Education in the Czech Republic for Russian students: features and conditions

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Education in the Czech Republic for Russian students: features and conditions
Education in the Czech Republic for Russian students: features and conditions

Modern Russian youth is very often looking for an answer to the question: "Why is education in the Czech Republic a good choice for Russians?". The high quality of education in this country is perhaps known all over the world. Since ancient times, it was the Czech Republic that was famous for the preparation of the most highly qualified specialists. Therefore, young people from all over Europe are trying to enter one of the universities of this country and get a diploma here.

In recent years, many Russian people began to travel to study in other countries. These are, in particular, Poland, Italy, Canada and others. For example, according to statistics, in 2009, about a thousand Russian students studied in the Czech Republic, and in 2015 their number was already more than 2,200 people. And over the following years, the dynamics became even more tangible. Education in the Czech Republic is attractive for Russians not only because you can get a European-style diploma, but also because there areprospect for future employment in one of the EU countries.

How to start learning right

universities in the Czech Republic

It is the Czech Republic that is considered one of those countries that can be safely called the educational center of Europe. Here the first universities were founded more than 600 years ago. One of these educational institutions is the Charles University, founded by King Charles IV. Since that time, educational activities in this country have only been developing.

Today, many heads of universities in Europe create programs to recruit students from different countries. This is done to constantly increase the number of young people who are ready to study here. It also makes education in the Czech Republic more accessible for Russians.

Every graduate from the countries of the former CIS has the opportunity to study in this beautiful country after leaving school with good grades.

Education in the Czech Republic for Russians: conditions

In order for a future student to be able to study in this country after school, he must be fluent in the native language of the indigenous people. In different cities of Russia, there are many different programs to prepare applicants for admission to Czech universities and in-depth study of the language of this country. You can find such centers in almost every city. And also, in order to get an education in the Czech Republic, it is advisable for Russians to take online courses with a direct native speaker as a teacher.

Select an educational institution

Excellent education

To orderto decide on a university, you should familiarize yourself with all the options.

List of popular educational institutions that offer education in the Czech Republic for Russians after grade 11:

  • Charles University, Prague;
  • Czech Technical University, Prague;
  • Masaryk University, Brno;
  • Prague University of Economics;
  • Brno University of Technology;
  • Palatsky University in Olomouc;
  • Ostrava University of Technology;
  • West Bohemian University, which is located in the city of Pilsen;
  • Czech agrotechnical.

On their official websites, everyone can read the admission conditions and find out the cost of training.

Admission and exams

From applicants who want to study at one of the universities in the Czech Republic, first of all, an application for admission to the university must be written. If a student wants to write an application without leaving the country, then this can be done electronically on the university website. As a rule, they are accepted in February and March.

Entrance exams in this country begin in June and continue until September.

And it is also worth knowing that public universities that offer education in the Czech Republic for Russians after grade 11 accept documents until February 28, private ones until June 15.

Training dates

medical education in the Czech Republic for Russians

The academic year lasts 12 months, which are divided into semesters, which, in turn, are divided into modules. At the end of each period, afterpassing the exam session, the holidays begin. They can be winter and summer.

The start date of the academic year may be different and is set by the rector of the respective educational institution. This is usually September 1st.

In order for full enrollment in the ranks of students of universities in Prague or another city, you must submit the following documents.

  • Certificate of graduation from an institution of secondary education and an extract to it.
  • International application for admission to study.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the Czech language, if the applicant wants to study in the Czech Republic for free. And a document on the acquisition of another language, if any other foreign study program is chosen, in particular, in English. Such training is provided only on a paid basis.
  • The results of the entrance exams, which must be passed at a high level. Usually these are 2-3 subjects provided by the curriculum, consisting of test tasks.
  • 3 35mm x 45mm photos.
  • Copy of the first page of the passport.
  • Students from other countries are advised to take a one-year Czech language and major preparation course before joining.

It is also interesting that higher education in the Czech Republic for Russians is unlimited. That is, according to the rules of universities, a student can submit any number of applications to different universities. This is done so that young people can compare the conditions of study in each of the universities and choose the best one for themselves.

Designpasses to the country

Higher education for Russians in the Czech Republic is available only on a study visa. To do this, you must first register for the application, and then personally submit it and a package of documents. The main thing to remember is that in order to go to study in the Czech Republic, you need to open a long-term visa.

The package of documents includes:

  • filled out application form;
  • travel passport;
  • 2 identical photos;
  • copies and originals of passports;
  • decision to enroll in a university;
  • Tuition payment receipt;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • reference about booking a room in a hostel, or renting an apartment;
  • permission from parents;
  • certificate from the bank on the availability of 6,500 euros on the account or other documents proving financial security;
  • Czech medical insurance policy.

If the documents are not presented in the official language, then you need to make them a certified translation. In the case of Russian copies, an apostille is not required, notarization will be sufficient.

The passport must be valid after the end of the visa for at least 90 more days. All of these documents must be submitted in advance as they can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to process.

After the student arrives in the Czech Republic for preparatory courses, a visa for a long-term stay, namely for 12 months, will be pasted into his passport. For example, while receiving medical education in the Czech Republic, Russians will have a residence permit that is valid for 1 year.

