How is it - "the right"? Meaning and synonyms

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How is it - "the right"? Meaning and synonyms
How is it - "the right"? Meaning and synonyms

Changes in language happen all the time, especially when it comes to vocabulary. In this regard, the expansion of a person's vocabulary is a necessary, continuous process that requires the constant study of new words, as well as the assimilation of new meanings of already familiar expressions. A great difficulty for a modern, predominantly secular, person is the words related to church vocabulary, the so-called Church Slavonicisms. One of these words is "right hand". Let's see what it means and when it is used.

Meaning of the word "right hand"

This adverb is akin to such an Old Slavonic word as "right hand", "right hand". Let's try to guess the meaning. Knowing this fact, through simple reflections, we can easily guess the meaning of this word - if something is located "on the right hand", then it is located on the side of the right hand, to the right of the person. This word has analogues in modern language. Synonymous with this Church Slavonicismis the expression "on the right hand", "on the right side". By the way, this word has an antonym associated with the ancient name of the left hand, the word "shuya". The adverb opposite to "right hand" in its meaning sounds like "left" or "left". In addition, these words were used as synonyms for heaven ("right hand") and hell ("left"). In addition, there is a single-root verb "to right", i.e. "to be placed at the right hand of someone, on his right hand".

right hand it

Examples of usage

Memorizing the meaning of a word is much easier and better with the help of examples. They will also show the correct use of this dialect, which is found mainly in religious literature. Here are a few such sentences taken from various church texts:

  • Oshyuyu and right hand will go beyond their ranks.
  • You are dressed, and we are fooled, you have found mercy, justified, pardoned, and we are to blame, in disgrace.
  • Before all the ages she sat with Christ, the love of mankind, at the right hand of her father, together with him she incarnated and lit her lamp on earth.
  • In the Creed and in some prayers we see that the Church confesses "God the Son sits at the right hand of God the Father".
right hand it

In conclusion

Changing the vocabulary of a language is a constant process, which is an integral part of its development. Words come into the language, leave it, become obsolete, go out of use. Part of themis preserved in literary works and stable phrases. Vocabulary expansion is an important element in the development of any self-respecting person, providing him with a beautiful and competent speech.

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