible agony.

where Bandera was killed

Patient with gun

A small man with sparse hairs on his bald head, who looked like a child with the head of an old man, was delivered to one of the clinics in Munich. The base of his skull was broken, his head was covered with blood, and there was blood on his face. To the confusion of the doctors, he put the gun in a holster at his belt.

They were also embarrassed by the fact that the smell of bitter almonds, characteristic of potassium cyanide, emanates from the face of this unknown person. There was no doubt that the man did not die from a head injury, which, most likely, he received as a result of a fall. He was poisoned with a strong poison.

What the police found

The police were called to find out who killed Stepan Bandera. This person was well known in Nazi Germany, so it was not difficult to determine his real name. As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that, despite the fact that documents in the name of Sh. Popel were found on him, in fact he was a Ukrainian nationalist, collaborator,terrorist Stepan Bandera. How they killed him was beyond doubt: he was poisoned. It remains to be seen who did it. The investigators received the answer to this question much later.

Thus ended the life of an odious personality, the executioner of thousands of civilians, including children, Red Army soldiers, Soviet workers, teachers, doctors, ordinary Ukrainian villagers. It was under his leadership that thousands of Jews were exterminated, whose only fault was belonging to the Jewish nation. Many of them were not just killed, but died in the most sophisticated agony.

Who killed Bandera in 1959

A number of attempts were made on him, but they all ended in failure. Bohdan Stashinsky, an agent of the Soviet special services, who appeared in Munich in May 1959 under the name of Hans Joachim Budait, a native of the city of Dortmund, became the liquidator of the leader of the Ukrainian nationalists. According to Soviet agents, Bandera is also located in Munich, where the leaders of the OUN who fled from retribution settled.

He lived here with his family on forged documents. A KGB agent discovered him at a rally held at the cemetery and dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the death of Yevgeny Konovalets. It was not difficult for an experienced agent to track down his place of residence and begin the preparatory work for the destruction.

how bandera was killed

Preparing for liquidation

Bandera lived in Munich at 7 Krismantshtrasse. Stashinsky informed the KGB leadership about this. He received a weapon with which to carry out the liquidation, as well as an antidote for the attacker. Stashinsky nine monthswatched him, waiting for the right opportunity.

He knew all his habits and habits, made a duplicate of the key to the entrance, where Bandera was subsequently killed. Getting close to him was not easy. He always went with guards and was armed with a pistol, as he was afraid of revenge from the KGB, knowing full well that his atrocities would not go unpunished.

bandera murder in munich


The agent's efforts were not in vain. He waited until 1959-15-10, at lunchtime, Bandera, together with his secretary, went to the market. After that, having reached the house, he carelessly let go of the guards and went alone to the entrance. Having preceded him, Stashinsky was the first to enter there, went up to the top floor and took the antidote. At this time, the Nazi opened the door, entered the entrance and began to climb the stairs. The liquidator went to meet him. Coming up with Bandera, he shot him in the face with poison and quickly went outside.

Bandera killed Ukrainians

Vengeance weapon

How was Bandera killed? With the help of special weapons, the use of which left him no chance of survival. It was a special pistol, into which a double-barreled cylinder was inserted, inside it were ampoules filled with potassium cyanide. When the trigger was pressed, the powder charge broke the ampoule, and the poison was sprayed at a distance of 1 meter. When inhaling vapors, a person lost consciousness, his heart stopped.

For the one who used it, a special antidote was sent, which had to be taken before use. This weapon was well knownthe performer, since in 1957 he destroyed the OUN leader Lev Rebet with a syringe.

Bogdan Stashinsky

The son of the nationalists of Eastern Galicia (Western Ukraine), a member of the OUN, was recruited by the KGB in the early 50s, was trained in a special school in Kyiv, after which he was introduced into the nationalist detachment. He handed over information about its composition and deployment to the Soviet authorities. All OUN members were destroyed. Bandera, living in Germany, took him for their own.

Therefore, the leadership of the KGB decided to involve him in the operation to destroy the leaders of the OUN. Stashinsky coped with this brilliantly. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. His request to marry a German woman and live with her in East Germany was also granted.