Different levels in universities

Secondary education

In the universities of the Czech Republic, education can be obtained in three educational and qualification areas.

Bachelor. To do this, you need to study for 3 or 4 years. After receiving this first stage of higher education, the student can either continue his studies further in the magistracy, or go to work already in the profession.

Master in the Czech Republic. Classes are held here to use the acquired theoretical knowledge and skills for practical purposes, to improve creative skills. This is the so-called continuation of the bachelor's degree, although it is considered a higher degree from it. The term of study is from 1 to 3 years. If a foreign student wishes, he can immediately enter a master's program in the Czech Republic, but subject to a previously obtained bachelor's level.

Doctorate. You need to study here for 3 years. It is available only after completing a master's degree. Here, they are mainly engaged in conducting research in the chosen field, as well as writing and defending doctoral dissertations.

Czech universities have the opportunity to study full-time, part-time and full-time part-time education. In most educational institutions there is a choice, because, as noted above, there are as many as three options. It is worth noting that secondary education in the Czech Republic is also available for Russians. To obtain it, you need the same documents and passing exams at school.

According to 2017, the most popular among students of the CIS countries are economic and humanitariandirections. In third place in popularity for Russians is honey. education in the Czech Republic.

Tuition fees

graduation ceremony in the Czech Republic

There are many programs that can provide free education in state and departmental universities. But there is one condition: it can only be conducted in Czech.

Of course, there are certain features of education in the Czech Republic for Russian students. And here the specificity lies in the fact that training can still be conducted in another language, mainly English-language programs. But then it will be paid and the average cost of obtaining it, in this case, will be from 2 thousand to 12 thousand dollars. The price depends on the chosen speci alty and educational institution.

If the form of education is public, then only the registration fee is paid, which is 15 euros.

If a student chooses to live in a hostel, then he will need to pay an amount from 25 to 85 euros for a month of residence. The cost depends on the selected conditions. Mostly young people are accommodated on campuses, two people per room.

From all this we can conclude: education in the Czech Republic for Russian students can be free. But still only on condition that the main language of instruction is local.

Of course, Czech students of public and sometimes state universities study for free, but this does not mean that absolutely all expenses will be covered by the state.

Universities in Central Europe

Education in the Czech Republic

ForTo begin with, it is worth noting that the reviews about education for Russians in the Czech Republic are almost all positive. Although sometimes you can find negative ones. From this we can conclude that regardless of the university, the student will receive the most useful knowledge.

There are several types of educational institutions in the Czech Republic.

State universities are those that were created and can be liquidated only on the basis of the law. They conduct education exclusively in the state language.

Private or commercial - these are educational institutions that can only fully function after obtaining the appropriate license from the Ministry of Education;

And the last variety, departmental - these are institutions that are part of various ministries.

Charles University in Prague

education in the Czech Republic for Russians

The most famous in the Czech Republic is the University of Prague. This is one of the oldest universities not only in this country, but also in Europe. It was founded in the 14th century. Emperor of Rome Charles IV. This is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Europe. It is also called Charles University.

Its peculiarity is that students from 48 countries of the world study here, including a large number of Russians.

Charles University has the following faculties:

  • pedagogical;
  • theological;
  • physical and mathematical;
  • natural;
  • philosophical;
  • Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • medical faculties;
  • physical training and sports;
  • humanitarian.

These faculties offer their students many majors. These are, in particular, such as theology, medicine, sanitation, dentistry, philology, philosophy, logic, pedagogy, political science, translation and interpretation, sociology, psychology, biochemistry, geography, chemistry, biology and many others.

It is worth noting once again that education in the state language is free of charge. If a student chooses an English-language program, then he will have to pay from 7 to 15 thousand dollars a year for education.

All faculties have the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree, master's degree and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Education here lasts from 3 to 7 years, depending on the chosen educational and qualification level.

Medical universities in the Czech Republic

For those who want to get this education in Europe, there is such an opportunity. An applicant, for example, can apply to Charles University in Prague for one of the medical faculties:

  • dentistry;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • general medicine;
  • medical laboratory assistant;
  • specialization of nutritionist and physiotherapist;
  • bioanalytics in medicine.

And you can also submit your documents to the Czech Technical University in Prague at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and get the following speci alties:

  • paramedic;
  • medical laboratory assistant;
  • radiologist assistant;
  • physiotherapist;
  • protectionpopulation;
  • biomedical engineer and others.

There are other institutions where you can get medical education in the Czech Republic. These are, in particular, such as the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava, the Faculty of Medicine of the University. Palacký in Olomouc and so on.

All reviews about higher education in the Czech Republic for Russians in the universities presented are only positive.

So, after reading this article, we can conclude that free education in Europe is a real possibility. To do this, you need to have good exam results and be fluent in Czech. And the main thing is the desire to learn and constant work on oneself.

The Czech diploma, as a sign of high quality education, is a symbol of national pride. Apparently, this is why the Czechs are so demanding in relation to their universities. A diploma from this country in your pocket is the key to a good starting position and career growth.

The prestige of Czech higher education is also evidenced by the fact that doctoral diplomas have been awarded personally by the president for more than a century.

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