Comme il faut - what is it? The meaning of the word and its history

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Comme il faut - what is it? The meaning of the word and its history
Comme il faut - what is it? The meaning of the word and its history

As soon as the Russian language was formed, it began the process of borrowing words from other dialects. As a rule, such words denoted some phenomenon or an object unknown to Russians, the name of which could not be found in native speech. In the article we will talk about one of these borrowings, and specifically about the meaning of the word "comme il faut".

A little preface

The word gained its popularity in the 19th century, when it was combined with "bauvais ton" and other pleasant-sounding words. Over time, people began to forget about it, and during the Soviet Union, few people heard of its existence.

However, with the advent of democracy and Western values, the word, oddly enough, again gained wide popularity. The one who uttered it a priori became an intellectual and an erudite. But not everyone knows what this "comme il faut" means. And so it is used in inappropriate situations. And to avoid such situations, the meanings of the word are described below.

What is written in explanatory dictionaries?

Not very educated people do not really think about the meaning of the phrases they uttered. And because of misunderstandings between individuals, conflicts can arise. To prevent this from happening, you need to read more classical (and not only) literature. Explanatory dictionaries are also good for this purpose, allowing you to find out all the subtleties of using a particular word.

To interpret the meaning of "comme il faut", we have shortened dictionary entries and brought them to your attention:

  • In the dictionary of foreign words of the Russian language, comme il faut is a "high" upbringing, compliance with the rules of decency. That is, a person adheres to a secular tone, pleasant, gallant in circulation.
  • The Historical Dictionary of Gallicisms of the Russian Language interprets the word as adherence to a certain type of behavior, the inability to behave uncivilized, knowledge of the rules of secular treatment, correctness in actions, high culture, good education.
  • Mikhelson's large explanatory phraseological dictionary. Comme il faut is correctness in actions regarding the secular code of correct behavior. Courtesy, a high degree of culture, human decency.
  • The modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language Efremova reports that this word is usually used in relation to a male representative, and means adhering to a strict procedure in communication, service, etc. Roughly speaking, a person always follows the rules of decency and secular tones.

In other explanatory dictionaries, the description is almost the same. And don't include them need.

Man in a suit

History of the word "comme il faut"

All words that are borrowed from French are called gallicisms. In the literal sense, "comme il faut" translates as "as it should." It is used in the following cases:

  • If they want to compliment a person's appearance.
  • Praise his deeds.
  • As a mark of behavior.

As a rule, this word is used when it is necessary to emphasize the good tone of a person and the fact that he follows the secular rules of decency. By the way, historically the appearance of this borrowing is justified. Indeed, for some time in Russia, the French language was widely popular among the nobility, and it was with its help that blue blood carriers expressed their sophistication and education.

comme il faut or bad manners

How to use the word correctly

It all depends on the environment in which the person is. It is worth noting that the word has an antonym "moveton", denoting indecent behavior and the wrong choice of clothing. So, in one case, comme il faut, in the other - bad manners.

For example, you came to a party in a club in a gallant suit, suitable for classical music concerts and a quiet pastime - it would be bad manners. And if you dressed in jeans and a beautiful sweater with sneakers, then this is comme il faut.

Jacket with jeans

To summarize again, comme il faut is the right clothes, manners and style of behavior, as well as acquaintancewith ethics and social decorum.

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