What is a title? Secrets of effective title

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What is a title? Secrets of effective title
What is a title? Secrets of effective title

According to statistics, the reader determines the value of the text in the first 5 seconds. First of all, he draws attention to the title of the article. Title is a string that contains the title of the text. It should advertise the text that follows it. The title performs several functions: it makes it easier for the reader to find the necessary information, reveals the content of the article, and attracts attention. Good newspaper headlines greatly increase the number of readers. A weak title will negate all the efforts of the author of the text.


Common Mistakes

What is a title? Beginning copywriters often make similar mistakes. The most difficult process for them is compiling article titles. "Unique offer" is an example of a "blind" name. It does not reveal the content of the article in any way. The reader will not waste their time on text with such a page title. The next mistake is the name without specifics. Example - "Fur coats on credit." Such advertising in the headlines of newspapers worked in the 90s of the last century. Headlines today need more information. The worst mistake is notheader. An incomprehensible sheet of text on the site will destroy the work of the author.

Effective headline

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What is a title? To create an effective title, you can use the following techniques: identify the target audience, demonstrate the usefulness of the text, show its relevance. The audience is distinguished by occupation or by the circumstances in which the reader finds himself. Examples - "10 tips for beginner copywriters", "Survival course for single moms".

You can use numbers and statistics to emphasize the relevance of the text. Example - "10 ways to increase website traffic". The formula "problem plus solution" practically guarantees attention to the text. The next technique is to address the reader directly. Example - "Have you signed up as a volunteer?" Question headlines increase the number of readers several times. Example "How to choose a title for an article?"

Perfect title

Title example

What is a title? Often it takes as much time to create a good headline as it takes to write the entire article. Experts say that the ideal name should consist of six words. The reader pays special attention to the first and last three words. The headline should be intriguing and promise to reap the rewards.

Create a header

What is a title? Words that attract the reader - dangerous, unexpected, erroneous, myth, unfair, strange,harmful, touching, unique, exclusive, first in the world, mysterious, admitted, revealed a secret. It is also recommended to use the word "Russian". Recently, news about our country has been more popular with readers. At the same time, the words "American" and "English" may have a negative impact on site traffic. Bad headlines - "Teachers demand higher salaries", "American saved a child's life".

Good headlines - "Russian teachers demand higher salaries", "Lonely millionaire saved the life of a sick child". Also very popular are materials, in the headlines of which the author refers to a sense of justice. Bad headline - "The girl did not get to the concert due to illness." A good headline is "Disabled girl was not allowed to the concert of a famous singer." Using celebrity names will increase website traffic. Bad headline - "A new football movie is out in theaters." A good headline is "The premiere of Danila Kozlovsky's first film took place in cinemas." Poorly recognizable persons must be indicated in the context of more famous personalities. Bad headline - "Anna Shulgina starring in a new film." A good headline is "Valeria's daughter is filming a new film." To create a title, you can use a special online service - a title generator.


Upworthy was founded in 2012. Its creators pay special attention to article headings. Every textgaining thousands of reposts in social networks. However, most of the materials are not of high quality. What is the secret of Upworthy's success? Their articles are intriguing. Example - "The sailor wanted to know what the energy company was hiding from him and his colleagues." Headlines are designed for the audience of social networks. Authors often use a colloquial style. All titles are carefully tested. For each article, about 25 headings are compiled.

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