Bravada what is this? The meaning of the word in explanatory dictionaries

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Bravada what is this? The meaning of the word in explanatory dictionaries
Bravada what is this? The meaning of the word in explanatory dictionaries

Many of us would like to learn how to speak beautifully and not repeat the same word in neighboring sentences. It is for such purposes that classical literature exists, in which there is an extensive database of archaic and new words for you. In the article below, we will learn the meaning of the word "bravado".

Small introduction

In general, a lot of people use some words incorrectly. And all because they understood the meaning incorrectly or superficially. Such personalities most often like to brag to others about the knowledge that those to whom the braggart is crucifying do not know.

However, in a society of educated people, such a person will be rejected and no longer communicate with him. Therefore, it is extremely important to monitor your vocabulary and learn new words. But at the same time, study not according to the principle “I saw the first definition and forgot”, but on the contrary, it is worth writing down a whole range of values.

stupid bravado

Bravada - what is it in explanatory dictionaries?

All meanings in the dictionaries have been reduced to a minimum and reduced to enthymemes for a better understanding of the meaning of the text. So let's take a look andfind out what is written there, in explanatory dictionaries. You will find a description of this below:

  • Dictionary of foreign words of the Russian language. Bravado is ostentatious courage, putting yourself in too good a light for no objective reason. Stupid self-praise at the expense of belittling your neighbor.
  • Dictionary of synonyms. Do you want to know what bravado is? Now let's explain, bravado is ordinary boasting, and usually there are no real reasons for boasting. It also appears in the meaning of daring, dashing, along with ostentatious courage.
  • Historical Dictionary of Russian Gallicisms. This is absurdity, expressed in the fact that a person is showing off in front of others, or banal insolence.
  • Ozhegov's explanatory dictionary is a reference among others, it is most often referred to in the design of scientific papers, so pay special attention to it. The following definition is given here: ostentatious courage, daring, dashing.
  • Bravado

There is absolutely no point in transferring values ​​from other dictionaries, because the meaning is the same everywhere. Above are the sources that most often appear in scientific publications, and are also reference.


In general, from the article you learned that bravado is ostentatious courage or, in Russian, ordinary stupidity. Our mentality is such that we always want to show off, which, in principle, is bravado. Learn new words and read more classical literature, and many unknown words will open up before you.

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