This is what led him to betray. He told Inga about his participation in the liquidation of two leaders of the OUN. She, fearing revenge from Ukrainian nationalists, as well as the elimination of him by Soviet intelligence, as a valuable witness, persuaded him to sneak to the West and surrender.

They fled to Germany, where Stashinsky confessed that he was a KGB agent and killed two leaders of the OUN, including Bandera. What year did this happen? It is very interesting. In 1961, a day before the construction of the Berlin Wall. He was tried and sentenced to 8 years in prison, of which he served 4. After that, he underwent plastic surgery and, according to some sources, he moved to South Africa, according to others - to the USA.

Who is Bandera?

After Bandera was killed, the event attracted the attention of the public of Western countries,where he was practically unknown. This is a Ukrainian follower of integral nationalism, demanding from Western Ukrainians uncomplaining obedience to his ideas, which most of them did not share. Therefore, the victims were not only Russians, Poles, Jews, but mostly Ukrainians who want to live in peace and harmony with other peoples.

The murder of Bandera in Munich was the result of the total terror carried out on the territory of Western Ukraine, which was proclaimed the main idea of ​​the Ukrainian nationalist party. Who is S. Bandera? - head of the OUN (b), collaborator who collaborated with the Nazis, after the war - with American and British intelligence, a terrorist.

He spent two years in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany, but, unlike the others, all the conditions for a normal life were created in his "cell". He did not wear a robe, but walked in a suit, freely moved around the territory. He was visited by his wife, who lived nearby. And after such a term, he, as a potential ally of the Third Reich, returns to his homeland and organizes a resistance movement against the advancing Soviet troops.

german camp

Did Bandera cooperate with the German fascists?

Those who did not cooperate were executed, died in the dungeons or fought against the Nazis in the underground. Bandera spent two years in a concentration camp, leading the UPA, sending money to Ukraine for organization through his wife, who regularly visits him. Is this perhaps for an enemy of the Reich? No. Here came together people of the same views, but of different nationalities, who neededin each other. Maybe hated, but cooperated.

On the need for cooperation with Bandera, Himmler said that they are needed only to pit and destroy the Slavs, and then it is necessary to eliminate this beast - Bandera, since they have no place among people. With whom did the OUN-UPA fight, with the punishing invaders? No, with partisans, civilians. The OUN was not underground during the years of German occupation, they existed openly. Could partisans, underground fighters fighting the Nazis openly exist? The question is simply not relevant.

The top of the OUN was taken to Germany, simply in order to lead the OUN UPA under the leadership of the Germans. The Germans did not trust him and were afraid of re-recruitment. His curators were officers of the Abwehr. Order for the Germans - first of all, everyone was minding their own business. They are by no means amateurs, they knew, if not everything, then a lot. After the war, most of the German agents fell into the hands of the Americans and the British, so there are no former agents.

what year was bandera killed

Two polar views

Through the efforts of modern followers of Bandera, today he has been elevated to the rank of liberator of the entire Ukrainian people from Polish, German and Soviet invaders. But the Bandera organization fought not only with them, but also with their countrymen, those who participated in the struggle for the liberation of Ukraine from the German invaders, who established a peaceful life in the liberated territory. Who were these people?

Bandera killed Ukrainians, those who fought against the Nazis in the ranks of the Red Army, in partisans. Banderamanaged to turn against themselves not only the Soviets, but also their own people. Self-defense units, called "hawks", offered them open resistance.

It should be noted that positive biographies of Bandera are written by his contemporary followers. If you read the characteristics that his comrades-in-arms endowed him with, those who knew him directly, they are not always flattering. For example, an employee of Abwehrkommando 202, Z. Muller, testified that after Bandera was released from the camp, he continued to cooperate with the German special services and prepared nationalist saboteurs to send them to the rear of the Red Army for subversive work.

Abwehr Colonel E. Stolze, collaborating with him in Germany, described him as a fanatic, a careerist and a bandit. The head of the Security Council of the OUN, Matvieyko, Bandera's closest associate, characterized him as a womanizer and family tyrant, beating his wife and possessing potential greed, a small-timer, observing only his own interests.

It's worth being fair, Bandera was an outstanding personality, a good organizer, speaker, able to lead people. But he was not strong, since cruelty is the lot of people who are weak in spirit. According to the American historian T. Snyder, he was a "fascist hero" and an executioner.

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