Forbidden fruit sweeter? "Forbidden fruit is sweet": the meaning of phraseology

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Forbidden fruit sweeter? "Forbidden fruit is sweet": the meaning of phraseology
Forbidden fruit sweeter? "Forbidden fruit is sweet": the meaning of phraseology

People are well aware that the forbidden fruit is sweeter, but that's why few people think about it. Therefore, we decided to look into this issue in detail.

History. Biblical myth

forbidden fruit is sweeter

All believers or people interested in religion know that the forefather and foremother of the human race lived, did not grieve in paradise, but then unexpectedly. Eve persuaded Adam and they bit off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, although the Heavenly Father had told them even earlier: "Eat from all trees except the tree of knowledge." But then and now the forbidden fruit is sweeter than the permitted ones, and people could not stand it.

Besides God, there was a devil

True, there was another character there, without which the story cannot be dispensed with, namely the devil in the form of a snake. It was he who whispered to Eve about the deliciousness of the forbidden fruit, and the woman, in turn, told Adam about it. First, our foremother tried, and then the forefather. This is such a sad story.

Anyway, since then, forbidden fruit is said to be sweet. The meaning of a phraseological unit is not difficult to guess: when something is forbidden, then this is what you want to taste the most. The psychological mechanism will be discussed later. There are morean interesting question is why the Lord placed in paradise that tree, whose fruits can put an end to the trouble-free existence of man. There is one heretical version that God and the devil in this story acted together, God wanted to give man his freedom. He did not want to be the ruler, he wanted the free choice of a person in favor of faith.

In fact, about this story, although it seems simple, so many copies have already been broken and letters have been written that it is impossible to say in a fairy tale or write with a pen. This myth is terribly paradoxical and profound. The word "creepy" is used here in its direct meaning. However, we started talking. Let's move on to everyday examples of why and when the forbidden fruit is sweet. The meaning will be clear from the context.

Alcohol, drugs and casual relationships

forbidden fruit is sweet meaning

It may seem that the article is becoming acutely social. In fact, all these phenomena are inextricably linked with the already considered almost folk aphorism.

All parents, like fire, are afraid that their child (no matter son or daughter) will try illegal substances. True, here it is necessary to make a reservation that alcohol is not illegal, and sometimes it is a pity, given how much the country of Russia consumes alcohol per year. We are ahead of the planet. Doubtful, I must say, supremacy.

Nevertheless, parents are afraid that their child will fall into the clutches of a green serpent, and maybe even worse - he will prefer shamanic dances with narcotic substances. To top it all off, the fear of casual sex is the icing on the cake.

Do you know what happens to teens when parental controls drop their guard? Of course, he plunges into the abyss of dubious drug pleasure. By the way, sex is also a kind of drug, but less harmful than alcohol and illegal drugs. The first question arises why? The answer is because forbidden fruit is sweeter.

Psychological mechanism

idiom forbidden fruit is sweet

This is interesting and directly related to the essence of the matter. Usually, the word “No” dominates in the lexicon of parents during upbringing. You can't do this, you can't do that, and so on. Everyone knows this well. Adding to this state of affairs is the fact that the institution of paternity is currently in crisis in Russia. Simply put, only women raise children, and this is not very good, because the main agent of the norms and rules of society in the family is the father. But Russia is now in trouble with this, because fathers either work from morning to night - they provide for the family and they are not at home, or they simply disappear after the birth of a child. Neither one nor the other has a beneficial effect on human development.

And most mothers (and it's a sin to hide fathers too) prefer not to explain their decisions and lower them from above, directively - without comment. As a result, a person develops a strong feeling that, whatever one may say, the forbidden fruit is sweeter. And it does not matter what the consequences of all this will be. First of all, a person wants to declare his rights and say: “I am!” He can be understood.

The antidote for "bad" behaviorteenager

How to avoid such a manifestation? Very simple. Show your teen the bitter fruits of why alcohol, heroin, and casual sex are bad. Trust me, visuals are stronger than words. In addition, the material that can be found if desired is not parental fabrications, but real broken destinies. And a person will understand: yes, the forbidden fruit is always sweet (the meaning here is clear), but inside the nectar there is also bitterness, namely the consequences, responsibility for one's actions. However, it will not be about sad things.

The author of the aphorism Ovid and his successor Oscar Wilde

forbidden fruit is sweet who said

A little earlier we said that this wisdom is folk, and it is almost true. In the sense that some literary work is so chic that it goes almost completely to the people, and only specialists know about the origin of certain quotes. So in our case, but it's time to open the cards. Phraseologism "forbidden fruit is sweet" is first encountered, according to the dictionary, in the work of Ovid.

There is also an interesting interpretation of the sweet fruit. It is found in the famous work of Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray". There is one very cynical character and pours aphorisms. This, of course, is about Lord Henry. Among other things, he says, "The only way to deal with temptation is to give in to it." Despite the paradoxical nature of such a thought, it has some advantages.

For example, a person at an early age accidentally or intentionally tried alcohol, and he had a strong aversion to it. With drugsthe same story. But here, of course, you can only try light ones, it is difficult to refuse from heavy ones even after the first time.

forbidden fruit is always sweet

Someone will say that this is a dangerous system of education. Of course, dangerous. But banning all the time is no less dangerous. In general, only death is safe. Right there, beyond the threshold, nothing happens for sure.

One way or another, but we found out a lot of interesting and informative things. Now the reader can easily answer the question, "forbidden fruit is sweet," who said? Among other things, it became clear that “life is a complicated thing” and it is not known how our word or actions will respond to us. Things like Kurt Vonnegut used to say.

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