The meaning of the word "quality" and its synonyms

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The meaning of the word "quality" and its synonyms
The meaning of the word "quality" and its synonyms

Let's look at the meaning and synonyms of "quality". Concepts should be considered in pairs. Because the meaning of this or that word always acts as the center, and synonyms are attracted to it, into its orbit. You should start by defining the semantic content of the word.


Dog and cat

It may seem that the word "quality" (synonyms aside for now) is very ambiguous, but let's open the explanatory dictionary and read the following:

  1. A set of essential features that distinguish an object or phenomenon from others and give it certainty.
  2. This or that property, a sign that determines the dignity of something.

There is no need to be afraid of the first meaning, because there is a note in the dictionary that this is a special term. This refers to the philosophical meaning of the concept of "quality". Therefore, we do not need it in this sense. Let's select synonyms for "quality", relying on the second meaning. On the other hand, it is also wrong to completely deny the first meaning. Indeed, qualities, signs distinguish some objects of the objective world from others, for example, a cat from a dog. It's notonly in the dignity, strength, class of a product or work of an employee. But it is also true that when we think about quality and its synonyms, the second meaning comes to mind first of all. Therefore, we will focus on it.


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Let's see what will please us with another dictionary, without which we could not complete the tasks:

  • trait;
  • feature;
  • property;
  • sign;
  • feature.

Interestingly, the synonyms for the word "quality" fit immediately to two meanings indicated in the explanatory dictionary. All nouns can both distinguish one object or phenomenon from others, and serve as a guideline by which the dignity of a thing is assessed. Therefore, it will not surprise anyone if we move on to a consideration of a high-quality phenomenon.

Synonyms for "high quality"

Mercedes is a sign of quality among cars

When it comes to a high quality phenomenon in the gastronomic sector, there are no analogues. Remember the quote from M. A. Bulgakov: "There is only one freshness - the first, it is also the last." It's the same with foods: they're either fresh or rotten.

As for technology or machines, here you can count on diversity. Depending on the means that a person has, he can buy both a very high-quality item and a very low-quality one. In the first case, the brand, the company assumes a guarantee of high quality, and in the second case, the buyer agrees with the risks, as well as with the fact thathe may have thrown money away. High quality is a commodity today, as is almost everything in a market economy.

After we have understood what quality is and what is its fate in the modern world, it's time to turn to the synonyms of "high quality":

  • top class;
  • company;
  • good;
  • good;
  • strong;
  • reliable;
  • excellent;
  • capital;
  • fundamental.

Enough, perhaps. The only synonym that needs clarification is the one at number 2. Why is “firm” a quality mark? Everything is very simple. In the 90s of the 20th century (or maybe earlier too) in Russia, when they wanted to declare the high quality of anything, they said only one word - “firm”. Or even like this: "Firm!" It immediately became clear that the thing was of high quality. Other characteristics were not needed. Now we need synonyms for quality, but then everything was already clear, without any explanation.

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